Ticked Off - April 17th, 2014


Thornton’s needs to get their fuel prices correct

You bet I'm highly ticked off at Thornton's gas station at the corner of Charlotte Pike and River Road. On Saturday morning, April 5, their sign out front said $3.36 for regular unleaded, but when I started to pump the gas, the pump price said $3.43. I thought I was mistaken, or maybe I was seeing things. After checking the sign and the pump several times, I went in and told the lady at the register that the price on the sign was $3.36 and pump price was $3.43. She said something to someone I assumed was a manager about changing the sign then turned to me and said they'd had a price increase and the sign hadn't been changed — the price on the pump was the price. I told her I wanted to cancel my transaction and take my business elsewhere.

I drove by about 20 minutes later, and $3.36 was still listed on the sign AFTER I had alerted them to the problem. How many other customers didn't pay attention to the pump and spent their hard earned money for more expensive gas? I'm sure Thornton's made several thousand dollars in a very small period of time.

So to my fellow drivers, WATCH OUT! The price you're paying at the pump may NOT be the price advertised on the sign!

For posterity’s sake

I'm ticked off at the people who write to this page and say the AMP is not necessary, and no one will ride it. What exactly do you base your assumption on?

Do you fail to realize the AMP is about the future?

With a proposed influx of a million more residents in the next 20 years, do you really think our highway infrastructure will be able to accommodate the extra traffic? Doing nothing about mass transportation hasn't worked for any other city on the planet, why would you think it will work for this one? Similar transit systems to the AMP work in thousands of cities around the world and transport millions of people on a daily basis. Why would Nashville be so different?

Obamacare can help

Governor Haslam is hurting tens of thousands of Tennesseans by not expanding TennCare as part of the Affordable Care Act.

In short, we are passing up $6.2 million each day from the federal government to expand health insurance coverage for the neediest citizens of our state. Obamacare has flaws, but the terms of this deal are not murky. We are passing up $6.2 million every single day, and that money is going elsewhere. Gov. Haslam needs put politics aside, and do the right thing.

Looks can be deceiving

Small town charm is not so! As a 40 plus years resident of Goodlettsville, I would like to point out that the seven month newcomer has it wrong. He is not out of Metro. He is under both Metro and Goodlettsville governments. If he is a property owner, he is paying real estate taxes to both. What does he get for those high taxes collected by Goodlettsville that he wouldn’t get from Metro? A few street lights. That “wonderful city hall” is an excellent example of the continuous waste by the unneeded Goodlettsville government.

As far as friendliness and courtesy goes, Goodlettsville is no better than the rest of Davidson County. Boom boxes may be a “no-no” but excessively loud music from the local recreational vehicle park is okay, because it is owned by one of Goodlettsville’s good ole boys. Yes, there are politics in Goodlettsville. You must be born in Goodlettsville to ever stop being considered an outsider by the locals.

A town time forgot

Sad to say, but Green Hills is no more. It is a community in name only. In lieu of Nordstroms, high rise apartments and ever increasing traffic, I would prefer Shakey’s Pizza, Griff’s Happy Burger, The Roundup, Nashville Sporting Goods and the Pat Boone family home. While I realize that the area must grow, the identity should be maintained during this growth. The point that I am trying to make is that at one time Green Hills meant something to everyone who lived there. Hopefully, the influx of potentially temporary residents will take the time to find out how the community got its name.

Potholes ahead

Nashville has become a more vibrant city for visitors and many improvements to enhance and beautify the city have been made by Mayor Dean. However, I agree with the person who wrote that the roads are in the worst condition they have ever been in.

I-440, Charlotte Pike, Woodmont Boulevard and Nolensville Road are four of the many roads that are in the worst condition. Let's take this important part of the overall appearance of Nashville seriously and repave our city's roads. It helps the people who live and travel in Nashville daily — the taxpayers!
Fix the roads please!

Common courtesy

This letter is to the Trader Joe's customer who parked next to my 2010 Camaro on Sunday, April 6. First point, The Grace's Plaza parking lot is well marked by signs that it is for Grace's Plaza customers only. Apparently, you feel that because you are a Trader Joe's customer, you can disregard the owner's wishes, and you parked on his property anyway.

Secondly, you used my vehicle as a table because you did not want to set your bag or bags on the ground. You placed a bag down on my windshield with enough force as to break my windshield, and you left without a note to say that you were sorry or offer to pay for the damages. This total disregard for my property is unbelievable. I had to pay $250 to replace my windshield, because you apparently have no regard for other's property.

I, however, do not carry a grudge. I want to invite you to park in the Grace's Plaza lot in the future, as I hear that they will be towing illegally parked vehicles. I want to see how you feel when you come out of the business to find someone has done something with your property ... it is called Karma. I am sure you know what they say about Karma.

A Music City gem

We finally had an opportunity to go inside the new Music City Center. All I can say is WOW! The building is huge, beautifully designed and "state of the art" in every way.

No wonder there are so many visitors and conventions coming to our city. The adjacent Omni Hotel and expanded Country Music Hall of Fame are also fabulous. Hats off to our Mayor Dean because the Music City Center is really something.
Dangerous road

Those criticizing crossing a busy inner city highway from the center lane have obviously never crossed a busy highway lately, much less used public transit.
Crossing seven to eight lanes from the curb, with traffic running both ways and a bus blocking your view is much more dangerous than crossing three to four lanes with traffic running one way and the bus at your back.

I hope Mayor Dean (elected by a majority) will stand up to our Ship of Fools State Legislature and their one-size-fits-all sense of government.

To liars with love

Fine bunch of elected officials in Washington, they had to know this. these elected officials always tell you of the fine job they are doing, never show you for sure what they are doing. If I loved a liar, I would go to Washington and hug all the elected officials who make the laws.

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