Ticked Off 12-8-2016

I am so very ticked off at drivers who pull past the left lane stop makers at intersections. This gives turning traffic less room to maneuver and creates a real safety hazard. Most of these careless drivers are talking or texting on their cell phones, and not paying attention to their car creeping into the intersection. Come on folks, you can do a better job of driving if you just pay attention!

Moving in with the Kids

It looks like our new president has not only set his sights on repealing Obamacare, but has his eyes on carrying out all of the republicans agenda on health care which includes putting Medicare and Social Security into private management plans. All I can say is that all you older folks who voted for Trump and are on Medicare and Social Security better ask your kids if you can move in with them, and remember who to vote for in four years from now!

It’s Just a Game

We attended the UT/Vandy game last night. We’re Vandy season ticket holders. A couple of our children went to UT. It’s always a fun event for us. Unfortunately, this year, an obnoxious 60 year old Vandy fan cursed at us (did I mention we’re Vandy season ticket holders?) and called my nephew foul names and white trash. Well, my nephew is a doctor and actually treats patients like this man. My daughter is a special education teacher and works diligently to improve the lives of children with disabilities. Remember fans, it’s just a game. There are so many other issues in the world today to be passionate about.

Cigarette Litter

Cigarette butts and packs littering the streets ticks me off enough, but now there is a new dimension to it.
We live in the Natchez Trace Estates development off Hwy 100. There are about 30 homes in this development.

We recently took it upon ourselves to clean up the “forgotten” area on Westhaven Dr. After a few bags of trash, we realized that Marlboro Light packs were the dominant  litter. There were 50 to 60 of them.

Now that it’s clean, we also notice that the only trash that collects there is Marlboro Light Packs and butts. We know who’s throwing them there daily, but we hate to start a fight. We just hope that he reads this, and becomes aware that our development isn’t a trash pit  for his cigarettes.

Sadly, at the rate that he pitches them out, he may not be around for a long as he otherwise would.
Please stop trashing our area.

Garbage can Trauma

My neighbor still has his small Trump sticker/sign in his yard with a flag on a pvc pipe. I guess he doesn’t care how traumatic this must be to the drivers that use his street. He needs to glue the sticker/sign on his garbage can so the chance of trauma would only be one time a week when he put his bin out for pick up.

Rules Paved in Gold

I am confused by the person that wrote about following the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule in Green Hills apparently is “Those who have the gold, make the rules” as evidenced by the new traffic patterns on Abbott Martin Road that eliminated  two perfectly good lanes for turning lanes into The Mall at Green Hills.

Bad Taxes in Trumpland

I am so ticked off that President-elect Donald Trump’s selection for Treasury secretary says tax reform will be his top priority and promises the largest tax overhaul since the Reagan administration. What this means is huge tax cuts for the rich, higher taxes on the middle class, less money for infrastructure improvements, education, and borrowing from Social Security. Just in general, ignoring the needs of the vast majority of Americans.Welcome to Trumpland!

Ready for a Good War

I am very ticked off at President-elect Donald Trump for proposing that Americans who burn the flag should lose their citizenship or be locked up. This comes from a guy who received four draft deferments during the Vietnam war while I, as a poor boy, had to fight in a senseless war! If you had asked me during the war if I believed that flag burners should be locked up, I would have been all for it. However, after we pulled out of Vietnam and more than 50,000 American troops were killed —in my opinion — for no reason whatsoever, I would now say that if someone wants to express their displeasure with our government, they should be able to burn the flag in protest. I love the principles of our democracy, and one of those is the First Amendment and the right to free speech. I hear Trump wants to reinstate the draft. Anybody ready for another good war?

Homeless Without Help

I am ticked off because of the amount of people and groups who say that they are trying to fight homelessness in Nashville but really are not doing anything. There are social services and groups that receive grants to help the city’s homeless but there is a catch to it. A person must be a certain type of homeless for these people to help them? For example, a woman came into a well known office and said she was homeless – living in her car for 18 months with her children.  They haven’t had a happy Thanksgiving, nor last year a happy Christmas. She works and attends college. She would have more income but due to legal trouble in 2014 she does not. She then violated her probation in 2016. Now, she is a statistic. While she was found not guilty of the charges, which were dropped, she is struggling. She is on waiting lists to receive help, yet I have seen people apply this month and get approved and housed.

It is always an excuse with Nashville. A homeless man sleeps outside by the river every night since 2014, so what do the police do for this familiar man? Arrest him. People do not need to be arrested in order to receive a warm place to sleep. They need assistance and a connection to the services that are available for them.

While at it, these groups don’t try to stop the building of all these so called affordable condos that are $1400 a month and up. Where are the true affordable housing options for low income? Nashville does not have second chances housing apartments like Clarksville, Jackson and even Memphis. It is sad that a person from Nashville does not feel at home here. It ticks me off.

