Ticked Off 3-23-2017

Bring a Shopping Cart Back in With You…

Here is what “ticks me off” about the relationship between people and shopping carts left in parking lots: thousands of people each day walk into Target, Kmart, Walmart, or a grocery store and on the way pass shopping carts that have been left in the parking lot.  If they are going into the store and need a cart once inside, why don’t they grab one of those carts outside and take it into the store with them, especially if they are going to use a cart for their shopping or if they see one that is not in the “pen” where they are supposed to be placed? It’s common sense.  Have we all grown so lazy and self-important that we can’t do something nice for someone else.  And what’s with these people who are too darn lazy to put the cart in the “pen”? I guess they’re special or think they are! (The handicapped are excused, of course).  Whenever I enter a store I always take a cart from the lot in with me whether I will need one or not.  When I’m done with it, I even take it back into the store before I leave; that may be just too much to ask, but come on folks, join the club; pay it forward. It will return to you in kind.

Sad to Think About

Here is something to be really ticked off about: Estimates are that almost 80 percent of the Native American population was wiped out after the arrival of Europeans in America. If that don’t tick you off then you don’t deserve to get a good nights sleep!

Don’t Spread Hate & Fear

I am so ticked off and also so sad that hate crimes are on the increase in my beloved country. I cannot accept this type of behavior as something that is going to “Make America Great Again!” All it does is show some people’s ignorance and the evil that lurkes in their heart! God help us to be better Americans, and help us to love one another and not spread hate and fear across our great land.

Russia Can be a Friend of the U.S.

There is lots of talk these days about our new President and his relationship and support of the leader of modern day Russia. Most of it is negative as Russia is viewed, and has been for a long time, as an enemy of America.

Our President is trying to change things. What makes me angry is the fact he is not given a chance. Yes, when you hark back to days when America was viewed as a great world power like the 1950’s our country viewed communist Russia not so much as a country but as a communist philosophy trying to subvert the American way of life. And our government investigated anyone who even knew a communist. Once associated with the red menace those investigated were blacklisted, no one would hire you or anything. Just for knowing a Russian sympathizer.

The President and his men know better now. The only concern is whether our new friends messed with the election. So? The Russian dictator can be a friend of America and our new President will lead the way in embracing our new and good communist friend.

Rail Mass Transit Plan is Vital

The article ‘Feasibility study to reroute freight plan hinges on CSX approval’ outlines an appropriate direction mass transit should take. The existing roads serving Metro Nashville are substandard and represent over congested highways that require immediate upgrades. There was an plan to introduce railway mass transportation in 1991-92. The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), along with the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), introduced a rail mass transit plan that was to relieve the over congested highways. This plan called for operating commuter rail lines running parallel to the five (5) major thoroughfares connecting Davidson County with neighboring counties. These highways included Lebanon Pike, Gallatin Pike, Murfreesboro Pike, Franklin Pike, and Charlotte Pike. As a result, the Music City Star commuter train connecting Nashville with Lebanon in Wilson County began operating in 1994. How- ever, the RTA and the MPO discontinued the necessary extension of this mass transit plan. Since then our mayors have invested in numerous high priced glamorous projects for downtown Nashville and have completely ignored suburban Davidson County and the surrounding counties, and with it mass transit. From 1995-2015 I served on the Metro Council and sponsored legislation that requested the MPO and the RTA to reestablish their rail mass transit plan. However, they refused. Bus mass transit is ineffective because the buses travel the over congested roads and are subject to numerous delays. Rail mass transit represents an acceptable alternative as commuter trains will not be dependent on the over congested roadways and travel an average of 60 miles per hour. A railway mass transit plan is vital to promote continued growth and relieve the over congested highways serving Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County.

No Go Zone

I had to tow a car from Dickerson Road to Green Hills and I researched the most direct and safe way to go. I had absolutely no problem till a few impatient drivers started blowing horns as soon as I reached the other side of the tracks in the Gulch and a Porsche driver started yelling at my 5 foot 100 pound wife as the porsche turns into one of the “it” bars. Will   no go signs for the locals be next?

