Ticked Off!

Gross harassment of white, non-violent Nashville native

I’m ticked off that I was recently pulled over and placed in handcuffs for a field sobriety evaluation despite neither being intoxicated nor acting as such. I was pulled over for going 39 mph in a 30 mph zone on Broadway. I was not swerving, slurring, or acting drunk. The officer checked my record, confirming that I am completely clean, not even having a speeding ticket listed in the past decade. He asked me to submit to a field sobriety test, which I gladly did, as I knew I could pass with ease. After what I felt was a stellar performance, I was shocked to be placed into handcuffs while he informed me that we would have to wait for a Breathalyzer. When this confirmed that I was not drunk, nor close to it (after sitting hand cuffed in the back of a cruiser for half an hour), he let me go with no citation, but then refused to let me drive home, insisting I leave my car in a lot susceptible to towing and take an Uber home. This resulted in excess cost and hassle to my evening.
If this is the experience that I was forced to endure as a young, well-coordinated, polite, white, graduate degree-holding, Nashville native, I shudder to think how this incident could have spiraled out of control for a person of color (or other person with historical reason to be fearful of the police), a person for whom English is not their primary language, or someone who is less able to comply with the physical demands of a field sobriety test. This seems like gross harassment on the part of the police, and I hope that Mayor Barry looks into this.

Trickle-down taxes and more bad roads
Now let me get this straight: the Tennessee legislature has now passed the Governor’s gas tax, the sales tax on food will be lowered and we will all be happy, right? Wrong! As soon as trucking companies start paying higher prices for diesel fuel they will pass this increased cost on to the grocery stores that they bring the food to and subsequently the grocery stores will increase the cost of the food! Duh! The reason the roads are in such bad shape in Tennessee is because our leaders have been too busy funding football programs at state colleges over the past eight years instead of maintaining roads! Double Duh!

Dear Mike,
I will make sure your car is returned to you if you vote for my “gas tax”.
Your pal,
The Gov

To the “poop where he pleases” dog owner
Hey buddy, what’s your address so I can bring over my husky lab and let him poop on your yard? You yard is obviously the only one you care about. Enjoy your day!

What, no auto bonfire
What a wonderful win for our hometown hockey team. Finally, the team moves past their rival from the windy city. I’m ticked off by this, how?
Well, after the final game our fans decided to rampage and destroy a replica car that sits outside the arena downtown. The rioters crushed every panel of the automobile. Then the young hoodlums lifted and flipped the car upside down. All the while the crowds were cheering and egging on the violence. All we were missing was a nice big fire ablaze signifying our victory. What, no auto bonfire?
As controlled and prepared as our team was to handle everything the other team could offer in the four games, it is clear that our fans showed how easy it is to go from fanatics to law breakers. Now, that must be the city’s ‘filth’ our Attorney General Sessions was talking about early in the week during an interview. Can we see mug shots please?

A street not designed to be shared with cyclists
This is Mike. Late in the day last week they found it and I retrieved my car out of a I 440 pothole. I picked the car up around evening rush-hour and tried to get home using Woodlawn Drive. Do you know Woodlawn Drive? That’s the road probably designed and built 75 or 100 years ago, wide enough for the then vehicles but now it is also a full fledged bike route almost too narrow for today’s vehicles. You can’t safely pass the bike riders, so all car traffic trying to move drops to the pace of the cyclist. Traffic in Nashville is a mess, only to get worse and it appears we are more concerned with bike routes and paths and sidewalks than getting our roads fixed to accommodate our current and future needs.

This city is the new socialist republic
I’m ticked off! A councilperson has decided to literally take private land without paying for it. What, you ask? “That’s unconstitutional,” you say?
“Nope,” the councilperson says. “We have decided to make a law that forces any private land owner, small builder or developer to offer housing at affordable prices. The council people want them to build and charge far below cost and to sell to people that can’t afford to buy it at market value.
So, future low income housing buyers; go hang on the street with your buddies, do some weed, get fired because you won’t come to work and yes you too can own your own home! We will make other private citizens pay for it. Yippee!!
Welcome to Nashville, the new socialist republic!
If you are not angry, you should be.; very very angry.

The USA fund bombs and defunds Big Bird
The cost of the launching of 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria, at $1.4 million each, is $82.6 million. The cost of the production was $314 million for GBU-43, the “Mother of  All Bombs”, the bomb dropped recently on Afghanistan. In addition, each bomb costs $16 million per unit. Yet Meals on Wheels and Big Bird are defunded. What is wrong with this picture?

