Undercover detectives charged 109 persons this week

Undercover detectives assigned to the department’s seven precincts charged 109 persons this week with mostly drug and prostitution offenses as the result of investigations in various Nashville neighborhoods.

South Precinct detectives seized approximately 122 grams of marijuana, two handguns and $10,300 cash.

Hermitage Precinct detectives seized 36 grams of marijuana, .5 grams of cocaine, 72 various pills and $262 cash.

West Precinct detectives seized one gram of methamphetamine, 33 grams of marijuana, 668 pills and one gram of cocaine.

North Precinct detectives seized approximately 31 grams of marijuana, eleven Suboxone strips, one gram of cocaine, less than one half gram of heroin, five iPads, and one vehicle.

East Precinct detectives seized four Suboxone strips, six grams of marijuana, 6.8 grams of cocaine, three Opana pills, 11.9 ounces of hallucinogenic mushrooms and one vehicle.

Madison Precinct detectives seized .5 grams of heroin, 20 Xanax pills, one-half pound marijuana and ten Dilaudid pills.

Central Precinct detectives seized one gram of marijuana and one gram of cocaine.

Persons suspecting drug activity in their neighborhoods are urged to call the police department’s 244-DOPE hotline. Callers to the hotline can remain anonymous.