Voters can help drain the swamp

Every once in a while, a woman would come out of the woodwork and make “outlandish accusations” against the “pillar of the community”. It must be extortion. Someone so revered and highly respected couldn’t be guilty of such crimes. Right? Many of these incidents occurred years, if not decades ago. But it turned into   a sexual predator’s tsunami as social media brought women out of the shadows. Women realized that they were not the only victims of these deviants. It both saddens and embarrasses me, that for quite a while, I didn’t believe them. I do now.
The stage was set decades ago when DNA evidence on a young, intern’s blue dress, proved that she was indeed having sex with a sitting president. Gov. Nelson Rockefeller “died of an apparent heart attack in the arms of a “prostitute”? What was Teddy Kennedy doing with a young girl, at such a late hour, when he drove off a bridge leaving her to drown? How about the “all American Dad”, Bill Cosby, or the famed movie      producer, Harvey Weinstein. Everyone was well aware of their pathologic womanizing, yet their stature made everyone “look the other way”.
The internet changed all of that. Within minutes, the photo of Al Franken’s hands appeared on everyone’s computer. This gave abused women the strength to come forward, because for the first time, they weren’t the only victims. In many ways, these men legitimatized the immoral, deviant, sexual behavior of today’s celebs. The “Hollywood couch” became the common method of “interviewing” young rising starlets.
Many women will suffer a lifetime of grief, because they will never get their day in court. Others chose never to go public fearing that they would never be believed. Many would lose their jobs and in some cases, they were even banned from an entire industry. Let’s also not forget the police officers accused by Twanna Brawly, and Al Sharpton, and the Duke students,  who were brought down by made-up charges.
To make matters even more convoluted (if that’s at all possible) it has come to light, that our taxpayer dollars have been used to pay the legal bills of congressmen who have been involved in sexual impropriety. The solution to that part of      the problem is quite simple. Congressmen, who are either convicted OR admit guilt by   settling with their accusers, should be responsible for ALL of their own legal bills, and the forfeiture of their pension and benefits.
I’m confident the voters will determine their political fate. Even in the reddest of all red states, Alabama voters thankfully chose morals and ethics over politics. That may not completely protect our daughters or granddaughters, but it might at least, help drain the swamp.

Praying for a different location
I cannot believe  that HG Hill is planning  to build a one-hundred room apartment complex at the corner of Hillsborough and Bandy. Green Hills is becoming so over-developed with too many cars. There is just simply not enough room. I don’t know where they think they’re going to do this.  I live in the senior building at the corner of Abbott Martin Road and it is so dangerous. You’re taking your life into your hands everytime you leave your apartment. I pray they come up with a different location.

Your columnist
I’m ticked off by your columnist’s love letter to Donald “Bull in a China Shop” Trump, a piece of propaganda he admits he lifted from Fox News, aka Trump State Media. In his column the writer attempts to attribute today’s strong economy to “optimism” created by Trump’s election. Horse-feathers. Today’s economy simply continues a trajectory that began under Barack Obama. If there is a perceptible new blip, it’s mostly due to the stock market pricing in the corporate tax cut. That effect that won’t last long once consumers see their tax cut is minimal at best (especially compared to the super wealthy’s windfall) and is scheduled to end in a few years. If the economy is so great, why is Trump’s overall approval hovering around an abysmal 32-36%? Because Americans (1) know that he’s riding Obama’s economic wave; (2) are disgusted by everything else about Trump; and (3) fear that Trump’s domestic and international policies will cause more permanent harm to the country than the good that may come from short-term economic growth. Furthermore, recent statewide elections in Virginia and especially Alabama demonstrate that Trump is ultimately a loser. Do you want to bet the farm on Trump? If so, don’t rely on this columnist to honestly and objectively handicap the outcome.

What will be taken away next
It ticks me off that republicans claim that this huge tax cut for corporations will stimulate the economy, when the majority of big company CEO’s are already on record as saying that they do not plan to do any additional hiring under the new tax plan. Unemployment is already at a two decade low, thanks to the groundwork laid by the Obama administration after the worst recession in modern times under the republicans. No, the holders of large segments of corporation stocks will simply take the increased money they earn as a result of the tax cuts and buy more foreign investments, and ship more jobs overseas where they can make even more money. They can call it what they want, but it all boils down to greed! Hold on to your Medicare and Social Security as long as you can, because they are the next things the republicans will try to take away!

