Ticked Off 2-2-2017

Country Road Rage…

I would like to make a comment about the piece in the newspaper about elderly drivers. Whom ever was complaining about elderly drivers, they kinda sound like to me that they might have a little country road rage in them or whatever. You know, when you look at the news on TV and see all the crap going on about people driving, its not the elderly people doing that stuff. People who have road rage acting all tough and everything else, you don’t see any  elderly people doing that. It sounds like this person is just eager to get somewhere and don’t have enough time, but is  running late all the time and wants to gripe about elderly people.

You know, if it wasn’t for elderly people he or she would not be here right now. There is a spot in this country for the elderly, not just younger people. There a lot of elder people and they need to drive just like anybody else.

History of the Gas Tax

I’m really ticked off! Can you imagine a Republican governor wanting to increase your taxes?! He wants to increase the gas tax! I believe Governor Haslam fell out of his tree and landed on his head. Lets review the gas tax and how we have got in the shape we’re in. It’s  because of another governor but he was a Democrat.

Originally the gas tax was established with a cap on it to only be used for repairing the roads and Tennessee had good roads with that program. Along came a Democrat governor riding a black horse and he wanted that money and so he raided that fund and took it away. Now you have to go to the general fund money to fix and build roads.

The gas tax severed us well for years. Now the governor wants to increase the tax.

Stop Complaining and Get Involved

Want to feel better and start the new year off with positive feelings? Stop complaining and get involved to make a difference in how you feel.  Out for a walk or walking the dog; take an extra bag and pick up the trash along the way.  Organize a neighborhood cleanup or contact Hands on Nashville, the volunteer group, and see what they need help with in your neck of the woods. Do you think that “they” should do something about it – whatever “it” is?  Contact Metro at Nashville.gov and fill out the form at the bottom of page to report graffiti, dumping, broken signs, damaged sidewalks, fallen trees, or 30 other items that you can complain about but actually will get done.

Is the streetlight out on your street? Write the number and contact NES and they will come and fix it. You have eyes and ears so make it worth your while to get involved in making Nashville a wonderful city to live in. You will feel better- really.

Stop the Childish Antics

I am so ticked off at our new president and his childish displays. First, he claims that the crowd at his inauguration was larger than the one at Obama’s first election when photographs and all the evidence says no.

Next, he claims 3-5 million people voted illegally. All of the state’s election officials dispute this in no uncertain terms. The president is like a spoiled child and cannot stand to see any information that goes against him. He continues to tweet, tweet, tweet like a tweety bird and cry about not winning the popular vote. What a thin- skinned person he is. He needs to get on with important business and quit his hand wringing and whining!

Mayor Shouldn’t Protest

I retired from the Air Force with 34 years – 22 active and 12 Air Guard. Most of the time was spent at Berry Field.

I new several Metro Police Officers in the Guard. Your men and women are the best. But, I have a problem with the Mayor. She is causing problems joining with the protesters in Nashville. This causes problems for you and all of the police. Is there a way to tell her to get over Trump winning? She is not creating a peaceful life for the majority of citizens in Davidson county. I salute the Police of Nashville but not her.

Fragile Ego

Is Donald Trump’s ego more fragile than his hairpiece? This president can’t stand it that he lost the popular vote, even though he now sits in the White House tweeting away about mostly nonsense!

Unfortunately, he is also bringing a cruel and demeaning personality to the highest office of the land.

He will never release his taxes, he is likely to get us into an unnecessary war, and he has stuffed a gag in the mouths of environmentalists. No telling what further evil lurks around the corner!

Holes in the Wall

Ok, so Trump is going to build his wall. This is how it is going to play out: The wall is built, then the flow of cheap labor stops coming into the USA. The builders, the hotels, the restaurants, the cleaning services, the bakery, the chicken slaughter houses, the farms, all get together and say “what have we done?” We have set back and let our businesses crumble because we can’t get anybody to work! Let’s see if    we can talk Trump into making a few holes in the wall!

No Cost Solution to Illegals Worker Problem

President Trump’s plan to build a wall is not the best approach to solve the illegal alien/immigration problem.

There is a simpler solution that would cost nothing.

Look at the reason that most of the illegal immigrants sneak into the country. That reason is to work for money. If no one would hire the illegal immigrants, most would stop coming to the United States.

So why do businesses and farmers hire illegals? Profits. They can get by with paying them below minimum wage and work them overtime without compensation. And if a business gets caught there is no real consequence.

