Traffic camera project meets additional delays

The City of Belle Meade is hoping the Nashville Electric Service, NES, will begin adding over a dozen survaillance cameras to major Belle Meade intersections.

Belle Meade police say cameras have already helped solve several crimes and provide video from vehicle accidents. Currently, a demo camera system is at the intersection of Harding Road and Lynwood Blvd.

“NES has continued to introduce more and more obstacles for pole attachments of the cameras,” City of Belle Meade Mayor Jim Hunt, said.  “This has caused major delays as well as significant cost increases in these pole attachments.”

The mayor wants to know when adding the cameras will begin. “Very frustrating even though we have had meeting after meeting with the officials responsible for implementation,” Hunt said. “We hope that the last of these delays has expired and the actual implementation will begin soon.”

The camera takes a picture of every license plate that passes by and stores it for three months.

Researchers begin looking at tree ordinances Belle Meade officials are also considering a tree ordinance in Belle Meade, something commissioners have discussed for years.

A study group of citizens (Gavin Duke, Carolyn Sorenson, Tara Armistead, Joe Dughman, Gloria Sternberg and Larry Wieck), along with Commis- sioners and staff have begun the process of researching and developing a tree ordinance for the City that they hope will not be cumbersome for staff to enforce, but will protect against unnecessary tree removal.
The ordinance follows the recent city-wide construction boom, which has led to increased destruction of mature trees and a loss of tree canopy that will take years to replace, if at all.
While Belle Meade is not experiencing the same surge in construction as the rest of the area, the Commissioners want to ensure that the beautiful tree canopy in Belle Meade is preserved as much as possible.

At their October 3rd meeting, the Metro Parks Board granted approval for Belle Meade to plant 29 trees along the perimeter of this back section at Page Road and Belle Meade Boulevard, which will provide additional screening for the surrounding residential properties.
Page Road and Belle Meade Boulevard recently had large boulders installed to prevent vehicles from parking on the back two-thirds of the property.