Ticked Off 3-16-2017

My Dog Poops Where He Pleases, Deal with It

To all you people out there who have hang ups with dog poop, get a life! Better yet, get a dog. Then when you take your dog for a walk you’ll just see how difficult it is to pick up all the crap.

I take my dog for walks every day, twice a day on the leash. I also carry a big thick stick to ward off aggressive dogs whose owners allow them to run free. If I also have to carry any extra items to pickup the poop, it would be hard to juggle all that while holding onto a leash.

Furthermore, my 88 pound sweetheart is not going to stand still while I’m picking up after him. And why would I want to carry the poop with me? The entire purpose of a walk with a family pet is to enjoy it. Not worry about poop, which is by the way biodegradable. You know what – if you happen to step in it, it wipes off. No big deal.

Gas Tax and Sundquist

I’m calling concerning the attempts by the government to raise the gas tax.

Nobody has ever brought up the fact that back when Sundquist was governor tried to get an income tax, too.

Whenever we stormed downtown to protest, it didn’t go through. The governor started taking 20 percent  out of the gas tax to do his progressive agendas back then. I just wanted to bring that up.

Jerks on Bicycles

I’m calling to agree with the person who said the bicyclist in the area, especially Granny White Pike, are getting more and more obnoxious. These people are like road hogs. There is one guy in particular that is a real jerk. He rides in the morning right at rush hour around  7 a.m. in the middle of the road and he holds up a lane of  traffic behind him. He does not get over to the shoulder. He stays in the center of the lane causing everyone else behind him to have to go really slow til they get a chance to pass, which is dangerous because there is a yellow line.

Some of these people need to realize that they are being extremely inconsiderate. Thank you.

I’m 95, Can Drive, but Why Risk It

As I look at my driver’s license, I could drive til 2020 without any driving test and I will be 95. I have been driving since I was 15 and no wrecks.

I did not want to be a risk on the streets, that’s why I’m living in a retirement home where I see many who can hardly walk. They get in a car and  enter the traffic in Green Hills. Many are crippled from a stroke, have dementia, are deaf, and can’t see real good. At 95, I could renew and drive til I am 100 years old.

I had a friend that did, who seem to get away with it but others get killed.

Bad to Run the Man Off

This is pertaining to the article about the guy who goes up and down Lebanon Road in the Hermitage area on the wheelchair selling his little what nots and he takes whatever you offer him. I went to visit him the other day and  he is a really nice guy. He told me he was at Starbucks sitting in one of the handicap parking places and they came out and ran him off.

They told him that it was the upper management / property owners that did that.

Also from time to time down the road on the lower end  next to Lebanon Road students would have car washes for the high school basketball and football teams and cheerleaders and they stopped that, too.

I just think it is a bad situation that they come down on a handicap person and tell them they do not want them on their property anymore.

I just wanted to make a comment on it and let people know they ran the man off.

Hermitage is a growing area and neighborly oriented. We do things to help other people. And when we have basketball and football teams out  there trying to make a little money for uniforms and someone has the  audacity to tell them they can’t do that anymore, though; they are not hurting anyone.

Racist Comments by Democrats

I’m so done with people who are still whining about Trump winning. It happened and it’s time to move on. The headline, some baseball guy wants Trump to apologize  for racist and anti-gender statements. Oh my gosh, come on now. These people need to educate themselves because they do not realize how idiotic they are looking.

Go look up racist comments made by Democrats. You will find at the top of the list Joe Biden and Harry Reed. They both went after Obama with racist comments.

Where were these people then? Oh! No, they just swept that under the rug because they were Democrats. They both dissed Obama in a big way. Bill Clinton made anti black statement about Obama, too. Both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden called Jews a racist name.

People whining about Trump: why didn’t you care when you Democrats were making terrible racist comments? Tell me why you didn’t care.

Trump is the president: lets move on because there’s work to do.  If you would educate yourself you would understand things a little bit better.

Signs But No Children

I’ve had the same job for 26 years in Green Hills. I’ve driven the same path to work everyday for that long. I’ve noticed signs appearing recently, and yellow plastic children resembling the Bart and Sally Simpson in yards warning drivers to be wary of injuring children. Hmm…, and yet, I’ve never seen any actual children in these yards or in the street.  Do such children actually exist, or do those who post such warnings just feel the need to intimidate motorists?

Try Driving in Rural Tennessee with This Bumper Sticker

Try driving in rural Tennessee with an “I love Obama” or “I love Obama Health Care” sticker. I have been almost run off the road twice, though I wouldn’t budge. And I’m overwhelmed at how many Republicans say how wonderful Trump is.

Also Republicans seem to have a very short memory: remember the Tea Party and what they did when Obama was in office? My, what a short memory.

