Ticked Off - April 24th, 2014


I could fill Vanderbilt Stadium with my dates

Women are animals. I am 38 years old and do a lot of computer dating. On my profile, I state that I am looking for a woman who has class, enjoys going places and doing things. I am not interested in going to bed with every woman I date, and if I did, I could fill Vanderbilt Stadium. You might say I am a hot catch. I have a great body, attractive, good personality and am well equipped. All I want is a woman with class and self respect. I am beginning to believe my standards are too high. For the women who read this article, I hope you keep this in mind the next time you want to nail some innocent guy on your first date. I plan to put this on my profile.

A bucket list for America

We are getting older, and our tickers aren’t what they used to be — so here is our bucket list for 2014, 2015 and 2016.
Here is all we old farts want:
#1 Obama out and gone
#2 Put GOD back in America
#3 All borders CLOSED
#4 Congress on the same
retirement and healthcare
# 5 Clean up this country’s television. It’s common trash.

Repair the old

Last summer, officials were forced to close the Charlotte Avenue bridge three times due to falling concrete. If more federal funds were available, work could begin sooner on a $55 million proposed project to repave and rehabilitate the 1960s-era bridge.

Interestingly this amount is almost the same that our Mayor is requesting in Federal Transportation funds to change our existing Curb Side bus pick up rapid transit now in place to a Center Lane pick up system.

Burn your bridges (or campaign flyers)

Listen up all you candidates and listen up good, you all need to grow up real fast in the coming days. First of all, stop filling up my mailbox with your moronic empty campaign promise postcard/mailers, and secondly, stop with the even more annoying robocalls on my phone line. I have a non-published number, and I am reporting each call to the FCC and phone company. You are breaking the law in my eyes, and I am sure I am not the only voter that feels this way. By the way, I am saving all the campaign flyers you send to me to have one big bonfire without a permit, because I don't need one. And lastly, for those of you seeking re-election, you have lost my vote.

Ineffectual editorials

Just when I think that the Tennessean has reached bottom, they manage to sink lower. I have been a criminal lawyer in this community for over fifty years and have never known a criminal defense lawyer that has practiced for over ten years that has not had a claim of ineffectiveness filed against them. Every post conviction petition that I have ever seen has a claim of ineffectiveness contained in it. The Tennessean has taken a cheap shot when it says that Glenn Funk has had such a claim. Could it be that Mr. Funk is so far ahead of the Tennessean's favored candidate in the race for District Attorney that they are becoming desperate, or do they just love to publish dirty tricks?

The smoking gun

I am going to go out on a limb here. First of all, I am a lowly high school graduate in other words I didn't take the college route like most of my classmates did. Now to my first issue, what are you lawmakers smoking? Introducing the latest gun carry bill out in the open? Again, I ask what are you lawmakers smoking? With all the gun violence that people perpetrate on their fellow human beings, you want to add this open carry law?

I am a firm believer that guns don't kill people, people kill people. So you think this is a good thing — it isn't. All it will take is one person getting bent out of shape over a trivial issue and one of those idiots will live up to the code of the "old west" and go for their gun and some innocent person or persons, possibly a child, might be in the line of fire. You can't tell me that the big ole ego monster won't rear its ugly head.

When will the people committing gun violence finally be punished? Obviously, never because our wonderful elected officials fuel paranoia by pushing approval of this law, as I call it, "gun free for all laws.” Sorry, as I said in the beginning I am just a lowly high school graduate of the public school system of this county. Go ahead and bash me. I also said I believe that "guns don't kill people only people kill people.”

Guard dog spooks the neighbors

To the people who live on the corner of Timber and Golf Club, do you have any idea what inconsiderate neighbors you've been since you moved into your home? One of your two little white dogs is the bane of the neighborhood, barking loudly in the early mornings, disrupting the peace and quiet. Even worse, he quietly runs up behind walkers and runners, then begins barking loudly the entire length of your yard and around the corner. It's so startling that my heart pounds when that happens. I'm not afraid of him or of dogs. It's the sudden, unexpected barking that is heart-stopping.

It's not the dog's fault, either. You have a fenced-in back yard. Why don't you keep him there? I'm not the only person who feels this way. Everyone I pass who is a "victim" of your thoughtlessness is disappointed in your lack of regard for the neighborhood.

You’re blocking the road

I'm really ticked off at how UPS and FedEx delivery trucks simply stop in the roadway, turn on their flashers and force all traffic to go around them. I've seen this happen all over the city, but it's especially bad in suburban areas where roads are narrow and hilly. This happens on Estes Road all the time. Are the drivers so lazy that they can't pull into driveways to make deliveries? Metro Police should start aggressively ticketing for this violation.

No left turn on red

To the driver of the white pick-up truck carrying a Glenn Funk campaign sign: after watching you make a left turn on red onto Richard Jones Road, I hope that Mr. Funk is more law-abiding--and patient-- than his supporters apparently are.

Home sweet home

We were recently in Memphis to attend a family wedding and had a chance to drive around the city and eat some great barbecue. We were shocked at the huge contrasts between Nashville and the Bluff City. It is truly a tale of two cities. While Nashville is booming with growth, development and construction cranes everywhere, Memphis seems to be the opposite. The Memphis skyline looks the same as it did 25 years, Beale Street is just plain tacky and the area surrounding Graceland is very sketchy. Our family said the crime rate is very high, so much so, that they had to hire security guards to watch our cars during the wedding and reception. Granted, Nashville is no utopia, but we feel so fortunate to live in a dynamic city with so many positive things going on.

Hear no evil

Approximately two weeks ago, as reported by the TV news, the president had an auntie who died. She was not a true citizen of this nation. The president knew of this but kept it quiet. Now my question, what freebies did she receive?

Somebody knew something on some one else to keep this quiet. Guess these somebodies receive freebies daily. Must be that those elected to go to Washington see nothing, know nothing and hear nothing.

Gas gouging

I was in Hendersonville yesterday (Monday) and filled up my car at Mapco for $3.39.

I drove to Long Hollow Pike, and while stopped at a traffic light, I looked over to the right.

Sure enough, a Mapco station was there and the gas was $3.54 a gallon. It was posted on a large sign.

Now that leads me to believe, as others who drive, that it is the owners of the stations who make gas prices go up

Now that is not all, I came through Rivergate Parkway, and you got it, buster! Two Shell Stations had large posted lit signs which read $3.65 a gallon. Gas is gas. Wake up, drivers.

We are being taken at the pumps by the owners of the stations. This is price gouging. Where is are the police to enforce this law that was created by law makers?

What a world of carpet baggers.

Lay off the horn

I cannot believe how rude the drivers in Green Hills can be. I’m sorry that I’m not eager to slam on the gas and sprint into traffic the way you are. It is my priority to drive safely and confidently. You honking your horn does nothing but distract me more so then I take even more time deciding when to safely turn. Grow up and be patient!

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