TripBlazr launches in Nashville

Video mapping app, serving as a city-wide visual directory


TripBlazr, an interactive video mapping platform which started in 2017, has announced their launch in Nashville. Offering a unique concept, TripBlazr allows residents and tourists alike the opportunity to visually explore the best Music City has to offer. Founded by seasoned traveler and photographer Nate Vogel, TripBlazr is making it easier for folks in the Nashville area to see the best the city has in store, all from the comfort of their computer or mobile app.

The TripBlazr app organizes and maps pre-existing YouTube location content, spotlighting Nashville’s best dining, retail, tourism and hospitality hotspots, creating a user-friendly interface with a focus on discovery. Totally free for users and local businesses, TripBlazr will utilize the community’s involvement as the driving force for the app’s continued growth in Nashville, and is currently accepting business and user-submitted YouTube videos.

“When traveling internationally, I was inspired to create TripBlazr after seeing the need for an easy way to search and discover location-based videos, like restaurants or activities,” Vogel said. “With Nashville’s rapid growth and increasing popularity as a top travel destination in the U.S. it was a natural fit for the launch of the app. We are so excited to bring TripBlazr and video mapping to the locals and lovers of Nashville!”

Starting in mid-January, TripBlazr will be holding a month of weekly gift card giveaways and “Restaurant of the Week” features for some of Nashville’s top restaurants on their social channels. Past participants include Bakersfield   and The Southern Steak & Oyster. For people who have a question about what to do in Nashville, TripBlazr  will respond to every query about Music City tweeted to @TripBlazr.

TripBlazr was started in 2017 by Nate Vogel after traveling overseas and experiencing the lack of searchable location-based video content online. The platform is committed to organizing and mapping videos showcasing the best Nashville has to offer for tourists and residents alike. Serving as a video directory for Music City, the app, free for users and local businesses, aims to bring the city together by highlighting the most unique Nashville experiences. TripBlazr can be accessed via desktop computer or mobile device, and is now available for use now.

For more information on TripBlazr visit and click “Enter Nashville.”