U.S. Rep. Cooper Keeping Nation Secure; Regenerative Orthopedic Techniques

National Security: Busy time coming up in Washington for Nashville’s U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper. He sits as the Ranking Member leading the Strategic Forces Subcommittee. This body oversees   our nation’s ballistic missile defense to detect, track, intercept and destroy attacking missiles. Hopefully, diplomatic measures and trade sanctions will put a stop North Korean autocrat Kim Jong-Un’s threatening actions with nuclear weapons. Cooper’s Subcommittee has ballistic missile defense if they do not.

The Strategic Forces Sub- committee also readies strategic weapons designed to strike an unrelenting enemy with the aim of destroying civilian cities, factories, military bases, transportation and communications capabilities. For example, the U.S. was forced to drop Fat Boy, the nuclear atomic bomb, on the Japanese city of Nagasaki to bring World War II to a close. A similar bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Besides making sure our nation is properly prepared for any missile or nuclear attacks, Cooper’s Strategic Forces Subcommittee watches over national security space programs.

Rep. Cooper has served Tennessee’s 5th congressional district (based in Nashville) 14 years, since 2003. He is a member of the Democratic Party and the Blue Dog Coalition. He previously represented Tennessee’s 4th congressional district 12 years from 1983 to 1995.

Regenerative Techniques: More than seven million Americans are now walking around with artificial hips or knees. Two out of every 100 Americans now has an artificial joint. Among those over 50, joint replacement is even more common: five percent have replaced a knee and more than 2 percent, a hip.
New regenerative techniques are on the horizon. A procedure that uses a patient’s own stem cells to regrow lost cartilage is now possible.  Tennessee Orthopedics Alliance has successfully treated the first TOA patient with a degenerative joint with stem cells according to Dr. Christian Anderson, a board certified orthopedic surgeon.
Anderson also says for athletic injuries TOA is introducing of Platelet Rich Plasma injections of enhanced platelets from the patient’s own blood to promotes the natural pain free healing of sports injuries without the need for surgery.

What’s “not to like” about these new regenerative techniques for orthopedic patients? Insurance companies still label such nonevasive treatments experimental. You’d have pay for them yourself out-of-pocket. The cost is about $500 for the PRP injections for sports injuries.

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