Ticked Off 2-23-2017

It’s Like you’re the King or Queen Riding in a Parade

People assume that customers of the public buses in Nashville do not have a car or even a friend with a car and therefore must be poor, destitute and lonely. These assumptions are the result of people who are afraid of being poor or see themselves in those who have less. This is the single most incorrect observation.

But yet, people see a bus pass them with a load of passengers inside and they have the same reaction as when they walk by an open casket. Man!, I’m glad that’s not me.

Who rides a bus is of no importance some may say, but step on a bus and the windows are large to give the illusion that the rider is a king or queen riding in a parade.

Attention Dog Owners

Dog owners at Versailles Townhomes, please be respectful and pick up your dog’s waste. It really ticks me off when I step on it.

I think the following are the reasons people don’t pick up their dog’s poop:

They think dog poop is natural; it is not (especially in the quantities that are generated by pets). It  harms the environment and threatens public health.

They think that picking up dog poop is gross, or they forgot a bag or don’t want to carry it with them. It’s not a law, or they don’t know that it is a law (because it is in some places), so they think they don’t have to or it’s not that important. They are completely self-absorbed and think they are the only people on the planet.

Don’t Attack McCain

Now our great president is once again attacking Senator John McCain who in my book is a true American hero of the highest caliber. Unlike Trump, he served his country in war while Trump received four draft deferments, one of which was for “bad feet”! This condition seems to have cleared up, since I see Trump strutting around like a barn-yard rooster with no apparent problems with his feet. He should bow down to all who served while he was busy groping women, and filing for bankruptcy on other peoples’ money.

Priorities Mixed Up

Yes, I’m ticked off. I think Megan Berry has her priorities all mixed up. It seems that all she has on her mind is building a walkway from 12 South Broadstreet, or continue to spend millions on sidewalks, or now build a very expensive soccer field with no team.

Children should be our number one priority and they should be  number one on her list. And seatbelts!

Considering Fulmer, It Doesn’t Make Sense

I’m ticked off at the University of Tennessee for giving Phillip Fulmer any consideration for the Athletic Director job. This sounds like it’s the “good ole boys syndrome” rearing its ugly head. What qualifications does he have to be running a multi-million dollar operation.

It wasn’t too long ago they had to fire him as a head football coach. It doesn’t make much sense to me.

Beeping Smoke Alarms

I deliver “Meals on Wheels” and one place I go is to a group of condominiums in the Glencliff area. The last several weeks I’ve heard a smoke alarm beeping. I called four times and no one answered the phone. I’ve left three messages and no one has returned the call and the smoke alarm is still beeping. I hope the place doesn’t catch on fire and hurt somebody.

We Need the Grant Money

I am ticked off that Mayor Megan Barry has made Nashville a Refugee City. With our roads in need of repair and people living on the street, crime rates up and traffic that is unbearable, our police are working hard enough as it is. President Trump has said Refugee Cities won’t receive grant money for some projects that are needed. I’m a Democrat, however I did not march. Trump won and I’m over it. These Democrats are acting crazy. If the president of the past had done their job, this wouldn’t have been a problem today.

So, I beg Mayor Barry to please not call our city a Refugee City. We can still help our brothers and sisters, but please do not put us on the chopping block.

Feedback on Comments

Some feedback on recent ticked offs- someone mentioned about getting a higher gas bill from Piedmont gas. I have the same problem. I used less units and got billed more. So they are making up on their losses from the weather being warm during the winter.

Melania Trump; she got in the USA because she was rich. People who have money can get into this country much easier than those who don’t but who still want to come here to work.

The bicycle paths, sidewalks bridge to nowhere in the Gulch, etc… they could use the money much better by fixing the storm water  drain runoff in the Green Hills area off Hillsboro Road, Woodmont, Woodlawn, and Sharondale. This whole area in Green Hills floods and no one in the city does anything about it. I’ve had an ongoing 20 year battle with these people and can’t get anybody to do anything about it. They sure do not mind raising my property tax and all the other taxes.

Also, people might want to watch the return bills when going to stores like Lowes or any other stores. I returned something and the state tax I paid was like $2.32. I took it all back and got a penny less. Well if you shorten everyone a penny on every return, someone is making alot of money. No one notices it nor is going to say anything.

