Ticked Off 4-27-2017

Lost my car in pothole, please call if you find it…

I was driving across I-440 yesterday when my car fell into a pothole. I’ve lost it. If anybody can find it please call Mike, thank you.

Jake-braking on I-440

Jake braking along I-440 is so loud for the residents who live along that corridor. I get so ticked off every time I hear it. Who can we call or write to get this stopped?
For those who don’t know what jake-braking is: it is a compression release engine brake, also known as a jake brake or Jacobs brake, that is installed on some diesel engines. When activated, it opens exhaust valves in the cylinders after the compression cycle, releasing the compressed air trapped in the cylinders, and slowing the vehicle.

No place for a dead tree

I just left Hillsboro High School’s recycling center. While putting my papers in the paper bin, I noticed that someone had left a large dead tree in there. I hope that person is reading this ticked off.
What were you thinking? Not thinking at all is the answer! That is very inconsiderate. You knew you were doing wrong. Please be more respectful of the recycling centers.

Approve the gas tax, repair our roads

Hello Ticked Off… I would just like to say that I’ve spent more money getting my car repaired because of the potholes on I-440 than I will pay for 20 years, probably, on this little gas tax increase our legislature is fretting over. Why don’t they just approve the little six cents a gallon tax increase so we can get the roads repaired. What’s the big deal?!

Life is hard for a Predators fan without TV

Okay, I am a middle-aged, single, hard-working female who supports herself and family and friends. However, I cannot afford to have internet or cable at my house. In fact, I don’t know how people who are like me actually can afford it! I am beyond “ticked-off” that local stations in this town will not purchase the rights to show the Preds game tonight to people who can’t afford it. I thought maybe it was because cable had it, and therefore the local stations could not show it, but the local station in Chicago is showing it, so it must be our stupid local TV stations who think we can all afford to go to the game or have cable or internet to see it. People in Nashville love their sports teams and that means they should be allowed to view games on local television stations. The fact that they don’t says plenty about our spoiled rotten society.

Tips when moving to Nashville

Planning on moving to Nashville? In order to ease the transition, I would like to provide some helpful hints for anyone thinking of moving to our great town.
1- Don’t bother bringing a car with a horn or turn signal. Using a horn is considered “rude” and the turn signal is rarely ever used.
2- “Bless your little heart”, is not that warm, charming, southern claim of affection. It’s quite the opposite!
3- “We’ll be over soon”, doesn’t mean, we’ll be over soon.
4- “So sorry you feel that way”, does not mean , they’re sorry you feel that way.
5- Every intersection in the entire state has a four way light. Waiting for the light to change, will take no more than one business day.
6- “Lets not get ugly” has nothing to do with your looks.
7- Nashville drivers come to a stop, a full 30 seconds before the traffic light actually turns red.
8- A two-inch, snow fall can close schools, offices and stores for days.
9- A home security system consists of a dog and a shotgun.
10- When a Nashvillian gets into their parked car, they sits in it for a full 5 minutes before they pull out of the parking spot, even if you are waiting.
11- In order to purchase a million dollar home, you must park a $75,000 pick-up in the driveway.
12- No restaurant in Nash- ville can have more than 3 healthy dishes on their menus at any one time.
13- The most “dangerous” driver in Nashville is a 75 year old southern lady, driving her huge Cadillac in a Kroger’s parking lot.
14- It’s a capital offense if you are caught stopping your car in the middle of an intersection.
15- “Come on down, y’all”, only refers to folks living south of Atlanta.
16- Never answer a question with the word “no”, unless a 15 minute explanation precedes it.
Good luck!!
Overall, Nashville is really such a great place to live. Bless your little heart!

People with disabilities are mistreated

Why do some people continue to say hurtful and discriminatory comments about disabled people? It is not easy to get SS Disability. In my case I had a thirty-one year work history with Social Security and overwhelming medical documentation but was denied twice. The whole process took over eleven months for the payments to begin, and I wouldn’t be eligible for Medicare for two years. Many disabled people lose their homes and can’t afford medical care when they need it the most, often during the time Social Security will be denying their claims. Many give up and some die. As the population ages there will be more disabled people in the system. A reader in the past has written that those in wheelchairs need to stay in their rooms and get a hobby and stay out of the way. There’s constant comments about disability placards which people have to apply for and pay for every two years. THE ADA mandated handicapped parking. I am disabled, white, Presbyterian, female, 68 and a Daughter of the American Revolution. “Ticked Off” was entertaining until it got mean.

Celebrate our healthcare system

We live in a great city and a growing city. Our city is also the cradle of modern day healthcare and free market healthcare. So while there are millions who cannot afford or qualify for healthcare (especially as they get older and need it) our modern system works. And that is why I am ticked off. Those who say we do not have a good system are naive and foolish.
Here is an example.
There are all the miracle drugs that can help those in need. For a moment forget the cost of these drugs. If you follow the advertising you will find all sorts of cures and remedies for some serious ailments. For those with constipation from opioid use there are prescriptions to help those folks get back on track. We do know there are lots of those folks. And now there are many pharmaceuticals that help with ailments like arthritis, heart and skeletal muscle problems. And I have noticed that many of these drugs help with losing weight per the television ads. Each and every day our free market system innovates. Think of it, you have a cardiac problem and you can lose weight taking your medicine. That makes the list of question on your next doctor’s visit.
So to all my fellow Ten- nesseans, let us celebrate our healthcare system not denigrate it.

We know God is listening

The Obama era of reasoning, sanctions, and international diplomacy is officially over when it comes to dealing with pure unadulterated evil. But one thing is for sure, this targeted air strike will at least let them all know that we are watching their every move and from now on America will not stand by and ignore their horrific behavior. All eyes will now be on the other bad guys like Iran, North Korea, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, ISIS and China. The list seems endless.
It seemed like it just could not get any worse. Finally, after eight years of ignoring every violation of international law while we idly watched tyrants ignore our Judea-Christian morals and ethics, “red lines” have finally taken on a much more realistic meaning.
As a by-product, Trump’s decision may have a greater effect on our friends than our enemies. Our ally’s now know we are serious and will protect them if they support us.
We all knew that this day had to come. Unfortunately, some still idealize Neville Chamberlain rather than Sir Winston Churchill.
In my morning prayers I prayed for the safety of our troops and I asked God to help them provide a better world for my six grandchildren. I know He is listening…

Neil Gorsuch deserves a vote?

President Obama was elected for two terms, all the while Senate Republicans “filibustered” his Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland by refusing to bring his name up for a vote. Meanwhile, Trump is president thanks to interference by a hostile foreign government, and Senate Republicans think Neil Gorsuch deserves a vote. Interesting “rules” and “tradition” these guys have.

Law makers eat fancy meals on taxpayer dime

Let me get this straight- a private Nashville club has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars through a PAC and is giving money to lawmakers who later use campaign funds to join the club. What’s going on at that club? The meals are very expensive, so the sneaky legislators may be using campaign funds to pay up while there, then turn around and bill the taxpayers through the per diem program. This smells to highheaven and should have every hard-working Tennessean enraged and triple ticked-off! It does that to me! I will remember this information all the way to the polls next time!

You are a rude lady

To the lady in the gray Jaguar at Kroger in Belle Meade- it was raining and a nice employee was loading ferns into your trunk. He was getting wet while you watched and then said “go get more paper to cover these. I’m in a hurry.” I almost turned around and said something and wish I would have. You are a rude lady!!!