Ticked Off 3-30-2017

Must be a Treat Visiting your House with Landmines Everywhere

It’s usually the small ones that get us.  Poop, that is.  I suspect the “mountain” left by your 88 pound “Sweetheart” is visible and avoidable by even the most unweary walker. Stepping in “it” is no big deal for you, though, because all you have to do is wash your feet. Shoes require a little more attention.  I will make the necessary adjustments with response to your funny post, however,  knowing full well any attempt at reason, with your Caveman logic might result in getting hit by your “thick stick”.  Visiting your house must be a treat.  Landmines everywhere and toilets full to the brim.  The aroma, alone, must draw plenty of Cavewomen, I presume. It must be “hard to juggle” a poorly trained Canine with a poorly formed brain, especially when your knuckles are scraping the sidewalk. Let me keep it  simple… Poop, biodegradable.  Poop, Toxic.  Poop, smelly.  Poop, no good for people. Poop, “big deal”.  Clear for Caveman and Canine?

Top 8 Reasons your Dog Should Not Go Where it Pleases

Dear Mr./Mrs. Poop Wherever: because your dog doesn’t listen to you, I imagine you won’t listen to me either.  However, these are the reasons to pick up the poop and set an example for and with your dog that you are a good citizen.  Don’t you want to become the super person that your dog thinks you are?

First, stormwater carries pet waste and other pollutants directly into waterways. Second, animal waste adds nitrogen to the water. Excess nitrogen depletes the oxygen in water necessary for the beneficial health and growth of underwater grasses, wildlife and fish. Third, animal waste may contain harmful organisms such as Giardia, Salmonella and E. coli that can be transmitted to humans and other animals by ingesting contaminated water. Fourth, roundworms and hookworms deposited by infected animals can live in the soil for long periods of time and can be transmitted to other animals and children playing. Fifth, it’s the law! Many urban and suburban areas require you to pick up after your pet. Even if there is no restriction, cleaning up after your pet is always the right thing to do. Sixth, no one likes to step in pet waste and spread it into homes, cars and/or businesses. Next, it’s easy to clean up with a plastic baggy and paper towels kept in your pocket. The baggies can be secured and thrown away in the garbage. You can buy a leash attachment for the bags or wrap one around the handle to have it close. Lastly, your neighbors (and dog) will appreciate your good manners.

I think more of my neighbors. You should too!

How rude and inconsiderate can some people be? The person whose dog he or she lets poop  where it wants while going for a walk needs to get a life. Sure, the poop is biodegradable and we can wipe it off our shoes; you are right. It’s just like human poop? So that means I can come over to your yard and do my job and it’s okay? People like you shouldn’t have a pet if you can’t take care of the animal the way it should be taken care of. Why don’t you just have the dog poop in its own yard? I happen to have a large dog myself but I think more of my neighbors than to think they should have to pickup after my dog. You are disgusting.

Diversity, Opportunity Made America Great

In response to “give me your tired, your poor,” you are correct that our nation’s immigration policies were quite open in the 1800s and early 1900s. My tired and poor great grandparents fled European countries ‘yearning for (the) freedom promised in the United States. They were rubber stamped through the exact Ellis Island you speak of because our country needed inexpensive labor to grow; their surnames were changed but they were grateful for the opportunity. They easily became citizens of the United States if they wished, which many did not. Their legal citizen, American born sons and daughters painted newly constructed buildings, built bridges and skyscrapers, filled our factories and fought in the great wars of the early twentieth century. Most never thought of nor dreamt of going to college.

I wish to dispel the grand myth that there is a path to legal working visas and citizenship currently available in the United States for immigrant farm, service and construction workers; these phantom “immigrant rights” do not exist unless you are an educator, scientist or technical expert. Work visas and citizenship is ‘only’ available to white collar workers; they are the only ones “our country” legally wants. In short, every Hispanic person you see in your front yard, painting windows, cleaning your house and cooking your food is an illegal alien unless they were born here. Ask them if they were born here. Does it really matter?

My business is right up the street from your house; I willingly and gratefully employ these wonderful workers, most of whom have two jobs. They present social security cards to me and I do not ask for additional information. I have attempted to provide financial help to many immigrants to obtain green cards and citizenship; this is how I know there are ZERO green cards and visas available to them. I collect their payroll taxes and send my 15 percent match to the government. These great workers are doing their part, and they all know they are considered “illegal aliens.”

I also wish to tell you that there is not a grand pool of ‘American workers’ standing in the shadows to take their jobs, unless that is, we are speaking of your children. Look around you! Who is going to do the work? Adults are doing all the jobs teens used to do because we’ve convinced ourselves that volleyball, soccer and lacrosse are more important to child development than good ole hard work; not to mention those jobs pay much better than the $5 per day Mexican workers make in their own country. It is worth noting that my bright son speaks fluent Spanish and I am proud. Smile and say thank you for a job well done. Diversity and opportunity are the blessing and magic that has made America great.

