Ticked Off 2-16-2017

Bike Riders Behaving Like Spoiled Brats…

I am all for supporting more sidewalks and bike paths in Nashville. However, I would appreciate that bike riders obey traffic signals. Over and over again I have seen them run stop signs and red lights. They fail to yield to pedestrian traffic, and in general just act like spoiled brats with no responsibility for their illegal actions! If they continue such immature actions, I think the city should charge them an extra fee for bike riding so that they can pay for more traffic enforcement! Grow up or walk!

No Horseplay at the Store, Potato Chips Get Crushed

Am I the only one who thinks that the grocery store stockers in Nashville could be a little more sensitive to the condition of the food when they are stocking the shelves? I walked past two young women who were moving bags of chips around at a major grocery store yesterday, and they were just shoving the bags around as if they held stones, not chips. It became clear to me why I keep ending up with bags with lots of broken chips; boxes of broken crackers; and cans with dents in them. Please, if you are working at a food store, treat the food with respect. We all pay a lot of money to purchase the items, and remember, this is the same food that you buy too.
Rural area need more attention

Is it only important to draw public attention to the needs of city folks in the country’s big cities? Sure, in these places is crime, drugs and all that goes with them: despair, hopelessness, fear, resentment, etc. But honestly, those big city dwellers did not vote for our President and do not approve of him. But we did and do: maybe except for some of our little cities.

In our fair state we are experiencing a big drug and health crisis that needs attention from our government. In our countryside there are thousands upon thousands of our state’s citizens that are hooked on opiates: you know heroin in a pill. Every day we hear stories of good, God-fearing people that are caught in the low-life web of this drug. And we do not want it to get worse. Forget the criminal activity in our state that goes along with abusing opiates, so many of our people need help. And that starts with drawing attention to their drug abuse.

It is time for our President to draw attention to it, to our needs.

Get Off my Back

I will be brief: you should know that I am a senior, white-haired lady. I encounter people who ride my bumper – primarily because I obey street signs and slow down for walkers and bikers. I would like to have a bumper sticker that reads: “Riding my bumper will not get you there sooner!” Get off my back.

Be nice all you drivers- what would your mother say?

Move the Bus Stop Down the Street

There is a very dangerous situation on Abbott Martin at the entrance to Kroger. There is a bus stop very close to the entrance. Buses stop and when you are leaving Kroger to go west, you can’t see traffic coming from the east. The buses sit there for 10 minutes. I have seen multiple accidents, and someone is going to get killed. This could be avoided if they would move the stop farther east. If that affects people exiting the other entrance in any way, the stop should be moved down the street, or even in front of Walgreens.

Nashville is Capable of Regulating Its Own Short Term Rentals

Well, it’s time again for the state legislature to “teach Nashville a lesson”! Some bozo legislators want to pass a state law that would take away a local community’s ability to regulate the short term rental business in their communities. This mostly would impact Nashville since we are the city in Tennessee that attracts the most tourists and “party people”. They come here to stay in short term rental houses in our neighborhoods and drink themselves under the table while listening to country rock music! Many of the owners of these short term rental owners don’t even live here. They don’t give a flip about our neighborhoods, they just want to make a bunch of money! Some of our legislators who live in rural communities are jealous of Nashville and our success. They are being lobbied strongly by the short term rental people, and are probably being given quite nice campaign contributions! They want to dictate to us how we regulate these “fun houses”. I say to them, go back to your cows and pigs and leave our city alone. Nashville is perfectly capable of regulating itself!

Looney Leftists, Stop Harassing Us

Isn’t it getting a little tiresome that every time you log into your computer you see another article of another ‘brave’ Hollywood celebrity or sports person telling us deplorables how they hate Trump. It seems to be a way to get a little publicity if you happen to be some washed up second rate entertainment person that most people never heard of. What courage and intelligence these people have! The loving and tolerant left keep physically assaulting people that don’t fit in their little world and making the most vicious attacks while Trump goes about his job and is actually doing what he said he would do. What a concept! There is an amazing article in Saturday’s “Wall Street Journal” on Mexican officials and legislators and governors meeting in Phoenix to get illegals to challenge deportations in our courts with the intent of overwhelming them. (Not fake news, check it out). Can you imagine a bunch of U.S. officials going to Mexico with the intent of messing up their justice system? (If that’s possible) It remains that this election was won fair and square and the people that voted for Trump aren’t as loud or destructive as the looney left but simply appreciate policies that don’t just give away the country. Boy, I wish all these Hollywood types would move to Mexico like they threatened.

