What really annoys me…

Every day, God places situations in my life that test my patience and tolerance. I guess he must think I can handle them, because lately he has been giving me a lot more. Here are a few examples:
–  Drivers slamming on their brakes “in anticipation” of the red light.
– Drivers stopping on the train tracks..
–  Shoppers at Kroger’s, in the “15 or fewer” checkout line, with 27  items!
– Shoppers at Publix, who leave the checkout counter to get the one more item they forgot.
– Shoppers at Nordstrom’s, who carry on a never-ending, discussion with the cashier about their children.
– Drivers who don’t notice the green light until it’s too late to get thru the intersection.
– Hungry shoppers at Whole Foods, who reach in, and taste food at the salad bar using their dirty hands.
–  Drivers racing around me to get the last parking spot at Trader Joe’s.
–  Those going 50 in a 75 mph zone.
–  Those going 50 in a 25 mph zone.
–  Those who never use their turn signals.
–  Restaurants not opening their doors one minute earlier in the cold weather.
–  Dog walkers who think that it’s perfectly ok for their 4 legged friend to pee on my manicured lawn.
–  SUV’s parked too close to my car at the mall.
–  Drivers not pulling over for fire engines.
–  All those dotting parents, who line up in front of our schools to pick up their kids, while their cars block traffic for miles.
And- most irritating is when a repairman says:  “I know I’m 5 hours late but I’ll do you a favor and make it next month (when I’ll probably be 5 hours late again).
I’m 76. It may be too late for this grouchy old geezer to change.

Rampant with those who should not be on the road

I too was rear ended while sitting at a clear stop light. Unlike you, the driver had no driver’s license and no insurance. And guess what, he was born and raised in Nashville. Based on your comments, should we deport him also? This area is rampant with people who should not be on the road. Whether they are from another country or born and raised here.

Respect is earned

In response to the “what mayor would not be pleased…” I’ve found it interesting when people expect President Trump to be respected just because he was elected to office. I think I would agree on principle that the office should be respected; but, I also think that goes for the person holding the office.  When Trump doesn’t respect the office, with his vulgarity, unwillingness to respect others, and his penchant for bullying people on social media, then I don’t think he automatically commands the respect that people may think he deserves.
Respect is earned, especially in a position as important as the presidency. Respect is earned by putting people before your own desires. Respect is earned by listening. Respect is earned by realizing that you are a part of something greater than yourself. I’m no Trump fan, but I can objectively say that I would respect him if he exhibited any of these qualities.
If you want the Mayor to greet the President and show him the respect he deserves; then I would suggest the president begin treating others with respect first instead of belittling enemies with petty names and acting like a petulant child.  Maybe when he starts acting like the President of the United States, you might see Republicans and Democrats alike treat him as such.

Medications needed to calm down the little yappers

Do some pet owners realize how incredibly annoying their incessantly barking dogs can be to the neighbors around them? Apparently some don’t. I live on Hemingway and there is this one house that has TWO little yappers which will (dozens and dozens and dozens of time per day) launch into these very abrasive yelping frenzies. Over and over and over. I can’t for the life of me see any reasonable justification for this. Nice weather will be here pretty soon and I’d like to spend some time outside working in the yard and I’m hoping I won’t have to be dealing with this unjust annoyance month after month after month. My presumption is these little type of dogs preferred by homeowners are raised and likely inbreed over and over in puppy mills, thereby producing a little creature that is alarmed by everything that seems “unfamiliar.”  Even if the little yapper has seen that same thing many times, the little yapper just     simply doesn’t remember and therefore, goes into yet another alarm frenzy, I feel it’s the homeowners responsibility to be aware of this. Are there medications that can be given to these sad little creatures that might calm them down just a little bit.

And yet

To hear the usual liberal mainstream press saying that President Trump is the spawn of Satan and the root of all evil is ridiculous. I read all the time about some MSNBC morning show where the host spends his time calling Trump names. Pathetic that is the most intelligent thing he can come up with. And yet in spite of all this hatred Trump has done more in one year to help Americans than Obama did in 8 years. He’s a terrible president and yet the economy has finally gotten out of the subpar  growth we’ve had for years and hiring is accelerating including job participation rates and wages are finally starting to look better for the average guy. He’s a terrible person and yet ‘illegal’ immigration is down dramatically. He’s been accused of ridiculous horrible acts that are untrue and yet he has decreased regulations on business and lowered tax rates so that 90% of the middle class gets a tax cut averaging $1600 and our corporations are no longer uncompetitive with the rest of the world . Anyone that doesn’t live under a rock has seen numerous companies paying out bonuses and stock to employees that will keep the growth going. There was an interesting article this morning on the Davos world economic meetings going on and the consensus even among the people that don’t even like him that his policies of tax reform and deregulation have had and will have a tremendous positive effect on the U.S. and international growth. The thing I found interesting was one of the main things they were worried about that could derail the improvement is a win by Democrats in the Fall could create more stalemate and stall progress on further pro-business policy making. And yet the hatred goes on. It must be true that no good deed goes unpunished.

Won’t matter in a few years

So the Titans hired yet another new head coach and now again the media plasters his unshaven mug all dressed up in his fancy suit in the newspaper every day for a week and hangs on his every word. I think we have better and more important things to discuss in this town than just the next football newcomer coming here to just make a lot of money. He will be gone in a few years at most and it wont matter one bit.

