Ticked Off 3-2-2017

Road Construction Needs to be at Night

Yes, I very much appreciate the comment in last week’s edition about the bike riders and I agree 100% with that comment.

I wanted to address Nashville’s construction on main roads. I came from a very large city in the United States. I lived there for many years. Most of the construction on the main roads was done during the night time, not during the daytime. I think it is absolutely absurd for traffic to be blocked to due construction on these places like West End and Charlotte. They do incredible damage to the problem with traffic.

They need to do their work during the night and early, early morning hours before rush hour. They need to do this!

Don’t Complain About that Kroger’s Bus Stop

I’m calling about the person who called in about the bus stop on Abbott Martin, and how the bus gets in the way and they can’t get in or out in their car.

That driver and all other drivers have no business coming out that driveway and getting out onto Abbott Martin. When they see that bus there, they have an outlet that goes by Kroger and comes out on Hillsboro Circle. They can go either left or right to the stop sign and a red light.

That place where there bus stops by Kroger on Abbott Martin is for people who have to get their groceries to ride home on the bus, the people who  work there, people who go there to the bank at Kroger and get their medications. Now you need to teach those people a lesson, they have another outlet and they do not have business coming out on Abbott Martin and fussing about the bus sitting there.

Because bus riders have a right to get transportation as well as they do. There’s another outlet which comes out on Hillsboro Circle. So get that through your heads.

Look Back at Mr. Clinton

I hope the person who said that people who are going around protesting Trump and being mocked in the cartoon in your paper, that they felt Mr. Trump wasn’t a decent human being.

I hope the person who said that was old enough to be an active supporter of Bill Clinton because if they have a problem with someone not being a decent human being, they would certainly would have a problem with the presidency of Mr. Clinton.

Kroger Bus Stop

Regarding the bus stop at Kroger Green Hills, I raised the issue several months ago in these pages of the danger caused by the bus standing and blocking sight of vehicle traffic and proposed indenting the sidewalk so a stationary bus would be off the roadway and not obstruct the view of cars exiting the Kroger parking lot. Now that there’s a pedestrian crossing in the area, the chances of an accident increase.

Driving Lunatics

Are we crazy? We get letters telling us to park our cars immediately due to the deadly airbags pointed at our chests like a 12-gauge and we continue to drive these 357s with four wheels while we wait for another letter from the dealership for the fix that never comes. Will new cars come with bullet proof vests?

Drain the Local Swamp, Too

If you think the swamp is only in our nation’s capital then think again. Our government officials need to look to drain the local swamp too (in addition to getting rid of the lady’s man predators). One of our most vocal political leaders is touting a plan to eliminate the process to get relief when our people are victims of poor neglectful, sometimes lethal medical care.

Our system now allows those injured and maimed by mistakes in medical care to find reimbursement for their less than healthy lives. God forbid a patient dies under bad medical care. We all understand there is no way to get a leg back or a life when a medical professional screws up. The only relief is to hope for compensation for the loss. Plus we send a loud message to do a better job taking care of patients. Now they want to set up review panels to decide if your loss is good enough to be compensated for. You will lose your right to confront the not-so-good medical professional on your day in court.

Can anyone hark back to the Obamacare death panels? Well, here is our very own version.

And we know the government will stock those panels with all the bias needed to help everyone but the injured or dead patient’s family. Can we get our swamp drained too?

A Trashy Challenge

For a nice city the people of Nashville sure are garbage / litter challenged. First of all, everyone uses a different garbage hauler so everyday is garbage day with cans out on the street all the time in residential neighborhoods. If we all had the same pickup day, it might look a little better. Second, uncovered haulers who have the cheapest prices have trash bags flying off their trucks as they stack them so high to make as few trips to the dump as possible. How is that legal driving with uncovered garbage? Since there is little recycling, a huge trash can barely holds a weeks worth of garbage from the typical wasteful family and the lids don’t close and the garbage blows down the street. And don’t even get me started on the intentional littering. The roadside trash in this town is awful and a disgrace, period. Thanks to all the crews that try their best to pickup our mess. You have a tough and never ending job. Forget the It City, the Slob City is more like it if you ask me.

False Sense of Security

Regarding the yard signs proclaiming to drivers: Children Playing.

Dear Parents: Your neighborhood spirit is loved. Welcome to Green Hills! Do not think your signs will protect them from cars. Your signs are a distraction to drivers and promote a false sense of security. Safe play in your front yard requires an adult focused on watching children play.