Reagan Supported Securing the Border

In response to the comment about Ronald Reagan supporting immigration:

The Immigration Reform Control Act was a deal with the Democrats in exchange for amnesty. It was going to provide the funding and resources to secure the border. Reagan held up his end but the Democrats evidently did not. The border is still unsecure. It’s unfair simply because back then the Democrats did not hold up their end of the bargain. He was not against immigration but he was for securing the border. It was a double sided coin.

Don’t Understand the Reason for My High Gas Bill

I am really ticked off with my January Piedmont gas bill. In January I used 1 therm less of gas than in December but my bill went up $33.86. Does this make sense to anyone out there? I understand that in cold months the bill is going to be higher but I don’t understand being charged 25 percent more for using less. What if I went to the store and bought a half gallon of milk but the store charged me for that plus a quart? I would go somewhere else to get my milk. Unfortunately, Piedmont is the only store in town!!! If you are as ticked off as I am call the Tennessee Regulatory Authority at 615-770-6870 and voice your frustration. Better yet, go to www.tn.gov/tra and click on “file a complaint” at the top of the page. Maybe if enough complaints are filed we will get choices or at least service that makes an ounce of sense.

Drive Like your Child Lives Here

Nearby my house, I have lots of new “it” neighborhoods and the houses inside these areas love to put “Drive like (blank)” signs in their yards. We also have an invasion of very strange little green plastic “children crossing” signs that are shaped like people and stand at the side of the road with flags beside them. What is going on? Would side-walks help get rid of these signs? If so, that’s reason enough to add sidewalks everywhere.

First Lady is a First Immigrant

Congratulations to Trump’s first lady. She is probably the first first lady who was at one time an immigrant.

Not Fit to Shine Judge Robart’s Shoes

Recently the president had the audacity to demean federal judge James Robart by calling him a “so-called judge.” Just a few of Robart’s accomplishments include a law degree from Georgetown Law School, working free for Asian refugees, being president of the Seattle Children’s Home, which handles mental health needs for children. In short, President Trump, with his vast experience as a real estate salesman and game show host is not fit to shine Judge Robart’s shoes. Trump likes to use the words “fake,” as in “fake news” and “phony,” as in the “phony outrage” of those who demonstrate against his policies. If “so-called” president Trump wants to see the real definition of the words “fake” and phony” all he has to do is to look in the mirror.

Wages Don’t Agree with Cost of Living

I would like to make a comment on the high cost of living right now. I went to Walmart in Hermitage and bought a half gallon of milk, coffee, a bag of grapes, a bag of tangerines, and a box of blueberry waffles. The cost for everything was $31 for all those items. Just think about the cost of living with how everything has gone up and things that have changed.

People who only make $7 an hour have to work one hour to buy one bag of grapes or work nearly one hour for one bag of tangerines. Things have really changed. The very first job I ever had, I made .75 cents an hour and I cleared $29 per week. We were a poor family and I gave my mom $15 to help her out. That is how we came up and how we were raised. People worked hard for all their life, they at least could look forward to having Social Security and Medicare but something really needs to be done to make sure Social Security doesn’t stop or run out. I know a lot of people  with Social Security and Medicare being all they have. It does cost a lot to get even medicine, $500 – $600 every time you go.

I use to fill my gas tank up for $3 when gas was .25 cents a gallon. Look at it now: it costs $45 – $50 to completely fill up.

So, somewhere down the line this is going to have to come to a stop and worked out or the country is going to be totally broke.

Sore Losers Cartoon

I am tick off about the cartoon in your February 9 paper that ridicules anti-Trump protesters for being “sore losers”. Anyone who is active in politics for a number of years is going to have some disappointments. We did not vote for Mr. Trump, and will continue to oppose him, but it isn’t because we’re sore losers. No, our objection to this man, who sits in the seat of Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is that he isn’t even a decent human being.

Whining Liberals

Some liberal’s comments in the February 9 issue chastised Republicans for not respecting the office of the president even if they do not like the man, unlike their own respect for that office. Yeah! Right! I remember so well both times that Obama was elected how the Republicans marched, rioted, looted, burned and murdered police officers. Maybe since you published the thoughts of a complete idiot who must have not heard any news since election night, you should stop publishing any more political thoughts, since about half of the Ticked Off comments were from uninformed, biased losers who just can’t stop whining and are, as the first whiner said, doing nothing constructive, just disrespecting the office of the president.