The Looney Left Does Not Trust the Free Market

It’s amusing to see letters written into “Ticked Off” saying that President Trump and those mean old Republicans are about to throw the healthcare system into a crisis. I hate to break it to these people but it is already in a crisis. It started long before Trump was elected. A lot of people (like me) have seen their premiums go up and had to buy Obama approved policies that are not appropriate for me and the deductibles are high enough that most people would be in serious financial straits if they have to use it.

The ultimate insult is that you are fined if you don’t buy one of these substandard policies. ObamaCare was already blowing up because all the insurance companies were losing millions and have pulled out of most states to the point that some places have one or no choices. It seems to me that the Republicans are trying to do the right thing and keep healthcare working rather than just sitting back and letting it explode and say ‘see I told you so’. Whenever the Looney Left tries to take over something rather than letting the free market work we end up with these fiascos. The federal deficit doubled under Obama and we have Solyndra and other green projects to show for it rather than common sense infrastructure improvements that need to be done. Use your head and read, rather than buying into the doomsday stories that aren’t accurate.

Clean up the Trash

Boy, Nashville has a problem with littering. The highways and the streets are full of litter and overgrown bushes and weeds. Mayor Barry please get this cleaned up.

Too Much Ethanol

Getting 10 mpg (road and town) from a local gas station. Possible answer? Too much ethanol. I’m ticked off.

Horse was Put Before the Healthcare Cart

I am real ticked off because I was told a big fat lie! The Republicans said they would repeal ObamaCare with something better and cover more people at a lower cost and get everyone on health insurance. We now see that this bunch of bozos didn’t have a clue when it came to health care or almost anything else for that matter. It makes me ashamed that I voted for these people. They put this health care bill through congressional committees without any real information on the cost and the number of people it would cover. It’s called cart before the horse! Next election I will go back and depend on the donkey to run my government instead   of that horse behind the cart!

Response to Jerks on Bikes

Sir, you’ve clearly never ridden a bicycle in an urban environment. The law allows us to use a roadway the same as an automobile. When we do, we are expected to follow all the same rules and regulations as the driver of an automobile regarding stop lights, rights of way, turn signals, etc.  It is also far safer for us to “own the lane” instead of riding the edge of the road. Unless there is a dedicated “Bike Lane” for bicyclists, Nashville drivers, who by law are supposed to stay 3 feet away from us, see how close they can get without actually hitting us. Bicycles are a clean and healthy alternative form of transportation for folks of any age and are good for our environment.  The city of Nashville is also encouraging bicycle commuting.

Turn off your Phone and Read Something Old

Whatever happened to the signs in the doctor’s waiting area that said “No cellphone use, please”?

I guess the number of violators was so huge that if the staff asked them to turn off their phones the spoiled brats would go somewhere else to see a doctor whose patients in the waiting room didn’t mind hearing about uncle Charlie’s knee replacement or how cute Shirley’s twins are when they sing!

Come on folks, it’s a doctor’s office for goodness sake. Put away your phone and read one of the three year old magazines in the waiting room. It’s much better for other people who don’t want to be listening to you rattle on about nothing. Grow up!

It is a Big Deal

This is in response to “My dog poops where he pleases”. I am one of the people out there that would complain about you not picking up your dog’s mess. It’s not that hard to pick poop up after your dog finds his spot. FYI, they make bag holders that can attach to the leash or to your belt and it’s not hard to pick it up. Also, when the dog does their thing just tell them to stop and if you have trained your dog they will. I feel sorry for your dog and I hope you never step in a pile that a large dog leaves behind and you don’t have to clean your shoes off because it’s not a big deal. I feel sorry for you because it is a big deal.

Why Don’t People Ride the Bus

The poor bus became the cornerstone vehicle for nonviolent protest during the early years of the desegregation movement. A lot of streets are named for the mother (Rosa Parks) of this form of protest and we have a much better nation for her effort. The city bus system suffers from an image problem due to history and has spent decades trying to recover and that effort continues. Cities have spent billions on this problem with very little to show for the money.  People will do or pay anything before they are willing to ride a bus.  And who could blame them with the options (Uber and taxies).  It is just a system who’s time has passed. (I could go on and on)   Nashville’s debt keeps rising.

Share Your Route to the Authorities

To the person who is too arrogant and too lazy to take a few sandwich bags to clean up the poop their 88 lb. dog leaves behind, you should be aware there is a Metro Nashville ordinance for people like you:

8.04.180 – Removal of excrement.  A dog owner shall clean up and remove any excrement left by his or her dog(s) on any public property or private property not owned or lawfully possessed by the dog owner. Violations of this section shall be punishable by a fifty-dollar fine.

Please share the route you walk your “sweetheart” so the authorities can help you understand the law.