Who benefits and who gets screwed
I’m not tired or weary from worrying about how to plan for my future or forecasting  how to take X Dollars and pay X Bills.    Yet, I’m very sick of listening to uninformed dreamers who pontificate about who should take care of them for $50 a month. But, I’m fortunate to have been involved in twelve different businesses over my lifetime.   With 6 months of college and a decent high school education I have enough net worth to quit and coast if I want to, even in spite of the attempt of the last administration to strip every bit of life from people who have amassed a bit of net worth, and businesses who have struggled to survive the last 10 years.
What makes my head spin is the endless railing of  folks, some of whom have no clue about management of money, and some  who like the notion of Uncle Sam owing them or baby sitting them until death.
For those who were never privileged to Economics 101,  lets see if this makes sense.
There is no successful entity out there that pays out more than what it takes in, at least not for very long. Insurance companies are simply large forms  of a business scheme that in my opinion shouldn’t exist.  It doesn’t matter if it ‘s life insurance, car insurance, fire insurance or even yes, health insurance.  Why didn’t we ever ask our employer to buy our homeowners insurance?   But somehow it became the standard to  accept $10 an hour instead of $15 an hour so the Man could pony up the premium  that participates in the big Wager.   Then, after years of this practice, companies found that they could lure more, and better workers over to their team if they would dish out more benefits, i.e.: more insurance (the big gamble). So employees insidiously became sort of a participant in a socialist environment even if unwittingly.
Now it’s almost impossible to run a serious company without  throwing out the “bait”:   health care,  401k,  car expense etc –  all under the umbrella of “You can’t ever leave us, because you’re hooked.”
So eventually the health insurance companies and hospitals  decided that there is no end to the price increases.  So  prices can go up and up, and the buyers of coverage would also see costs and taxes go up.
Prices as compared to wages are 3 to 5  times what they were in the 50’s when this all started.
So the next time you listen to the economically ignorant discussion of  how great it is to have a $60 a month health care  cost because of AHC or Obama Care you might consider that in the background your pocket is being picked so the government can  pay the additional $1100  or so to the Big Gamblers to take care of whomever. Now multiply that by 25 or 30 million  people, and  do some common sense math. Who’s benefiting and who’s getting screwed? Who always wins?  The people get screwed by the governmant first, and the insurance companies next and the hospitals  third.   Did you notice  the skyscraper buildings with the names of insurance companies on them? Amazing what they can do with a $50  a month payment for Obama Care, huh?
Ever consider what a $2500 MRI would cost if you paid cash?   Ask them and you will be surprised.

Abandoned road work signs
Metro has put up a number of road work diamond-shaped signs along Estes Road, Hobbs Road and Dorcas Drive. They’ve been up for 2 months and no work has been done. They’ve been covered up with tacky garage sacks which look disgraceful. It really hurts the appearance of the neighborhood.

Learn from other cities and build vertically
Everyone is running around Nashville bemoaning the fact that there is no affordable housing. And there isn’t any, actually. We are in trouble and affordable land is in short supply.
So, why don’t we do what other growing cities have done and build vertically? All larger cities throughout the world offer low income housing in multiple story buildings! Ten to fifteen to twenty-story buildings are common. It’s time to take intelligent next steps, Nashville. We’re not in Kansas any more so build up!
A great example of this is the Green Hills Retired Teachers Apartments. It has had its troubles, but it’s well located, walkable, presently well managed, and offers a safe place for good people to live.
Offer a bond issue and build them. Don’t expect the private sector to invest in this idea, because they simply will not choose to do so.

Re-work turn lane, and lay off the horn, lady
While waiting for the red light to change so that I could go across Hillsboro Rd., onto Glen Echo Drive from the CVS parking lot, the lady behind me started honking her horn at me as if I was to go ahead and run the red light or turn right onto Hillsboro Road. Since there is no right turn lane coming out of CVS parking lot, you must wait for the light to turn if you are going across Hillsboro Road. We desperately need to get this intersection re-worked so that impatient people like the one who honked at me can have a right hand lane from which they can turn onto Hillsboro Road. In the meantime, lay off the horn lady and show some common sense and courtesy!

Getting a real sweet deal from Ben West sale
For the life of me I just don’t understand how the Metro government can sell a property like the old Ben West Library Building, which is located downtown, for two million dollars when it is valued at over four million and would probably bring much more than that during this time of booming development in every direction. Sounds like somebody got a real sweet deal! This should be investigated closely. No wonder we are running put of money!

Tearing down trees to resell the land
I am ticked off at the person that decided to purchase a beautiful piece of property on Jackson Boulevard just to tear down all the wonderful old trees and resell the land. I am glad the city of Belle Meade has taken action, but I just wish it was before you did this!

Trump’s travel expenses
I am sure the folks attacking President Trump for his travel expenses also had a problem with the Obama’s excessive vacation expenses. What?  No?  Tell me what is wrong with that picture.  Sorry, if it is good for the goose it is good for the gander.  If you are tolerant of excessive expenses with a democrat but not with a republican then you need to examine your principles.

How can I find a good doctor in this town?
Had to change doctors due to employer plan switch – nothing to do with ACA! New doctor doesn’t like prescription meds that my plan will cover, but will gladly sell me a mess of herbal teas & creams that the office is a distributor for at $50+ a pop! This is my second attempt to find a doctor since the switch – the one I first signed up with told me  after the fact that they weren’t accepting new patients, despite what the insurance rep who went over the plan told me! I’m about to run out of all my medications – how can I find a GP accepting patients who believes in modern medicine and not voodoo chicken leg concoctions? The insurance company website is useless!

The first without a dog
It seems that Donald Trump is the first president in 130 years not to have a pet dog. President Mckinley was the last president not to have a dog. However, he did have a pet parrot. I guess Trump has made progress, though. He doesn’t have a parrot, but he does have a twitter! Trump doesn’t have pets because he sees no use for them. They are a dead expense in his twisted vision. He can’t make money out of them, they don’t vote, and they can’t clean the bathroom!