Ticked Off 2-9-2017

What Ever Happened to Jaywalking? Why is That no Longer Enforced?

Jaywalking is what happens when a pedestrian is in the road improperly and fails to yield to traffic. It used to be a state violation and at one point could result in a fine of more than $230. Repeatedly I’ve seen pedestrians casually cross Hillsboro Road, 8th Avenue and other busy roads while I and other vehicles screech around them. Ugghhh!!!

Now not only am I on the look out for ignorant construction people but also arrogant, the world owes me jaywalkers. Double ugghhh!!!

Old, Stale, Cold Food

Wendy’s in Green Hills is missing a huge opportunity. I’m sitting here with my son, and neither of us are enjoying the old, stale, cold food. No wonder we are the only ones in here at 5:30. The owner or management company needs to be onsite and see what is going on. I prefer fresh food and friendly personable people. If this is all they can dish up maybe they need to get off the block.

Medicaid Bandwagon

What really ticks me off is the fact that most politicians in Washington soon after being elected by us get on the band wagon about how the Social Security and Medicare programs are not in a healthy financial situation. But, the same politicians exempt themselves from the system and fall into the health and retirement system that they initiated long before most of them were in office. We the people who hired them by doing our civic duty and vote are now subject to the constant reminder that we are depleting the Social Security and Medicare bank account.

However we never hear about the retirement and health care bank account of the political elite’s going broke.

Maybe if the people who fall under the safety of the governments health and retirement would join us, the folks that put them in office would see some different views of the system and maybe there would be a different view on how to fix the system rather that the old idea of lets cut the benefits from those that hired us and make them work longer and pay a higher deductible.

Also, how is it that the people we hire are able to give themselves a raise? Shouldn’t we their employers have a say so in their income? Most of these people are not working the whole year. Yes they do deserve some vacation time but the time off they get is way to excessive. Does anyone reading this get more than a month off on their first year on the job?

Lost Dog Sign Left to Rot

A gentleman nailed a dog missing poster to the telephone pole in front of my house about three years ago. I called the number on the poster yesterday and told him that I have an idea about what may have happened to his pet. It could have died of old age.

Guard your Nest Egg

Someone wrote about the dangers of our Washington government swamp dwellers staking out our retirement accounts recently. You got to love it. Or hate it!

Hanky panky with your retirement money is alive and well in our nation’s capital. Well chop, chop here they are ready to feed. Our government is removing the requirement that investment advisors (Wall Street) act in the best interest of their clients, you know do not fleece your customer’s accounts. The most-simple form is to sell an investment that pays Wall Street big commission fees that are taken from your retirement account up- front.

Advisors required to act in your best interest, good for America’s retirees? Not anymore and that is the swamp biting back. Beware and guard your nest egg.

Compassion has Its Limits

This is in response to several ticked off comments of Feb 2nd. First, as a bookkeeper, I had to make copies of every employee’s SS cards and drivers licenses to make sure they were not illegal. We hired three men from Guatemala. Their ID’s looked just like mine. Six months later the IRS informed us that the ID’s were fake.

Therefore a company or voting booths cannot always know if it is legit or not. Illegals know exactly where to get them made. So, you can argue all day long that Hillary got 2 million more than Trump. Yes, a lot of Illegal votes. Just because you live and work here does not give you the right to vote unless you are or become a US citizen. That is the law and for a good reason. The majority has spoken because Trump got the popular votes in 30 states while Hillary only got 20 states.

People complain that we are not compassionate because we want to build a wall and hate others not like us and such and do not want to take in refugees. Yes, we are the melting pot of the world, but people came here knowing it was a privilege and not a right. They learned English, became a part of this country, not separate.

We are just tired of people coming here illegally thinking that they deserve the same rights as those who have lived here all their lives. Why become a citizen when you can get the same rights as a citizen without being one? I am a very compassionate person. But I have enough common sense to know that we cannot bring anyone and everyone into this country. Safety for one. Jobs for another. How are we supposed to pay for all them? The prevailing sentiment of the last few decades has been let the government and the rich pay for everything. They have money. Pretty soon that money will dry up too because millions are getting it for free.