Michelangelo’s name
For the life of me, I cannot understand how 90% or more people miss pronounce Michel- angelo’s name. It drives me craaaaazy.
There is no “A” in the first part of his name. Thus his name is correctly pronounced and spelled (per the Italians) Michel (rhymes with “nickel”) (not Michael) angelo. Michel- angelo! If you type his name as Michaelangelo, it pops up as being misspelled.

No right to give away this land
So they want a soccer stadium at the fairgrounds. That property was given to the city to have the state fair there. To sweeten the deal they are giving the soccer folks (MLS) 10+ acres. How can they give that land away? It is not theirs to give. I cant give away my neighbors land. I dont own it. The mayor has no right to give away this land. Save the

Story about the new
tax plan
The new Tax Policy Center analysis of the tax bill tells the story about the new tax plan. It finds that in 2027, 53 percent of taxpayers will see a tax hike, relative to current law. That’s because the plan makes the individual rate cuts and the preferences that will benefit lower earners temporary, while establishing an inflation index that nudges people into higher income brackets over time, to limit the impact on the long-term deficit. Meanwhile, the bill makes the corporate tax cuts, which overwhelmingly go to shareholders and capital investors, and thus mainly to the rich, permanent. I guess this is what Trump meant by “Make America Great Again”, or was it supposed to be: “Make Me and My Rich Friends Richer Again”?

Guns versus signs
I could hardly believe my eyes when I read that our state leaders are now going to allow guns to be carried in state buildings, but disallow signs to be carried by protesters at the state capital because of safety concerns. Come on man! Does this make sense? I had rather be hit by a paper sign than shot by a lead bullet any day! This is nothing more than an attempt to silence peaceful protest, while at the same time feeding the NRA and “gun nuts” what they most desire; more, more, more, guns everywhere to cover their fear! Cowards one and all!

Trump Christmas
To all the Democrats and lefties, I hope you’re looking at your fat bank accounts, unemployment at a 17 year low, the soaring economy, businesses giving their employees bonuses without being forced by the government ,and ISIS decimated. If you still want to go to Canada , don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Reaction to Obamacare in the past was excellent
I am an avid reader the The News but am not often prompted to have my say. But the article in the “Ticked Off” page 14 of Vol 29 December 21, 2017 issue entitled “Obamacare was excellent” really had me fuming. I do notice that these comments appear to be anonymous. The person who wrote this has obviously no idea of the strings attached to this, was in a situation where they did not need to enroll in this scheme, and appears to have had a beef about “Trump” rather than the subject.
I personally, along with tens of thousands of others were almost caught out with this “scam”.
I am a permanent resident. retired, with no “affordable” health Insurance. The so called “Obamacare” intrigued me. So I applied and joined others in “the marketplace” . Now this is where it got interesting.
Fact: The “best” I was offered was to pay a $4000 per annual up front fee just for the privilege of being a member, I would have to pay in full for all “medical bills, prescriptions, etc. this all on top of the annual $4000 fee.  “Affordable Health Care” I do not think so!
Fact: The other point is that once enrolled the fees were, and did increase following the initial acceptance.
Fact: The Trump administration had nothing to do with these increases.
Fact: Small employers in their thousands shed employees or dropped “Health Care” from their offers of employment as they could no longer afford the rising fees.
Fact: Tens of thousands became members enrolled in this Health Care Act because they were threatened with retaliation if they did not. Fines       or even imprisonment. Not because it was the affordable means of having Health Insurance. By the way, any assistance to help pay these fees became a controversial, draconian “Means Test”.
Finally, I agree that all good, GOD loving Americans should have some form of Health Insurance, but not by being forced to buy into something that they subsequently can’t afford. Someone had to rethink this Act in order to really help everyone.

Should be a no-brainer
It ticks me off that our Mayor is now being damaged by some people who she has trusted to advise her on major decisions such as the development of the old Sounds baseball stadium and surrounding property. This should be a no-brainer to further develop the property as a park, and not make developers richer and richer and richer by taking public land or private projects!

Furniture purchase aggravation
I am so ticked off at a large retail store located in Green Hills! I had an issue with an item of furniture that I purchased there and also purchased a 10 year warranty. When the item of furniture started falling apart, I tried to file a warranty claim by first going on-line. When that failed because the system was down, I then tried to call the 800 number I was given to report the problem. Guess what, I spent over an hour holding on the phone for someone to take my call. I then was offered the opportunity to have someone call me back within 20 minutes. Well, that was three days ago and I haven’t received a call yet! Now I am headed back to the store to file a complaint in person. We will see if they tell me I have to go on-line or call on the phone to get the complaint resolved. If they do, it’s unlikely I will waste any more time on it, so I guess this means they will win! No more shopping at that big store! This means I win!