Plan to Save the Oscars

These are my suggestions to improve the Academy Awards, which, this year, had the lowest TV ratings in 9 years:

1- The first 50 rows of the audience, should be reserved for criminal illegal aliens.

2- Every nominee must travel to the ceremony by subway or bus.

3- Only clothing and accessories designed by Ivanca Trump can be worn.

4- Every nominee who flys into LA, must fly commercial, sit in the middle seat of the coach section and wear their Tux’s and evening gowns on the flight, even to the bathroom.

5- Any nominee having had a nose job, face lift, or breast augmentation, must hold up a pre-surgery photograph of the surgical area during their acceptance speech. Their plastic surgeon will share the award.

6- Any nominee who is against the 2nd amendment, can not be protected by any armed security guards.

7- Acceptance speeches will be made by the winner’s psychiatrist, ex-wives or by any of their kids who are more screwed up than they are.

8- All of the profits from  next year’s show will be used to build a Syrian refugee center in Beverly Hills.

9- Tax returns must be provided by every nominee to show what life is like for a “poor struggling actor”.

10- Any nominee who has threatened to leave the country if any election doesn’t go their way, must make their acceptance speech from their new country.

11- Every nominee must remove any walls, fences or motes, surrounding their home.

12- Every nominee must adopt one unvetted refugee or one radical Muslim terrorist. Winners must adopt one of each.

13- And finally, instead of a statue, the winning candidate will receive an all expense paid weekend with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Barney Frank, or Rachael Maddow. They may only choose one.

Well, that’s it. Don’t blame me if Hollywood is not receptive to my suggestions. At least I tried.

Bus Rest Stop at Green Hills Kroger

Ok. Does anyone understand what is happening to the growth of our town? A Multi Story Condo being under construction in Green Hills. More and more pedestrians are waiting to cross the street. A brand new Dillard’s? (I will give them 6 months) in Green Hills.

Hey, I have an idea. How about we change our Metro bus waiting position from a major Green Hills artery.
No Brainer idea: Pull into the parking lot near the drive-through pharmacy.

Seriously, I am a race car driver, motorcycle expert and this is bad planning. Someone is going to get hurt. Appreciate freedom of speech. Thank you guys.

Points to Make

Now I am really ticked off at the whole section of March 8, 2017 ticked off. Taking from the poor and giving to the rich. During the last 8 years the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. The rich are always going to be rich. It’s the poor we need to insure have an opportunity to get rich. By lowering taxes and giving companies incentives to invest in America they hire the poor and give them opportunity. Stop being so stupid. The first president to propose this was JFK. Remember when Democrats were smart?

Health care crisis and state the reason why. Yes we have an individual responsibility crisis. Look at yourself in the mirror and live a healthy lifestyle and we won’t have to worry about paying for your poor healthcare.

Start acting like grown-ups. How about start acting like journalists and report the news don’t interpret the news the way you see it. Fair and Balanced from ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC. Their viewership certainly reflects their bias.

Coal Kills – Really, educate yourself about the technology that exists in North Carolina or tell this to the thousands of people unemployed due to Obamas regulation.

Go Tweet Off. Just watch the first 100 days. Then wait and see what happens in 16 years. Democrats (Socialism) does not work. Get this through your head.

Do your Job

Recently I stopped by the Donelson post office and there were two counters open. One worker was helping a customer but the other counter had a worker just sitting there. I waited 4 minutes til the supervisor came into the room and then that worker asked, “may I help you.”

Prove Me Wrong

Here we go again. We got government enablers in the house! One of the favorite donations in the last several years was to the famous foreign auto company making cars in the state. Our government leaders fought hard to get their factory here (and even harder to keep the workers unrepresented).

Now, this company has pleaded in court to 3 felonies (and billions in fines) committed by the corporation regarding lying about the oozing of deadly emission levels from their cars. We were like puffing a non-filter cigarette even though they said it had a filter. But now the good corporate leaders are corporate felons.
Our government is business friendly and they love to tout it. Do you think our agreement with the bug car corporation has a morality clause like everyone else seems to have to sign to get government funding? Business friendly does not discriminate; at least that is my guess. Criminal record no problem. Prove me wrong but this ticks me off.