A Very Decent Man to Meet & Shake Hands With

I just wanted to make a comment on a guy who rides up and down on Lebanon Road on his electric scooter with a little roof on it. He is handicapped and his name is Phil. He is a super super nice guy. He always has nice little odds and ends on his scooter. They are all for sale for any donation. He sells a lot of little wooden crosses, different sizes with different things written on the back of them. He is the kinda of guy that when you talk with him you feel the goodness in him and he is a very Christian man.  If people going up and down Lebanon Road would like to get a good feeling, just stop and talk and shake hands with him sometime. I met him two or three months ago and he lives in a little basement apartment in Hermitage where he does his wood working. He is the kind of person who would make anybody a good public relation type guy. I just wanted to mention something in the newspaper about him,  he is a very good holy man. If anyone wants to meet and talk with him, he is always in the parking on Lebanon Road by the Dollar Store every Saturday.

Go by and see him, he is a very nice man and I think it would be worth your while. Everybody have a good day and God Bless you.

Tearing Down & Putting 2 Homes on a Lot is Wrong

I’m am ticked off and very disappointed. We live in Green Hills in a home that was built in 1940 and in just the past six months, houses have been torn down and two houses put on the lot. So there are now seven houses in our immediate vicinity where there had been three  for about seventy years.

Its wrong to the long time residents of the neighborhood. It’s just bad policy, unfair and uncalled for and it ticks me off.

We Need to be Thankful for the Police

I’m ticked off at some much hatred directed against the police. The blue knights are risking their lives every day and every night protecting us, the citizens. We should respect and thank them. Not fight them.

Educate Yourself on the Biased Media

This is in respond to the main stream media person. I am the person and I apparently ticked you off by saying the main stream media is attacking Trump. Well they are, you claim that I probably only watch Fox News exclusively and you tell me to watch BBC. I’ll tell you what, I read the whole gamut of news and look at the whole spectrum.

The liberal media is attacking Trump, look at every headline and it’s negative. Where as they were not in attack mode for Obama and everything looked good. So, if you’re wanting to know the truth, look for yourself.

I do not just watch Fox, but accusing someone who you don’t know, accusing that person of only watching Fox… isn’t that a little narrow minded of you?

Has Trump always acted nice? You’re talking about what he does. On the other hand, look at your other candidate, Hillary who was a thief, liar, crooked, and stole money.

You want to talk about how Trump has treated women but look at Hillary and how she treated her job when she illegally solicited funds from her Clinton foundation. The democrats should have run someone with a little more strength and a little more honesty and a better reputation if you didn’t want a Republican to get elected. But do take a peep at the main stream news and notice the negative headlines. Educate yourself, thank you.

Don’t Complain About that Kroger’s Bus Stop

I’m calling about the person who called in about the bus stop on Abbott Martin, and how the bus gets in the way and they can’t get in or out in their car.

That driver and all other drivers have no business coming out that driveway and getting out onto Abbott Martin.

When they see that bus there, they have an outlet that goes by Kroger and comes out on Hillsboro Circle.  They can go either left or right to the stop sign and a red light.

That place where there bus stops by Kroger on Abbott Martin is for people who have to get their groceries to ride home on the bus, the people who  work there, people who go there to the bank at Krogers and get their medications. Now you need to teach those people a lesson, they have another outlet and they do not have business coming out on Abbott Martin and fussing about the bus sitting there.

Because bus riders have a right to get transportation as well as they do. There’s another outlet which comes out on Hillsboro Circle. So get that through your heads.

Road Construction Needs to Be at Night

Yes, I very much appreciate the comment in last week’s edition about the bike riders and I agree 100% with that comment.

I wanted to address Nashville’s construction on main roads. I came from a very large city in the United States. I lived there for many years. Most of the construction on the main roads was done during the night time, not during the daytime. I think it is absolutely absurd for traffic to be blocked to due construction on these places like West End and Charlotte. They do incredible damage to the problem with traffic.

They need to do their work during the night and early, early morning hours before rush hour. They need to do this!

Look Back at Mr. Clinton

I hope the person who said that  people who are going around protesting Trump and being mocked in the cartoon in your paper, that they felt Mr. Trump wasn’t a decent human being.

I hope the person who said that was old enough to be an active supporter of Bill Clinton because if they have a problem with someone not being a decent human being, they would certainly would have a problem with the presidency of Mr. Clinton.