Ticked Off 5-18-2017

Like driving over a freshly plowed field…

Driving over many streets and roads in Davidson County is like driving over a freshly plowed field. Evidently there  is no money to repair them, but there seems to be millions of dollars to build a walking bridge so as not to keep people from needing to walk a few extra steps. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Who raised these nasty women

I see women wearing leggings/leotards in almost every situation and in every walk of life. I guess that these women have gone nose blind to the fact that, many but not all, smell, and in some cases they really stink.  I am not talking about a woman fresh from the gym. They are everywhere. Who raises these nasty women… nasty mothers?

There’s jobs to be had

I’m ticked off that there are so many jobs in Nashville and  everywhere you look, they are hiring. Yet on every street corner there are people with these cardboard signs. Now some of them can be for real but I think some of them are scams.
Some of them look young enough, and if they have a car in good shape. I don’t get it. There’s jobs to be had.

Rewriting history

I’m kinda ticked off, our country is trying to rewrite history. They are taking down any Confederate emblem they can take down. Myself personally, I’m a Southerner and my people have fought in the Civil War  as Confederates but I’ve never owned a Confederate flag. But I’m getting sick of everything they are putting out. They are just rewriting history and taking everything down saying the South was a bad people. Maybe they have a point. I can kinda see both sides of it.
That young man who did that horrible crime down in South Carolina. I don’t see how he could have ever been that way  and I know some flag did not cause him to do that.
But anyway they are just rewriting history to make it seem the way the government and a certain amount of people want it.

Obama was not soft on illegal immigrants

I am so ticked off at some people who say Obama was soft on illegal immigrants. The fact is that over 2.5 million illegal immigrants were deported under Obama. I just don’t think that is a “soft” action on the part of the previous president. I am also sure that he knows that Andrew Jackson was not alive during the Civil War, unlike our current president who doesn’t have a clue about the Civil War, or anything else, for that matter!

Hope you will give us a try

This is addressed to the person that stated in a recent comment in Ticked Off, “I want an actual taxi to pick me up”. Based on the circumstances you reported, I understand your frustration. I don’t; however, understand your sentiments regarding Uber and Lyft drivers. I am a retired Christian man that has a 4-year college degree. I have held the position of Executive Vice President of a sizable company and at this point in my life, I am an Uber driver and proud to be one. I can assure you that Uber drivers are fully insured with clean driving records or Uber would not accept their application. Almost any time of the day at the Nashville airport, there are 10-40 Uber drivers within 3 minutes of picking you up when you request a ride. I think the average traveler today prefers a service such as Uber and Lyft and I hope you will give them a try.

What’s all with Nashville
What’s wrong with Nashville

1. We are arrogant enough that we want to shut down AirBnB. 2. We don’t have a hotel you can afford if you are a  “middle class tourist.” 3. Nobody can get to work anymore because of traffic. 4. Potholes are becoming “ Low Ways” not highways. 5. No affordable housing for people who work hourly wages. 6. Healthcare is only for the rich and very “ befitted employees.” 7. We like to take from public schools and give to rich  private schools. 8. The schools are funded by property taxes so some school buildings are better than others. 9. We can’t widen roads in rich neighborhoods. 10. Very few people vote. Maybe that is what’s wrong with Nashville we are so troubled we have become apathetic and arrogant.
Why are all those people wanting to come here and share in our madness?

So clueless

I’m so ticked off at people texting and driving, and walking / talking on the phone. They are so clueless. Do people realize if they get in an accident and it’s proved they were texting on the phone, they could  be sued big time?! We need to slow it down folks before its your  life they take.

Shape up lady

I am still very upset and ticked off after reading about the lady in the grey Jaguar being so rude to the Belle Meade Kroger employee while he was loading ferns in her car during a rain storm. She was in a hurry?! Shape up lady and realize that you are not entitled to behave that way.

Laws of driving

I am surprised and annoyed at the people who drive who do not know the rules of the road. When it is raining and your wipers are on, your lights have to be on. Sometimes it is hard   to see you when it is misty and cloudy.

Three things I realized after moving here
Moving to Nashville two years ago, I thought that:

1- There would be very few Jews living here. I was wrong. There’s a thriving Jewish population in Tennessee.
2- No great Rabbi would ever be found here.  Wrong again. Rabbi Tiechtel  of the Nashville Chabad is one of the many brilliant, spiritual scholars who lead this Jewish community.
3- And for sure, being the epicenter of Fundamentalist Christianity, there would be no Christian, friends-of-Israel here. So wrong for the third time.
Christians in Tennessee support us more than I ever imagined. And the one person who epitomizes this, is our friend Laurie Cardozo – Moore. Fearlessly she is at the center of the fight against anti semitism  both here and abroad.

Following the murder in West Meade

Within hours, everyone in our idyllic West Meade community heard the news. The “perp” and his 15 year-old girlfriend were armed, dangerous and on the run, after they robbed, shot and killed a local, gas-station attendant. Swat teams scoured our beautiful, tree-lined streets and manicured lawns. Violent crimes, like this one, are rare in affluent areas like West Meade. But with the ever-increasing epidemic of opioids, fueled by a booming economy and a surging housing market, no town is safe.
We were advised to stay home and wait for further instruction. But being a “sitting duck” is not an option for my wife and I anymore. Sure we stayed inside. Sure we locked our doors and windows. Sure we activated our sophisticated home alarm system. But now we added the last piece to the puzzle. I loaded my legally obtained rifle, and had it at the ready.
Even though I served as an Air Force dentist during the Vietnam War, I had never, ever, fired a weapon in my entire life. Root canals and fillings were as close to combat as I ever came. Seven years ago, at the ripe old age of 68, my wife and I hired an NRA instructor to teach us how to safely use a gun to defend ourselves. All our practice sessions at the local range and our instructor’s incredible patience with these two “old-geezers”, prepared us for this day. When the “Bonnie and Clyde” couple were finally captured alive the next day, huddling behind some trees, we all breathed a sigh of relief, grateful that no one else was hurt and that we didn’t have to put into effect the plan that our NRA instructor had laid out for us. But we were ready, just in case.
To some ideologues, even a few in Nashville, this whole episode could have been prevented if we had just banned all our guns. Using this illogical reasoning, murderers, like these two, would have been prevented from obtaining a weapon in the first place. Hogwash! The 2nd amendment is just as important today as it was when it was added to the constitution in 1791. Armed, well-trained, “good guys”, even two 75 year-old retirees like us, are guaranteed the right to defend ourselves against armed “bad guys”.
It makes no sense to me, that in today’s day and age, there are still some who want us to sit there and wait patiently for someone else to come along and “save us”. Were we scared? Yup. But, did we feel a lot safer knowing that we were armed and well trained to protect ourselves?  You better believe it. Thank you, James Madison .