In Need of a Miracle

We must pray for our new president elect. Because only the God who parted the Red Sea and changed water into wine can perform the miracle it would take to change a narcissistic, thin-skinned, trash-talking bully into the thoughtful, patient, dignified person we need to lead our great nation. Let us pray.

We Lost the War on Drugs

It is so hard not to stay ticked off these days!

Recently, we have all been reading and hearing about the opioid narcotic crisis. Did you know that legally prescribed opioid narcotics are pharmaceutical-grade heroin produced in a laboratory? All we hear is that this is wide spread (State of TN reportedly has more opioid prescriptions than total population) this is a crisis. And what is the reaction from our leaders to stop this prescription opioid epidemic? Throw tax-payer money at treatment and rehab! The next State of Tennessee budget has millions in it for help opioid abusers, and so too is our Federal government considering it. Washington is ready to fund up to 1 billion dollars of tax money for cushy rehab stints for those hooked on this prescription heroin.

Why spend all this money on rehab when the conservative solution is a tried and true one that was used in the 1980’s when Ronald Reagan led the way? In the 1980’s the epidemic was crack cocaine and with the help of Nancy Reagan America fought back this scourge. Mrs. Reagan famously told America to ‘just say no’ to crack and drugs. And for those who persisted with their drug abuse or trafficking Mrs. Reagan’s words were followed up by our conservative ‘3 strikes and you’re out’ law enforcement that put the druggies away for a long, long time if they repeat offenders.

Opioid narcotic drug and trafficking abuse is a crime not a crisis. We should rightly salute the Reagans again in 2016 and get these repeat drug offenders off the street and in prison as we did so before.

So why not use a conservative idea that time has come (before)?

One China Policy

I am so ticked off at the new president! He is already making world leaders mad and for no good reason. His call to the Taiwan president is totally foolish. We should continue to follow the policy that has been followed since 1979, and that is a “One China” policy. At the rate Trump is going, he will have to recommend the activation of the military draft. That may well get the attention of all those young brats who chose not to vote, or who voted for the TV personality!

Keep Nashville Clean

I see all these people on the corner begging and I know they are going through hard times however, there’s piles and piles of liter around them. Someone needs to give them a bag to clean up their mess because that is not being responsible. It makes me not want to give to them if they can’t be aware of picking up their soda cups while taking money. Just something I’ve been a little annoyed with.

Speeding School Buses

I’m ticked off. For years I’ve seen school buses speed through our small neighborhood with no regard for anybody. Then, I see a bus wrapped around a tree, killing 5 children.

For heaven sake, especially for the safety of the kids on your bus and those in the neighborhood, slow down and if you can’t then  get another job.

Stop Wild-West Mentality

Here we go again with the upcoming session of the Tennessee legislature and on the agenda will be another attempt to pass a law allowing anyone to purchase and carry a handgun without a background check or a handgun carry permit. This is an insane idea and will only further endanger the public. Criminals get their hands on too many guns already through theft or through uncontrolled “gun shows”! This law would allow them to add retail purchases to their method for increasing their arsenal Responsible gun owners do not support this “wild-west” mentality, and should ban together to stop this foolish legislation in its tracks! The governor doesn’t support it and neither do law enforcement officers.

Nixon got Reelected and Then Impeached

So, Trump wasn’t serious. How interesting. You must be a young voter. I can’t hold it against you. Trump lied to you and you’re surprised?

This is the country that voted for Richard Nixon and everybody knew about Watergate. That happened before the election and they still reelected him. And surprise he got impeached. Some never learn. And just for the record I did not vote for Trump. Have a good one.

Don’t Call Others Stupid

This is for the person who mentioned in a previous Ticked Off comment that Donald Trump thinks the American people are stupid enough to believe what he said. I really would not suggest that anyone who said these comments you mentioned should call anyone else stupid.

I’m not calling you stupid. I am suggesting that you stop calling people stupid. Maybe you should stop watching Fox News, also.

Fox News showed both major candidates got over 60 million votes and Hillary got about 2 million votes more than Trump but that is not the only thing that goes into deciding the president. It’s the electoral college and carrying the states.

And don’t say Trump’s settlement allowed him to avoid being charged criminally. That was not what he paid the $25 million dollars for, it was to settle all civil suits, which is a request for money and not imprisonment, like a criminal proceeding.

Don’t call other people stupid when you don’t know any more than what you expressed  in your ticked off comments.

Get Over It

All those lamenting the election results need to grab a coloring book and a therapy puppy and GET OVER IT. President-elect Donald Trump was the superior candidate and he won the election fair and square. All the insults just make you look like sore losers!