Why the Supreme Court nomination is so important

Some portray anyone who is pro life as uneducated, unsophisticated and someone who is against all woman’s rights. However here in Tennessee and in many other parts of the country, being pro life, with a reverence for the unborn child, doesn’t fit that mold and, in fact, makes you a more moral, spiritual, and decent human being.

In 2015, (R) Governor Haslam signed into law, a bill requiring: 1- counseling before a woman chooses an abortion, 2- Every abortionist must have admitting privileges at a local hospital, in case complications arise, 3- The facility performing abortions must be medically certified as an outpatient surgical clinic, and  4- a mandated, 48 hour, waiting period gives the birth mother a chance to change her mind concerning a decision which could haunt her for the rest of her life.

How can anyone object to that? 1- By providing better medical care, it ensures the safety of the birth mother without limiting her choice to abort the child.  2- it provides the birth mother with the proper information to make this life altering decision. And 3- it gives her adequate time to make sure she has made the right decision.

We wait years before a mass murderer is finally executed to avoid killing an innocent man, but we can’t wait 2 days before an abortion? We license restaurant’s, bars, hair salons, manicurists and even tattoo parlors,  but not the facilities where abortions are performed. This is nuts!

The Supreme Court may rule on the constitutionality of this law. This is why a President’s Supreme Court nomination is so important. Keep that in mind the next time you vote.

Standing with someone who disrespects the flag
I’m ticked off that Ms. Adams is content with taking my money for a season ticket to the Titans, but stands with someone who disrespects the flag, the country and the National anthem, and who also has the gall to tell me if I don’t  like it ” don’t come” to a game. With no help from you, Ms. Adams, to help my hurt feelings, I have not watched your team on television nor any other NFL team since that statement. Neither  have I purchased any product advertised on the tv of any game, and when ticket time rolls around  I intend to comply with the request of your player.

In other words, Ms. Adams, when the Titans come back to town, I am suggesting that you stand at the gate and tell your paying customers not to come if they don’t want to see a bunch of ingrates kneeling and disrespecting the country that has enabled you and them to become rich.  I also suggest that you get on the horse you rode in on and go back from whence you came.
When is a good time

I am so ticked off that many Republican lawmakers are now saying that we should not be in a rush to strengthen our gun laws, especially those that control the sale of automatic weapons. I just want to scream at them and say “when is a good time?’ When the next mass shooting occurs that kills 100 people, or 500 hundred people? What a bunch of morons! The Las Vegas shooter supposedly showed no signs of mental illness and did not have a criminal record. In my way of thinking anyone who owns over 40 guns, many of them assault weapons is certainly not mentally stable. Ask yourself, why, why does someone buy 40 high powered weapons. Could it be that they are just a little unstable in their thinking? Let’s wake up to the reality that these     type weapons have no place in the hands of such unstable persons, and pass more strict laws on their sale, especially if someone wants to buy dozens of them!

Three government and private industry partnerships that work
How can you be ticked off when the public, private industry partnership works to perfection? It is hard here in Ten- nessee where our government and business work hand in hand. Notice this was not described as cash in hand, which is the easy partnership between government and business to deride. No paying cash for private sector jobs is not what ticks me off. That is not efficient or proven effective.

Actually, there are 3 government and private industry partnership that are working. Each can be proven effective and mostly efficient. First up is the partnership of the government and prescription drug companies. In the 1990’s it was adopted by the government at the request of drug companies that opioid drugs for pain were less addictive than thought to that date. The government worked with the drug companies and made it easier for opioid prescriptions to be made and filled for patients. As expected more people got opioids for their pain. The partnership worked.

Second, look at the participation of food companies in our schools and government installations. Over the last few decades more and more private industry food companies have been made available for our kids in elementary and high school. And these are their favorite foods like burgers, fries, fried chicken and sugary sodas. It has been a win, win as the schools get cash from the food companies to fill the budget gaps since implementing taxes to educate our kids is not a good option. And if you look at the rising obesity rates among kids over the last 20 years you have to say the partnership is a complete success.

Lastly, the very, very sad tragedy in Las Vegas reminds us of probably the most efficient and effective partnership. That is our government and the firearms industry. Nowhere in the world is there a tighter relationship. When you listen to the Las Vegas gunman inventory of guns and ‘make it fire like a machine gun’ accessories that he had a bellhop bring up to his room you know the partnership is working. Surely, the gunman broke a few small laws regarding his guns but if you think about, up till the time he fired into the crowd he was a poster boy for the government private industry partnership. As many say, call it Freedom.