Now time for the psychological tests

I am so glad that the White House doctor has said that the president is in good physical condition with no early signs of dementia or alzheimers. Now, we are ready for him to take his psychological tests to determine if he has any signs of mental problems. No wait, we don’t need to pay a doctor to tell us that. We already know that he does from his behavior; telling lies, groping women, using vulgarity to describe other countries, and no telling what else that has occurred behind closed doors!

Find a way to stop the violence in this town

Well now it is time for my “soapbox bandwagon” comments. to the Mayor and all the powers that be this message is for you. Instead of wasting tax dollars a rail system how about this novel concept for you all to approach and I really mean approach full on. Let’s put some backbone into finding a way to stop all the violence especially towards young people in this town. Children are dying just about every day in this town. Instead of turning your backs to this virus of killing we as a total community need to tackle this major problem before we tackle a transportation issue, which by the way no one will really give up their vehicles because all you have to do is look at the empty buses out on the streets now. Supposedly Nashville has earned the title of the “it city”, yeah it is the “it city” alright the “it city” for homicides towards young adults especially.

TV guide for Trumpsters

It was interesting to read two writers in this column the other week talking about America’s greatness. Key from both was the effect of Trump on Americans. But one writer set my hair on fire. This writer seemed to list the detail of what was on Fox News. Was that his TV Guide for Trumpsters? It was not that made such a negative impression nor was it his belief that Trump will win again in 2020.
We agree there, that the President can be re-elected but it would be a coalition of rich and the left-behind crowd. Full disclosure forces out this fact; since the 2008 GOP crash my family has made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, we did not work for this money. It was unearned income in our investment accounts. Lots of factors, including luck has led to this windfall in cash. If the windfall continues like this for 3 more years then the President will get lots of votes for those who profited in the markets.
So that is one block of voters that is winnable, the Wall Street investors.
The second group is the group that the writer of the article seems to be part of. This is the left-behind crowd. That recent article listed all sorts of reasons the President is so lovable with this crowd. And while he is not perfect this group apparently thinks he is. The one trait noticed with this group is the tone of their disdain for other Americans not like them. None of the ranting gets you out of the left-behind status and an admission ticket to the ‘getting richer and richer’ American well to do club. It seems this group knows their lot in life is not going to change. So knowing this they make the consciousness decision to get joy from inflicting pain on others. And the President obliges this need for pain regularly. Case in point is that he never misses an opportunity to target non-white people in that time honored conservative heritage of demeaning the other. No need to repeat all the tweets or comments but the recent TV ‘Shutdown’ ad calling all brown immigrants potential killers is just the latest. This crowd loves it, and cheers this.
Being a father of two daughters, husband to my life-long wife and a person trying to live a life of Christian values it is not consistent to vote for this man regardless of the financial gain. His boasting of touching woman without their consent (think he said…“I just do it, because I am a celebrity…”) and hanging’ with porn stars right after his third wife gave birth to his son sealed the deal. The recurring nightmare is my daughters bringing a guy like that home and tell me the wedding date.
No amount of money or pain infliction is going sway this voter.

Pocket money

So we are seeing tax cuts and more money in our pockets to spend.  This all leads to a growing economy and we all enjoy a higher standard of living. Things are good all over.  Unfortunately, this all comes with a price tag and not a small one.  That price tag is an ever growing national debt which has been growing frighteningly over the past 25 years.  As a matter of fact, what we are doing is insuring ourselves a high standard of living now and passing our problem, the price of it, the national debt, on to our children and grandchildren.   Is this what we should be giving them, burdening them with our problem?  We should be ashamed of ourselves!  This is a time when our government needs to be taking in more money and paying off the national debt and instead, they do opposite.  Perhaps I over-simplify the situation but the effect is “‘The rich get rich and the poor get poorer.”
A while back I happened to see a very poignant TV add and unfortunately, I don’t really know who sponsored it.  Picture this:  a lady answers the doorbell carrying a toddler on her hip. The man at the door is collecting the national debt (approximately $46,000 per person as I remember it).  The lady says there is no way she can pay that.  The man at the door say,  “Oh, I’m not talking to you.”  And then comes the realization that he is collection from the child not the adult.  The commercial has disappeared from the air. Instead it should be aired every day to wake us all up to what we are causing, to what we are doing, to what we give to our children and grand-children.  Yes, I do realize that we would have to tighten our belts and make do with less.  It’s time to wake up! Aren’t you ticked off, too?

Newest version of trickle-down drip

The article casting a bad light on the fact that the promised $9,000 wage increase for the benefit of the average worker in America is not here yet got me ticked off. I keep reading about companies announcing bonuses for their workers and it seems corporations are really trying hard to make the trillion-dollar tax cut benefit working class Americans. But then I started looking at the detail of these one-time bonuses.
First, it is great PR to make the announcement of a $1,000 bonus like a nationwide home improvement chain announced recently. In reading the details something caught my eye and ticked off does not begin to explain my reaction. This $1,000 bonus is for employees who have worked at the store chain for 20+ years. Plus, the average hourly wage for this chain is $11.63 an hour. So, you have to work two decades and at $11.63 an hour to get a $1,000 one-time (that is right, not a wage in- crease) is not exactly a $9,000 wage hike. For a full-time worker, the $1,000 comes to $.50/hour over the next 12 months. After the 12 months (your 21st year with the company) it is bupkis, back to last year’s wage. That stinks.
Now that is the newest version of the famous conservative trickle-down drip with the claw back wage. Just when you thought America was getting great again!