Ticked Off 5-25-17

My wife told me that most women don’t wash their hands

I agree with the person who wrote “Who raised these nasty women.” Long ago my wife told me that when introduced to a woman, to shake her hand if extended to me, but never offer my hand first. I said that is  not very gentlemanly. Then she explained that if I do shake then I should excuse myself at an appropriate time and go and wash my hands. My question was why? She said that out of 10 women that use a public restroom, only one or two wash their hands! Nasty!

We have a leader who appreciates vacations
This is in response to the person who assumed complaints about Trump’s travel expenses were unfounded. Perhaps you should have done some re- search before you expressed your feelings to show how ignorant you are. During President Obama’s eight years in office, his cost for vacation travel, security, etc., was about $20 million each year. Is that a lot of money? Absolutely. But when you look at Trump’s first 80 days in office, his vacation travel and security expenses cost the taxpayers almost $20 million. At this rate he may spend in one year what President Obama’s trips cost in 8 years. I guess you were using the Trump alternative facts to get your information.

Cultural pride to some, but hateful identity supremacy to others
It was announced on the news that the 2017 graduating class at Harvard will have a separate commencement ceremony for Black students only. Astonishingly, this is at their demand, with the caveat that other students can attend if they like. The graduates will bedeck themselves in African traditional clothing. Centuries into the American experiment, decades after extensive civil rights legislation and initiatives, these elite and privileged young people still identify more as Africans than Americans. This seems to be the future of America — identity groups who divide. We can all look forward to separate but equal. And how equal will it be for those who are pushed to the margins? Will these bright and ambitious young Harvard graduates be going to their motherland to make Africa great again? Those of you who hate America or its history, please just leave.

Popular opinion has different explanation
To the adamant Green Hills historian; while I’m not saying that you are wrong, popular opinion has a different explanation than yours.  Most writings attribute the name Green Hills to Roy Primm who named his businesses Green Hills Pharmacy and Green Hills Market.  I’ve heard it said that he was influenced by the green hills surrounding the area. It may well be that Mr. Primm was influenced by a Presbyterian family, but I guess there is no way of telling. I’ve lived in Nashville for over fifty years and have never heard of a Concord Road or Green Hill in Nashville, but I shall make a point of checking it out.

Hey throw us a bone
Megan Barry, if you can possibly find time between photo ops, how about addressing our West End corridor, between 17th Avenue North and Hill- wood Boulevard? The “Main” street of our town has crumbled into a bit of an obstacle course during the past two mayoral terms. While I suspect you get a lot more “pop” out of giving something away to someone who can’t seem to work, we would like a little infrastructure attention, too. Just throw us unimportant workers and business owners a bone, please.

He never should have picked up the gun after dropping it
Regarding the guy who got shot by the white cop. I heard his sister on TV say he did nothing wrong but as far as I see it he did a lot wrong. He did not comply with what the police told him to do. The video shows he was running, wrestling with the police and then he dropped his gun. Then, he should have just ran. But he picked up the gun and ran. What were the police supposed to do? If he had just ran, he may of not gotten shot.
The other week there were four  shootings; two people got shot at the Exxon station and two more got shot on the other side of town. It was black people doing it.
The police are doing what they can do and the community needs to help them. His sister was wrong saying he did nothing wrong because he should have never reached down to pickup the gun when he drop it.

Boiling mad at hospital costs for private docs
I’m boiling mad. I was in an accident in April and was taken to the hospital where I saw a doctor for about 10 minutes. I later received a bill for $887.40 from him. These doctors are privately paid and not part of the ER. But if they see a patient for even 15 minutes, four times, that equals to about $ 3,600 per hour. The hospital should tell patients upfront that some doctors charge separately from the hospital. The amount they will charge also needs to be disclosed. This is a warning for anyone going to the ER. I feel the bill for the emergency room should include the doctor on call.

My car was towed and my personal items went missing
I was in an accident and Farmers Insurance had my car towed to a place in Lebanon.
When I went to get my personal belongings, my garage door opener, CD’s, umbrella, car seat, and fertilizer were all missing.
I want people to be aware about what can happen when their cars are towed to these lots, especially to this one in Lebanon that had terrible reviews on its website. Things can be taken from you. I notified my Farmers Insurance and asked them to please not tow cars there where things can be stolen.

Show up when you’re supposed too
My wife and I went to Lowes in Hermitage to buy some new storm doors for our townhouse. When we walked in the front door there was a spinning wheel with different things to win. I ended up spinning the wheel and winning a $2000 credit for a HVAC system. A couple of days after that, a man called me to set up an appointment for stopping by and looking to see what the job would run. He set it up for 10:30 a.m. on a Tuesday. I waited all day long and nobody came and nobody called me back. Today is Thursday and now I’m calling Ticked Off. If that is the way they do business and treat customers and are okay making appointments and not showing up then it shows what kind of work they do and somebody in charge needs to take control and at least make their appointments happen when they are supposed to. Evidently they do not care about your time.

Never flush feminine products down the toilet
I totally agree with the person who wrote “Who raised these nasty women?” I am a woman and I work in a building in Green Hills that has a fitness center in it. The landlord has to continually close down the restrooms for all of the tenants in the building, because the women working out flush feminine products down the toilets. They have to get a plumber out to clean out the drains. Before I ever had my first period, my mother told me to never flush feminine products down our toilet. So I also ask, who raised these nasty women? Nasty mothers?

The government cannot remove what happened in the past
The reason why people want to remove certain reminders of history is more so because they don’t care about history to begin with.  And if they don’t care, then they’re easily persuaded to go along with their removal as a way to clean up history, as though it never happened. Those people that do care about history, even if they disagree with it, at least understand its importance and don’t mind keeping it as a reminder of what once was. Compare that to those whose goal it is to remove offensive items—they want to present us as an inclusive society, although their act to remove such items is exclusive in nature.  Hmm, interesting huh?
Then there’s the matter of deciding whose opinion or reasoning prevails over the other.  If your opinion of ‘Confederate’ equals evil and bad, then your mind is already made and it all must go. If your opinion of ‘Confederate’ means standing up to the federal government, then you’re entitled to your opinion, yet we disagree with you and it all must go.
Again, if you have a local government that favors inclusiveness for all, then they’re going to take the high road and desire removing all reminders of the past that they believe are necessary to get rid of in order to clean up history and make people feel good about themselves. Another generation from now, there will be more discussion and more revisionism of history and questions about the significance of past figures and events, which will include the 20th century.  Any historical figure or event that should come into the crosshairs of a consensus of people who feel that it had some flaw, that people believe doesn’t represent the ‘now’ crowd, then it’ll get removed, too. You better believe it.