Ticked Off 6-15-2017

Smashing people in the mouth above fine art

I wanted to go downtown to visit the Frist Center recently. I got as far as Broadway and 12th Avenue and discovered that virtually all the streets were blocked off. I think there was a hockey game that night, but   the streets were blocked at    11:30 a.m. What a sad day in Nashville when smashing people in the mouth is placed above fine art! Woe is us and to our future generations!

Keep America safe from deadly illness

I thought president Trump was going to make America safe. Well, we now see that he wants to cut the Center for Disease Control’s budget by over a billion dollars. Let’s all pray that Congress will not go along with such a foolish plan that would make America a lot less safe from outbreaks of deadly illness.

Ghostly boy tried telling me something

My wife and I moved to Wilson County in the late ‘60s Then, around eleven years ago,  we bought a new townhouse in Hermitage. At the time we moved to Wilson County, there wasn’t anything on Lebanon Road except on the left going out was a big ole mansion house with big white columns which sat off the road. Eleven years ago when we first moved into the townhouse, we lived three miles from the cemetery and pretty close to where that old mansion was.
Once, I woke up one night and this little boy was jumping on the bed. He was dressed in clothes of the late 30s, maybe early 40s, had little nickers on, and those little high top shoes. Of course, at first it scared me and I said “hey!” He jumped off  the bed and ran around the bedroom and went behind the door. I got up and looked behind the door and he was no longer there. So I kinda let it go and didn’t say anything about it. Then about two or three years later I was sitting at the top of the stairs in a recliner watching something on the television and heard something coming up the steps and it was the same little boy in the nickers and little high top shoes and I said, “hey, come here and let me talk with you.” He ran into the bedroom and went behind the same door.
I’m a grown man, a God fearing man who goes to church. I knew something was trying to tell me something. I finally told my wife about it. I have a daughter now who is 37 years old and she is a school teacher. When I told my wife my daughter was here and my daughter said, “Dad, I saw the same little boy.” Now, in my heart I think everything happens for a reason and I do know what I saw and my daughter saw the same little boy.
I think God works in mysterious ways and I think God tells people about things in his own way.
I know one thing, we saw the little boy. God bless everybody and have a good day.

Anything stinks when you do not wash it

I am calling about the gentleman (I’m sure it was a man) who said he didn’t like women in tights. A woman can stink at anytime in anything she wears and has nothing to do with leotards or tights. But I guarantee it’s a man who is grumbling and why, I do not know. Because you can stink in anything if you do not wash and take care of yourself. That is just my opinion. Thank you.

Hamburger looked like a slop jar

I just wanted to say I got up and went to get me a haircut. Afterwards I stopped by McDonalds in Hermitage to get me a snack and when I went in there was Spanish girl on the cash register. She was really having a hard time with what I was trying to tell her. I told her I wanted a double cheese, mayonnaise only light. She just couldn’t understand me at first. I finally got it across to her. So I asked her, do you habla? And she just smiled at me.
They brought my food and I went to my table and sat down. When I opened the  hamburger  that I ordered looked like a slop jar. It had everything in the world on it! So I took it back to the same little girl and said this was not what I ordered. I wanted what I had asked for.
While I was in there eating my lunch I saw five different people do the same thing. A woman even had went up with a sack in her hand from her car. She came back and evidently she had the same problem. I do not have any problem with businesses using hispanics / Mexicans or any others but they should at least have one who can speak English. This is our country and I’m an ole country boy and I was raised that way. But a large company like McDonalds should look at this or any other businesses where their employees come in contact with people. I just thought it was odd how big McDonalds is and that is how this one operates. Wonder how many other times this happens with the number of people going there through the day and night.

Criticism those who overstay their visas

First let me quote, “I love people of all races, I believe in treating everyone fair” yet it ticks me off when people from other countries over stay their visas, have babies in America so they can be American citizens, burn American flags, and protest. If they would obey the law, America would be able to help the poor struggling families that are being forced from their homes. These over staying visa people do not care about these struggling people who de-  serve to be let into the United States.
So don’t criticize America without criticizing these people who break the law and over stay their visas.  There’s something to be ticked off about. Yet our politicians and judges protect these people who over stay their visas and then blame the president saying he is too strict.

Origin of Green Hills

Yes as to Green Hills, my understanding is that a man named  John Calhoun, son of Hall Calhoun, a Church of Christ minister, was the first developer of homes in Green Hills. Those homes were located on Observatory Road off of Belmont as you call it today. That is where the original Green Hills was located in terms of my understanding, not on Hillsboro Road.