So, government private industry partnerships work. And if you hear otherwise,     just give the above examples. Wonder why these folks could not apply their expertise to our healthcare system?

Neither time or place
There is a time and place for everything and kneeling during the national anthem is neither the time or the place.

How much is going to NES salaries
I wonder how much of the recently announced NES rate increase will go to all 50+ middle management employees already making mid 6 figure salaries?

Sure the tax plan doesn’t help the rich
President Trump and congressional Republicans keep saying their tax plan doesn’t help the rich. But that’s not true. The nine-page outline of the plan released last week is full of goodies that will make millionaires and billionaires happy. Republicans say it’s a starting point, but it would have to be turned on its head to be anything other than a windfall for the wealthy.  The top tax rate in the United States is 39.6 percent. Trump and GOP leaders propose lowering that to 35 percent. It’s also worth noting the 39.6 percent tax rate applies only to incomes above $418,400 for singles and $470,700 for married couples. The outline doesn’t specify what income level the new 35 percent rate would include. It’s possible the rich will get even a bigger tax cut if the final plan raises that threshold.

Concentration camps and Confederate monuments
Over 6 million people were murdered by the Nazis during World War 2. The concentration camps still stand as reminder of that. And there are tours for them. Should be tear them down?
The person who sent in the article about we should do away with Confederate monuments, should we really forget? Then  I guess the German concentration camps should be tore down too.

When was the last mass shooting in Texas
When was the last mass shooting in Texas where they have an open carrying law?

Traffic light desperately needed
This is for all the powers that be in the Metro government. You guys need to develop a brain, okay. At Harding and Belmont Park Terrace you need to install a traffic light. It’s been needed for years.
You can not get out of Belmont Park Terrace and you can not turn off Harding onto Belmont Park Terrace. Put a traffic light up there please.

Turn your lights on
I’m calling about my petpeeve which is people who do not turn on their lights on when its raining, or when it’s dark at dusk and dawn. The deer can’t see you as well, the drivers other drivers  can’t see you. Especially if you have a dark car. Your putting yourself in danger by not having your lights on. Believe its a state law  that when its raining, you’re supposed to turn your lights on. Those of you who neglect to do this, ask yourself if this is me and turn them on for the safety of all  concerned.

The other 23+ hours that count
It takes about ten minutes to sing the National Anthem. Its what you do and say the other 23 + hours that counts.

An abomination to the country
I calling about the issue of people kneeling during the National Anthem. Kneeling  reminds me that it is a flag at half mast with them going half way down. When a flag is flown at half mast it signifies that someone has died or there has been a significant negative event.  That is a significant negative event that they are not standing and apparently have little pride for the country. I find this as an abomination to the country and I am not sure what kind of statement they are making but they need to stand for something or they are going to fall for anything.

I applaud the September 28th cartoon
This is not a ticked off statement but a statement of applause and congratulations for publishing the political cartoon on page 4 of the September 28th paper illustrating a veteran and a kneeling football player. This political cartoon ranks among the best I’ve ever seen! Every newspaper in the country should publish this cartoon!

An old patriot with his opinion on the NFL
This is in regards to what some of the people in America think of the NFL. I have a family member who is in hospice care, his is elderly and has always been a NFL fan in front of the TV wearing the jerseys and everything. That was his life watching the NFL last year. He has  been very sick lately and have been sleeping alot sleeping through some of the games.

Yesterday he was awake and we told him what was going on in the NFL, about them either taking a knee or sitting down during the National Anthem.

Oh my goodness, he came alive and came to life, his eyes got big actually used a naughty word and said what they can do to themselves. Our mouths fell opened and there you go, an old patriot who was a fan for years who hears the disrespect to veterans his age, he perked up and gave his opinion on it. I doubt even if he feels like it, turning on the TV now to watch the NFL.

Focus more on winning games
I would like to say when the Titans played Houston and lost 57 to 14, I just wish they would try focusing more on winning games than what the President says or what his opinions are. If they would just concentrate more on the game then everyone would be more happier.

It’s the people who have the guns that’s the problem
I would like to make a comment on the Las Vegas shooting. That they are talking about gun controls again. The same thing over and over. People need to realize its not the guns, it’s the people who have the guns that’s causing problems.