When companies are raided for illegal immigrants, the illegal workers are given a free ride home and the business may receive a slap on the wrist. Production is shut down for a few days until another group of illegal aliens are hired and then it is back to making big profits.

The no cost solution is to make it a criminal offense—not just a civil fine—to hire an illegal alien/immigrant. This criminal offense should have mandatory jail time. Jail time should apply to everyone in the organization that is connected with the hiring and working of the illegal immigrants. This would include the human resources/personnel manager and staff, the plant management and supervisors, and the CEO of the company.

Once there are serious consequences for employing illegal immigrants, the practice would stop. Once there is no work, the illegal aliens would go and stay home.

The Wall Doesn’t Block the Roar of Traffic

I was sitting on my back porch drinking a cup of coffee and thinking about the poor people on I-440 dodging the pot holes. I would like to help them but I have a ten foot wall just a foot or two from my porch that blocks my view of I-440 and the sunrise. The wall is supposed to block the constant roar of traffic but it doesn’t work. Good luck with getting the pot holes fixed sure wish I could help.

Men in Black

The day after president Trump said he didn’t say what he said the day before, we have forgotten what he said. Does he have one of those flash gadgets from the men in black movies?

Put Refugee Issue to a Vote

I am ticked off that our Mayor said Nashville is a “welcome city to refugees.” You are wrong, Mayor Barry. You have no right to proclaim Nashville as a “welcome city for refugees” without putting this issue on the ballot and let “We The People” vote on this. We have too many poor Americans living on the streets and selling papers for two dollars that need to get jobs and take care of themselves. We also need to stop the increasing crime rate in our city. We do not want to support these refugees and illegals who receive many new things for free. That is free when most of us have worked and earned our own resources. Enough is enough. You don’t need government funding for these people either. Take care of and fix what we have. Those people can stay in their own countries and fight like we did for the freedoms they desire.

Building the Border Wall

Could we stop funding the so called anti-drug war in Mexico and spend that money on building the border wall? Mexico waved the flag a long time ago but won’t admit it.

Health Crisis

What is with our government? Now we hear that pornography is a health crisis. In recent times our faith in government has been tested so many ways. We now have gambling within a short driving distance. You can see this in every gas station and convenience store with TV advertisements telling us how fun it is to gamble. It has never been easier to access alcohol as we just visit any family grocery store as these grocers just recently set aside shelf after shelf for your favorite brand of vineyard alcoholic drink. Do not forget you can get through your local pharmacy (when the moment is right) a pill to get the same kind of jolt that we are now calling a health crisis. I am ticked off. Where are our moral governmental leaders?

Is our government going to check the movies in our convention hotels to make sure they are healthy offerings?

Will the government provide rehab to rid oneself of the addiction to such cinema? And finally, if pornography is truly a health crisis, will the replacement for Obamacare carry appropriate insurance coverage?

And now our government wants to spend tens of millions of state tax dollars on expanding high-speed internet to the state. High-speed internet equals video streaming. Oh no, sounds like more health crisis.

Old, Stale, Cold Food

Wendy’s in Green Hills is missing a huge opportunity. I’m sitting here with my son, and both of us are having a hard time getting this old, stale, cold food down. No wonder we are the only ones in here at 5:30. The owner or management company needs to get their act together and serve fresh food via friendly personable people or get off the block.

Mainstream Media

I am incredibly ticked off at people who claim that the “mainstream media” is attacking Trump.  A quote from a recent comment in your column: “the mainstream media omits a lot of news, they leave news out and then add news about the left.” This is probably from a person who watches Fox News exclusively.  If you want a truly reliable news source, you need to go to the BBC, but I don’t need any news source to tell me how awful Trump is.  I have heard with my own ears the words coming out of his mouth. I have seen him mock a disabled person with my own eyes. Here’s one example: I have seen him disrespect his wife and leave her abandoned at the car when he first entered the White House. I saw that photo posted on Facebook someone commented it was not a real photo, it was photoshopped (probably by “the left” or  the “mainstream media”).  This is the blindness of Trump believers. The video of that moment was then posted and compared with the same event when Obama entered the White House. Obama waited for his wife, put a protective arm around her and followed behind her up the steps. This blatant evidence of Crass (Trump) vs. Class (Obama) goes denied by people who worship Trump. A man who does not respect his wife, thinks only of himself, and boasts about grabbing women by their private parts, the President? Not for me.

They Seem to Forget

I’m ticked off that it always seems like the Republicans say we should respect the office even if you do not like the man. They seem to forget the way they act anytime there is a Democrat in the office of the Presidency.