Trump Products Made in China

While Trump stood in front of his supporters and proudly proclaimed that the goods we buy in America should be made in America, the very clothes on his back; his suit, his shirt, his tie (if he was wearing his own line of clothing) was made overseas. For years Trump’s brand of apparel has been made in China, Bangladesh, Honduras, Vietnam, India, South Korea and Mexico. Trump eyeglasses are made in China. Trump furniture is made in Turkey and Germany. Trump crystal is made in Slovenia. Trump vodka was made in the Netherlands. Trump hotel amenities like shampoo, body wash, moisturizers, shower caps, laundry bags, pet collars and leashes and bath towels are all made in China. Daughter Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is made in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. So while Trump supporters cheered at his loving “the beautiful ‘made in the USA’ label,” the fact is more than twelve foreign countries contributed to getting many of Trump’s products made, packaged and delivered to the United States. This is not “fake news.” Just read the labels. If you can afford them.

Enemy of America

According to our great leader, the mighty King Trump, any news outlet that dares to print or air a negative opinion of his majesty is “fake news” and “the enemy of America.” Does that mean that this very paper, The Green Hills News, which graciously prints all opinions, both positive and negative, is “the enemy of America?” That is a ridiculous assumption and the kind of absurd, divisive idea dictators spew when their goal is to divide and conquer. To have an American president who fears and hates a free press is scary and dangerous. Every time he is in front of a camera and just about every tweet he tweets, King Trump hammers home “Fake news! Fake news! Fake news! hoping his subjects will at last succumb and accept his “big lie” as truth. Republican senator John McCain said it best: “the fact is we need a free press. If you want to preserve democracy as we know it you must have a free and many time adversarial press. And without it I’m afraid that we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time. That’s how dictators get started.”

Give Me your Tired & Poor

“Give me your tired, your poor.” These words by American poet Emma Lazarus (1849-1887) were installed on the Statue of Liberty in 1903. They are from her famous “A New Colossus” written in 1883.  Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning for freedom.” During the 1800’s and early 1900’s, our nations immigration policies were quite open. That turned our to cause some problems as many criminal elements came causing a massive wave of crime that still shadows us today.

I fail to understand immigrants taking to the streets in opposition to our policies to stem illegal immigration and face the illegal immigrant problem. We are so happy that all these legal immigrants are here. We welcome them.

We have nothing against them. It is the illegal immigrants that are in our sights. They are here illegally. They have broken our laws. They are criminals. They are taking advantage of our weakness and our system. They are lawbreakers from their first step onto our soil. They are weakening us as a nation. This is a huge, long overlooked problem and it will take years to even begin to reverse it. But we must get started with whatever, legally, it takes.  These illegals are a tremendous drain on our government’s resources which could be used to help legal immigrants and citizens.

We also need a system that checks to make certain we are not allowing those into our country who plan from the start to destroy us, our nation, and our freedom, along with the freedom of our legal immigrants. Terrorist extremist, no matter what their beliefs or religion, must be filter out to protect us all.  Our government is trying very hard to do just that.  Why are so many people taking to the street protesting that?  Illegal immigration and terrorist extremists, along with government rising debt (don’t get me started) will eventually be the downfall of our great nation if we don’t move in the opposite direction.  We need to start now and support, not protest against movements in that direction.   Why are legal immigrants protesting in support of illegals? It is against their best interest and the interest of others still trying desperately to enter the USA legally.  This “ticks me off” and bewilders me.  Once again, illegal immigrants, you are not wanted here and must face the consequences of there criminal deeds. Legal immigrants we love you and welcome you to become Americans, work hard, strengthen our country, and yes, even reshape what makes the USA.  It is all common sense.

Free Public Buses

I think all rides on MTA buses should be free if you are the first and only person on any MTA bus from the time you get on the bus until the point you get off. The single rider would get credit or fair returned at his/her destination. Graduating discounts should be offered as others board the bus until the bus reaches capacity with full fare charged to the last person boarding. MTA could publish a report on the number of free fares each month.

It seems like this would be a safe PR option for MTA, due to the underwhelming use the public bus system is experiencing.

The Parking Problem

Everybody complains about Nashville traffic.

But what about finding a parking place once you get where you are going especially if you are handicapped?
Take Green Hills Mall. It has recently lost a significant percentage of its parking lot to new construction.

Granted, they have valet parking and there is for now added space in the new Dillard’s garage. But not everyone wants to valet or maybe can’t walk that far. There are precious few designated handicapped spaces.

Cheesecake Factory controls numerous prime spaces. Wouldn’t a multi-level parking garage on the current site double or triple the parking capacity?

Forget Publix in Belle Meade on a Wednesday Senior Day. There are only four handicapped spaces near the entrance and they are always filled.