Where’s My Trash Pickup?

I’m ticked off with Metro. Our trash on Woodmont Boulevard in Green Hills has not been picked up in two weeks. After calling Metro after week one, they said it would be picked up within two business days. It was not. After the trash was not picked up on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, many neighbors called with no phones being answered. Nor did they or the Mayor’s office answer the phones on the Friday after Thanksgiving which, by the way, is not a Metro holiday. So, all I can assume by our trash issue is that the department is filled with incompetence, who probably thinks they can do whatever they want regarding getting paid not to work on a non-holiday and allow their drivers to miss neighborhoods at will. So, this is how my tax dollars are spent?

When you Get Back Down from “Cloud Nine”

So, you’re on “cloud nine” because your man won the election. Well, when you get back down to reality don’t forget that except for an archaic process called the “electoral college,” almost two million American voters chose the progressive policies of the Democratic party over the regressive policies of the Republican party. That’s two million! You may not like to hear it but it’s a fact. A simple, incontrovertible fact. But, I can’t whine about the existence of the electoral college. It’s the law of the land and although I don’t like it I accept it and hope for the best for our country. I’ll leave the whining to our new “Whiner-In-Chief,” who stamps his feet and cries like a two year old if someone disagrees with him or tries to take away his rattle.

Exercise Patience

I have lived in Nashville for many years and always loved it. But, lately it is becoming so frustrating to get anywhere in this neighborhood. Yes, it is more crowded, and, yes, construction, road work, new condos and many other things might be to blame. But, the real chaos is coming from the way we are all reacting on the roads. reckless, impatient and aggressive driving seems to be the norm as we all take to channeling our frustration toward each other on the road. If we all tried to use just a little bit of courtesy and patience with each other, driving around the neighborhood might just become a little more bearable for all of us. We are all experiencing the same frustrations and we need to help each other as we all weather the challenges of our changing neighborhood. Most of us are doing the best we can to navigate the increasingly tricky roadways.

Maybe try taking a deep breath and exercising two seconds of patience before tailgating someone, honking the horn or other aggressive acts. It won’t take any longer to get where you’re going if you do this. And it might just make traffic flow a little smoother for everyone.

Stupid Enough to Believe That

To last week’s Ticked Off writer who thinks Trump won because “most of the voters just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a criminal:” The fact is, most of the voters – almost two million of them – did vote for what you call “a criminal” (although no crime was committed). Try getting your information from somewhere other than Fox News. Speaking of criminals, does it ever bother you that your boy just paid twenty-five million dollars to avoid being criminally prosecuted for defrauding thousands of people with his phony “University” scam? Why did he make that payoff? His lawyer says, ” resolution of these matters allows President-elect Trump to devote his full attention to the important issues facing our great nation.” Trump’s real crime is that he thinks the American people are stupid enough to believe that!

Carnival Con Man

It’s no surprise to those of us who knew from the beginning that Trump is nothing more than a carnival con man. But now the Trump voters are dumbfounded, angry and saddened as he backs away one by one from the “promises” he made so arrogantly as a candidate. “Promises” on investigating Hillary. On climate change. On Obamacare. On waterboarding, to name just a few. So Trump has succeeded in bamboozling his way into the White House by voters who were so caught up in his “reality-show” theatrics they didn’t see the big con coming. I guess P.T. Barnum said it best. “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Two Faced Politicians

I am not really ticked off but I really wonder just how two faced ALL of our politicians are. During the time they are running for office there is no end to the dirt and slander and accusations ALL of them lay on each other.

Then WOW the winner can’t pump the opponents hand fast enough or hard enough or to brown nose enough to try and get a position on the winners staff.

Thanks to my friend at work for saving the “Ticked Off” section for me, it makes my day at times. We all need some humor in our lives.

Who Hires These Drivers

The commentators on the evening news have brought out that the driver of the school bus in Chattanooga has been given unbelievable pardons on his resume as a school bus driver. He has been able to drive without a license. It’s just one infraction after another that he has had problems driving the school bus yet he was still allowed to stay on. This is just unforgiveable.