Tom Brady’s Jersey

Has the state of Texas gone completely nuts? Tom Brady’s jersey was stolen from the locker room after the big Super Bowl game Sunday night. We now hear that the governor of Texas has ordered the Texas Rangers to help track down the jersey thief! I cannot believe that such resources would be wasted on trying to find an article of clothing, no matter how famous (or notorious) the owner might be in the public eye. If I lived in Texas (thank God I don’t), I would be very upset that my state tax dollars were going to such dumb activities instead of fighting crimes like murder, rape, armed robbery and drug- dealing. What a bunch of bozos!

Business Ties to Saudi Arabia

In identifying Muslim-majority countries from which refugees and visas will be blocked because of concerns about terrorism, Trump left out Saudi Arabia. Yet most of those who hijacked airliners to attack New York and Washington DC on 9/11, the deadliest terrorist episode in history killing 3,000 people, were Saudis. Could it be that Mr. Trump has too many business ties to Saudi Arabia? Naw, it is probably because they also have solid gold bathrooms in their palaces! By the way, has anyone else noticed that the price of gas is going back up?

Unwanted Gold Image

Late at night, someone on TV tells me that we have “unwanted gold” in the United States and we should send it to them. No wonder we have an immigration problem and some well meaning U.S. citizens are not helping with the efforts to correct the U.S. streets paved ”UNWANTED GOLD” image.

If Trump Owned the Falcons

The Patriots won. Fair and square. Right? Well, I’ll bet my social security check that if Trump was the owner of the losing Falcons he would tweet “Quarterback cheated. Officials were bribed. Will show proof at later date. Reporting of Atlanta loss is FAKE NEWS. Sad.”

Six Pack of Grief Counseling

O.M.G. !!! I think I am starting to understand how the democrats feel after my Falcons loose to the Patriots!! I need a six pack of greef counseling.

Basically Naked Guy on the Cover

I find it disgusting that the news rack at the front of the Bellevue library has a gay newspaper with this latest issue showing basically a naked guy on the cover pushing tattoos. There are obviously a lot of young kids in that building all the time and to me you might as well put copies of Hustler in there if we want to be inclusive. There is a huge difference in having local newspapers versus a paper advocating the gay lifestyle that everyone seems to think is so wonderful. Kids should have at least one place where they can learn the joy of reading and just be kids for a while.

They Seem to Forget

I’m ticked off that it always seems like the Republicans say we should respect the office even if you do not like the man. They seem to forget the way they act anytime there is a Democrat in the office of the Presidency.

Mainstream Media

I am incredibly ticked off at people who claim that the “mainstream media” is attacking Trump. A quote from a recent comment in your column: “the mainstream media omits a lot of news, they leave news out and then add news about the left.”  This is probably from a person who watches Fox News exclusively.  If you want a truly reliable news source, you need to go to the BBC, but I don’t need any news source to tell me how awful Trump is. I have heard with my own ears the words coming out of his mouth. I have seen him mock a disabled person with my own eyes.  Here’s one example: I have seen him disrespect his wife and leave her abandoned at the car when he first entered the White House.  I saw that photo posted on Facebook someone commented it was not a real photo, it was photoshopped (probably by “the left” or  the “mainstream media”).  This is the blindness of Trump believers.  The video of that moment was then posted and compared with the same event when Obama entered the White House.  Obama waited for his wife, put a protective arm around her and followed behind her up the steps. This blatant evidence of Crass (Trump) vs. Class (Obama) goes denied by people who worship Trump.  A man who does not respect his wife, thinks only of himself, and boasts about grabbing women by their private parts, the President? Not for me.

Not Fit to Shine

Judge Robart’s shoes Last week the president had the audacity to demean federal judge James Robart by calling him a “so-called judge.” Just a few of Robart’s accomplishments include a law degree from Georgetown Law School, working free for Asian refugees, being president of the Seattle Children’s Home, which handles mental health needs for children. In short, “so-called” president Trump, with his vast experience as a real estate salesman and game show host is not fit to shine Judge Robart’s shoes. Trump likes to use the words “fake,” as in “fake news” and “phony,” as in the “phony outrage” of those who demonstrate against his policies. If “so-called” president Trump wants to see the real definition of the words “fake” and phony” all he has to do is to look in the mirror.