Ticked Off! 5/8/14

Vanderbilt Stadium is almost full thanks to me

To the woman in last week’s Tick Off column that said she had dated me and that I was not well equipped: If you are the person I am thinking of, you thought I was well equipped the night we went out. The only reason you would say that is because I told you the chemistry was not there for us to continue any type of relationship. Before I told you that, you had a big smile on your face and you told me how great I was.
Just drive on over to Vanderbilt stadium, I am adding you to the stadium list. You had better hurry, the stadium is almost full.

Down and out

It never ceases to amaze me — the money some run down little house that needs repair will bring if it’s in the “right” zip code. Just goes to show, you can be down but never “out” if you live in green hills.

Put your money into our protectors
I am ticked off because the policemen and firefighters here in Metro Nashville are so woefully underpaid. If we really like our protectors then why don’t we show it to them? Pay them right!

Hey, it’s a free country.

To the person who said that politicians exempted themselves from the Do Not Call list — that is complete ignorance. Political speech is protected in America under our United States’ Constitution. Please get a clue. I know it’s annoying, but it’s part of living in a free country. Maybe you should move to China where if you try to campaign for a candidate other than the one the Communist leaders want you to vote for, you go to prison. Thank you.

Thank you for your service

Hey Ticked Off! Heads up to you this week, I’ve been a reader of Ticked Off as long as you’ve been having it, but I had to stop reading it about eight months ago, because it got so boring. But evidentially, you’ve hired someone new, and this week was awesome. I’m back being a fan of the articles you chose to put in there. Good week for you.

Consider your audience

I am TICKED OFF that the Green Hills theater is only playing Heaven is For Real in one theater while the new Spiderman movie is playing in THREE! We need to write to the management and let them know that Christians like to go to the movies too!

Buffet basics

I’m calling to respond to the person who said they hate to get a new plate when they go to Ruby Tuesday’s and then they said, “Shame on you, Ruby Tuesday!” Well, the shame is on the person who wrote that letter, because there are very strict health codes about how buffet’s can operate. You cannot take a dirty plate back to the buffet and touch your spoon to your dirty plate where germs that have been in your mouth, so on and so forth. You can’t have a dirty plate, you have to get a new one. I can’t believe that person isn’t familiar with the rules. They are basic rules of health.

Outdated outrage

I’d like to talk about the “Reason for the season.” They don’t sell Christmas trees throughout the year, because no one would buy them! Come on, fellow. And as for the guy in Washington, DC, President Obama, wanting to take Christmas out … that’s been totally discredited. Come on. Keep up with the times a bit.

Read this before you quit your day job

I cannot believe how ignorant some servers are and their managers for not training them. I asked a server what the soup was, and she, with a straight face, said she thought it was “soup du jour.” Another time, I asked my server to tell me what “sea beans” were, since it was on the menu, and she told me it was like something you might see in an aquarium. Really? That sounds appetizing! And then they try to shame you in front of your spouse or date when you ask for water. “Bottled, or TAP?” Going for the gold, nice setup there. Ka-ching!

An eye sore

Why doesn’t Metro do something about that huge hole at 16th and West End? This is the site of the failed West End Summit project where developer Alex Palmer tore down the beautiful Masonic Temple and left an ugly vacant lot for ten years. With great hoopla in 2012, Palmer announced that HCA was going to move in, but Palmer couldn’t get his financing in order and now HCA has smartly opted to build it’s own corporate campus in the Gulch. The West End Summit site is an eyesore and public safety hazard as mosquitos will breed in Lake Palmer again this summer. Nashville is on fire with growth and development, but Alex Palmer just can’t get it up.

One and done

In the world of political spin, the current administration headed by President Obama means being a liar is a prerequisite for being a part of his administration. We have a President who lies time and time again. Please observe the number of scandals such as Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, Obamacare and the National Debt. When questions are asked, you get the Sergeant Shultz answer: “I know nothing, and I see nothing.” It is time to impeach these people and get rid of the dead weight in Congress. I personally like the idea of One and Done. This means having only one term. Then perhaps we will get people there who actually want to serve us.

It is time for all of us to have a moral compass and work for the good of mankind.

The grass isn’t always greener in Green Hills

I’m ticked off about the exterior condition of our formerly beautiful Green Hills U.S. Post Office. The buttercups are gone, a dead tree salutes the flagpole and shoddy lawn care greets us.

Beef with Belle Meade

Why do we frequently see Belle Meade police cars in parts of the city that are a very long way from the actual city limits of Belle Meade? I’ve even seen Belle Meade patrol cars parked overnight near the fairgrounds. Do the police take lunch and coffee breaks far away from patrol areas? I also don’t understand why some of the Belle Meade police cars are Volkswagens and Toyotas instead of American brands.

Hear your tax dollars at work

I don’t know about you, but the new trash trucks are SO LOUD! I like to sit on my porch in the mornings and drink my coffee, and the trash trucks roll by and ruin the peaceful mood. I think our taxpayer dollars shouldn’t go to fund noise pollution.

We say NO! to BL2014-741

Metro is trying to pull a fast one on us again. They are giving free reign to developers in this bill. No transparency! First Southern Land’s skyscraper, now this!
Nashville does not have the infrastructure to cope with these shady deals. What’s worse is that the people “in charge” are not even elected!
What ever happened to accountability?

Don’t let Metro screw you

Last night on Channel 4 News, they said that when your water lines going from your home to the meter have problems, it will cost you a lot of money to replace and repair. Now Metro has the solution — pay $11.95 a month and if something happens they will fix it at no cost. The city said they were recommending a company to do the work, because they do it to Metro standards. According to Channel 4, you had better read the fine print. It is not as rosie as it sounds! Plus the city gets a 12.5 percent kick back on each job.
Also, the company being recommended is a minority owned business. Why should Metro single out a company when there are many others that can do the work just as good and maybe even better at a lower cost? Thanks Mayor, you’re trying to screw property owners again. Nashville residents, don’t fall for this crap the mayor is putting out. Why should the city get 12.5 percent kick back on the work done at your home?
The city should provide a list of companies that you can chose from and who can do the work correct. Metro is noting but thieves! Thanks Channel 4 News for bring this to the public’s attention.

Freedom of Speech is over

The American people have lost another constitutional right, the right to “Freedom of Speech.” You can’t be honest anymore or you will be targeted by specific groups that could result in you losing your job, your home or your business. Paula Dean was honest and look what happen to her for telling the truth. The man that is the star on Duck Dynasty had his program suspended from cable until the cable channel had a major drop in viewing audience, and they rushed to get him back on the air. See what drives these companies? Money.
Now we have Donald Sterling being removed from a company he owns because a private conversation was leaked to the public.
Bennie Thompson, a black congressman from Mississippi, called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom. CNN cornered him in the halls of the Capital and asked him if that was a racial term and he said yes. Then CNN asked him why he could call him an Uncle Tom, and he said, he could because he was black.
There are two sets of standards in this country, but we only need one set. We can fight back, let’s target the sponsors that pull their advertising support from a person or company before all the facts come out and we can help bring them to their knees through social media.