Most women do wash their hands

Hi, I’m responding to the person who mentioned women never wash their hands. I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous. I work for a large retail chain and I’m telling you that my observation has been that almost all the time, women who come into the restroom, I’ve very rarely seen anybody leave the restroom without washing their hands. I don’t know where this person gets their information but its not true. Not only that but people in this area are really good about teaching children to wash their hands. I hardly ever see anyone come in with children who do not help them to wash their hands as well. Where ever you got your information, it is totally inaccurate. I do not understand.

Helping an elderly lady

I’m not ticked about anything but wanted to mention I went to the grocery store with my wife to pick up a few things we needed. Inside the store it was pretty crowded and there were only three checkers working.
I was standing in line and this elderly lady came up behind me and I asked her did she want to get in front me. And she said no. I then asked her if I can help her put all her groceries up on the checkout counter for her. She said, “if you don’t mind I would really appreciate.”
As I put her groceries up on the counter for her I noticed her hands. They were wrinkled real bad and she had arthritis and had a lot of knots on her hands. When I was done putting her items on the counter I placed my hands on top of hers and said, “let me tell you something. My mother passed away when I was 3 years old. I didn’t know what she was like. Didn’t know what she liked and what she didn’t like” I said, “you know, 73 years I’ve always wish I had a mother that I could talk too and put my arms around and talk about things. You know when you’re a kid and get hurt, the first thing a little kid does, you run to your mom. Well I never had that but I pretty much raised myself.” But thank to God for who I was then to who I am now. I patted her on the hand and told her my mom had passed away when I was 3 years old. I know my mom would want me to do what I am doing for her. And I told her I would help her out with anything she needed. She was a very very nice lady. I would  just  like to see more people in the world now help the elderly more. I think sometimes people try to put the elderly aside.

Red light out, treat it as a four-way stop

Yes truly agree with the traffic laws before you get behind the wheel. It is most certainly a law, if the red traffic light is out then you have to treat it as a 4 way stop. The same thing has happened to me many times before at the corner of Old Hickory Blvd and Highway 70. Also at Hicks Road and 70. People go right through it and in fact there’s almost been two or three accidents when they do not stop and treat it as a red light. It most certainly is the law so please obey if you are going to get behind the wheel.

What’s with the price difference with gas

Yes I find it interesting that gas in Green Hills is basically all the same price, currently it is $2.39. I think a lot of it is due to the fact Kroger was always cheaper however right now Exxon, Shell, Kroger are all charging the same price. Now if you go to Bellevue, the Bellevue store is $2.17 a gallon. I can’t understand why you would have a .22 cent difference in regular gas between Green Hills and Bellevue. It seems kinda strange to me.

Dangerous point

I live off of Abbott Martin Road. I’ve called public works and told them when they put in a sidewalk that runs in front of Abbotsford the sidewalk comes to a point. As a result if you’re not careful you can hit that point and bust your tires or go into oncoming traffic.

Give it some space

Now, is it just me… or do the majority of people in Nashville have to tailgate and drive right on your rear end. These younger people don’t seem to realize you might have to stop for a deer running across the road. It is so dangerous to be that close to another vehicle. Give it some space. The life you save might be your own.

Glad to see diversity at the Swan Ball

Not ticked off as much as I am delighted to see The Swan Ball celebrating diversity this year!!!

Another victim of white washing

Yet another of the brick homes in my neighborhood has fallen victim to whitewashing. What is wrong with people’s aesthetics that they would paint over a lovely natural material and ruin it? I have a feeling it’s mostly the “we buy homes” people that think it’s a good idea to homogenize the look of homes they “improve.” Soon, “it’s the white brick house” won’t help in locating a house on a street, because they’ll ALL be white! Brick is a natural material that allows the house to breathe, and when covered up, moisture can’t escape and creates issues. Try pressure-washing to freshen the look of brick instead. There’s nothing wrong with getting creative in a home’s color scheme, but this whitewashing business needs to stop.

More frequent recycling

Last weekend while I was at the recycling site at Hillsboro, there were mountains of cardboard piled next to the overflowing recycling bins. This is not the first time I have seen this overflow either. While it is great that people are willing to drive out of their way to drop off recycling, we really should have more frequent recycling pickup in the city. Where I was from, recycling pickup was weekly not monthly like here. Let’s do our part to keep Nashville clean.