Forcing Mass Transit

“Jaywalking” has been replaced by the notion that “pedestrians have the right-of-way”.  I’m not sure where this stupidity originated, but now it’s being extended to bicyclists who are given publicly-posted  “permission” to use “full lanes” without obeying traffic laws. This is, of course, part of a larger plan to discourage the use of automobiles. Mass public transportation is being pushed, such as the failed “AMP”. New housing construction is occurring just a few feet from the street, leaving no room for expanding the streets in the future, thus “forcing” Nashvillians to “accept” mass transportation.

Why Take the Five Percent Discount Away?

Yes, I’m calling in regards to the five percent discount for  seniors on Wednesday at Kroger being gone and they are not doubling coupons now, either. What is going on?! Their milk has gotten outrageous, so has Publix. Publix will turn right around and do the same thing Kroger is doing.

I am so mad because I have an elderly grandmother. Why should she worry about five percent? I don’t know, but that was her day she bought her groceries. We will now be going to Aldi’s and the other stores. I think this is just terrible and is five cents going to make a difference? Doubling coupons – this was something elderly people looked forward too. So we will be taking our business to Aldi’s and other stores. Not Kroger, and if Publix does this we will no longer have business there. We can also go to Walmart and buy our groceries. Thank you very much.

The Principle of the Penny

The readers should know, I can’t get a decent answer from anybody about returning merchandise to Lowes on Charlotte. Dollar for dollar, penny for penny I received the return price but when it came to the tax  I noticed that I paid $2.31 for the tax and when they gave me a refund, they only gave me $2.30 on my tax. I went back into the store, I showed them the receipt and said they shorted me a penny. It’s not like I need the penny but it is the principle. Why would they not give me an even exchange? They couldn’t give me an answer. They offered to give me a penny. The money wasn’t the issue but the issue was every time people return items at the store they need to look at their receipt very carefully when doing a return and make sure the penny for penny is there, dollar for dollar match. The problem I have is also that they said, “oh that happens a lot” so I’m not the only one who noticed this or has this problem so that is the way their computer system works.

I called someone at the state revenue office and they couldn’t give me an answer. Just think, every time someone returns an item, a nickel or penny… where does the money go? It’s a state tax. Does the store keep it? Do they pay a tax on it? If so, look at the profit they are making on returned items. I’m just curious if anyone ever heard of this and can direct me to anyone who can shed some light on it?

Dennis Farrier on Fox

I was so happy to see Dennis Farrier on Fox News the other night. He use to be on Channel 4. I understand they let him go. I don’t personally know him but he is such a nice and wonderful person on the news. Thanks   and have a blessed news.

Buses at Kroger in Green Hills Don’t Cause Accidents

This is in reference to the silly call from a reader complaining about Metro buses stopping at the Kroger store on Abbott Martin. The arrogance of the caller is clearly revealed since they identify a second entrance/exit to the Kroger property located also on Abbott Martin.

And, actually the Kroger property has a total of four entrances/exits and not just two as this caller would lead the readers to believe.

Regarding the comment about multiple accidents having been caused by Metro buses parked on Abbott Martin, I have spoken with four Metro bus drivers and each of them has confirmed what I have thought to be true; there have been no, I repeat no, automobile accidents outside Kroger on Abbott Martin because of the buses stopping outside of Kroger on Abbott Martin.

Want a Mayor More Like Trump?

This is in response to the comment about wasting our money on monuments. Do you want a mayor who wants to be more like Trump? Move out of Nashville, because we have enough Republicans as it is.   Get out and meet some other Republicans.

The Bus Does Not Sit There Frequently

This is about the bus stop on Abbott Martin at Kroger in Green Hills. Anyone who has the ability to read can look at the bus stop schedule which is posted at the bus stop in front of Kroger. The bus unloads once an hour and picks up / reloads, a few minutes later, which is less than 10 minutes every hour.

So, no one sees that a bus sits there frequently. They do not come that often and furthermore there are a couple other outlets people can exit without getting out on Abbott Martin Road. They can turn around and head toward the restaurant end of Kroger and go either left or right. So it’s just not true the bus sits out there frequently.

Keep your Pets on the Leash

I feel like a broken record! A ticked off broken record that is since I have complained before about dogs off the leash! It seems that some dog owners insist on letting their dogs off the leash in public parks! This is not only ignorant behavior and against the law, it is dangerous for their dogs. Most folks think they have their dogs under voice control while off the leash. Some do, and many others don’t. As evidence of this, I recently witnessed a dog off the leash in Green Hills Park chase a soccer ball into the street and was almost hit by a car. Wake up people and take care of your pets and protect their safety. If you want them off the leash, then take them to the dog park which is fenced and safer.