Who hires the drivers? Regarding the company who is separate from the school system, who is hiring these drivers? The parents need to get involved and be sure the resumes for all these drivers are as they should be. I’m so concerned for these children.

Who is actually responsible? Who is hiring these incompetent people to drive these precious children? It does not make any sense. I’m really ticked off and something needs to be done. Even with having seat belts, we still need to have a capable driver or you’re going to have one problem after another. Licensed and well recorded drivers should be the only ones allowed to drive these buses.

Golden Rule

Regarding the comment on  November 24th, Very thankful, the person who wrote in about thanking God. Why don’t we all get back with the Golden Rule? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world to live in?
Yes I’m also very thankful for such a loving God.

Please Call a Manager

Yes, this is in reference to November 24th’s letter to Ticked Off called  “Tricky retail stores”. They were talking about how the Halloween candy wasn’t  marked down and the person at Walmart said they could do nothing about it. I have a way to get around that even if you’re in line. Just tell them really nicely, smile and then say “well I understand if you do not have the authority to do this but all the other candy is on sell that is Halloween. Would you please call me a manger?” You tell them with kindness and smile at them. A lot of times it is not their fault. But I’ve had that situation happen at Kroger. It happened three years ago. I wanted to buy scotch scissors, (red handles) and I saw them over by the Christmas items. Well, when they had that whole section marked down like 45% or more, they said the scissors were not included. Well, I said I need to see a manager. I was at customer service at that time. The manager came up and he walked over with me. He said these are not included. I said “those have been hanging in the Christmas section ever since you’ve put the display up and the sign says 45% off for the whole section,” and he had to give them to me. So I bought 4 pairs of scotch scissors for like $2.50 a piece and they were originally $10.

So stand your ground, be nice and like my mom use to say, “you don’t have to take those people home with you.”

Bold Letters

For a number of years there’s been racial hatred and racial profiling in this good Christian nation and after this previous election we know it’s out there. We can see it there in big bold letters.

I Feel Like Living Again

I just have to say that I’m the happiest girl in the new old USA! I’m overjoyed and have not been this happy in years. I feel like a new person. Trump and Pence are the people’s party. That’s who put him in there, God and the people.

I do not like either the Democrats nor the Republicans but honestly I have more contempt towards the Republican party who should have support ed him than I do the Democrats.

But anyway I just feel real good.  It’s the happiest time in years and I have not felt this way in years. It’s done wonders for me. I feel like living again. I feel a lot of people feel the same way.

I have not felt like voting like I have this time since Ross Perro. In the past I voted for Ross Pero. Felt he is a good person.

Children are Welcomed Here

In response to an older comment, Children in church in the past. Children are welcomed at all times at our church. Our pastor preaches Jesus, the blood atonement and salvation. He preaches that you’re either going to heaven or hell. Come visit us at Heavenly Worship Center on McGavock. It’s the white brick church on McGavock.

There’s Many Kids Who do not Know Jesus

Referring to the comments on Children in church. Whomever said children should not go to church on account of what the church taught and all that. I’m 75 years old and my wife is 70. We’ve been going to church for a all our life. We came out of a time when we lived in poverty. We went to church every time the doors were open.

We were there rain or shine. Did not have a lot of money back then. My dad made 25 cents an hour for a 40 hour work week and made a living on that. We use to go to church and we still do. My dad would give each one of us a quarter and that’s what we would give.

Everyone has their own opinion about taking kids to church. Well a lot of kids right know do not know who Jesus is. Everyone has their own opinion but one of these days its people who do not want to go to church and don’t want to take their children to church, they are going to be left standing on the street corner. I’m going to feel sorry for each and every one of them.

I would like to say God Bless America and God Bless all the people we have in this country and have a good day.

What’s Happened

What’s happened to traffic in Green Hills where decades it was green lights all the way through morning rush hour.

Now we have to stop at almost every red light! What’s happened? Thank you.