Total Eclipse of the Sun approaches

Everyone knows about the upcoming, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity coming to Nash- ville: the total solar eclipse. But not everyone knows much about solar eclipses or why and how they happen. According to researchers at Vanderbilt, during the solar eclipse the moon passes in front of the sun, and its shadow will block part or (in some cities like Nashville) all   of the sun. The sun, the moon, and the earth have to be in a straight line in order for this phenomenon to occur. Since the sun and the moon are in different orbits, this alignment does not happen often, and when it does it usually results in a partial eclipse. The eclipse on August 21 is special because it is the first solar eclipse to pass over the entire continent in over 100 years.

All states will be able to view a partial solar eclipse while a narrow stretch will witness a total solar eclipse, meaning the entire sun will be blocked by the moon for a short period of time. (All of this information and more can be found at

Numerous facilities around Nashville will be hosting educational events where you can learn more about the sun and moon or hosting viewing parties where you can watch the solar eclipse.

The Grand Ole Opry will be hosting what they are calling a Total Eclipse Plaza Party that is free to the public. They will offer live music on the Plaza stage, glasses for viewing the eclipse, and various foods for sale. It will begin at 11 am and last until the eclipse is finished.