Ticked Off 12-22-2016

Our Senior Citizens Have to Pay, Pay, Pay

This is in regards to the article in Ticked Off, “Moving in with the kids.” The person said Medicare is going to be privatized and they talk about moving in with their children.

Listen, lets talk about Medicare…

Medicare was supposed to be such a great deal. Under Obama the premiums had gone up a lot for elderly individuals. You can’t have just Medicare, you also have to have a supplement. The government, they really set this up to frustrate people. You pay into it all of your life, you retire, and then you pay $109 a month, plus you have to have a pricey monthly plan to cover other things or you will go bankrupt if something unexpected occurs.

I have family members who pay $240 a month, plus the drug plan, plus the $109. That is not such a great deal considering you paid your whole life for it, then your paying in $400 a month for the Medicare supplement, plus the drug supplement. That is not such a great deal.

If you have an HMO the out of pocket has doubled this past year. This program is nickel and diming our seniors to death, while they give everything free to people who come across the border. They give them Medicaid and free everything. Our seniors have to pay, pay, pay. They pay  all their lives and then they keep paying for high premiums.

You know, the government needs to look at the facts. Medicare is not such a great deal. Our government has not handled this fact well. And Social Security is going down as well. They have not been frugal with it, but have wasted it. They have not been good with Medicare, nor Social Security. Name me one thing associated with these programs that is under budget?

So you need to think how much Medicare costs old people because it definitely costs too much after they retire.

But for others, they have nothing and get it for free. Something is wrong here.

Who are you Going to Call?

I’m ticked off. I heard recently in a news report that the police are now reluctant to react in certain important criminal situations. This news comes as crime has greatly increased.

It is obvious that the police have acted unjustly in certain situations, but it has also been proven that even when questioned about their actions, and their actions were justified through thorough investigations, some people still hate and despise them.

It really ticks me off that certain groups that encourage negative attitudes and actions towards the police are so misled that they are shooting themselves in the foot. For those people I have a question? When your grandmother, mother, father, brother, sister, friend or whomever else you love is or has been victimized, who are you going to call?

Taking a Walk Through the Cemetery

This is something to think about. Recently in Madison I walked through the National cemetery where all the military members are buried and thought about how many are buried at the cemetery who fought for this country and gave their lives.

You walk around and look at all the graves and you wonder what it would be like if those Americans got to say what they wanted to say. They never drew any kind of unemployment, no kind of welfare, or anything like that but all they did was to fight for this country to keep it free.

And when you look at so much going on and wonder why? The next step is to put this country back together and put it back on its feet, and everyone get along and quit fighting with each other. Everybody needs to take a day to walk through the cemetery and  look at all these military men and what year they died. They died for the American people. I pray for all of them and may God Bless them!

Whatever you’re smoking, can I have some?

This is in response to the December 15th issue. To the person who said, a carnival barker for president. Who would you rather have, a carnival barker or a murderer and liar in the White House. For instance Benghazi. All I got to say is really, you would rather have Hillary? Whatever you’re smoking, can I have some? That’s all I wanted to say.

Delayed can Pickup

I am a female senior citizen that diligently recycles. My driveway is long but on every third Tuesday night I drag my can to the street for very early pickup.

They have missed me several times. The first time I called I was told I can not call the day of  because they might not be done even though the whole street is done. I had to wait until the next day to call. This time I waited til the next day, first thing I was told 2 or 3 business days. I called late Friday which was the end of the second day. I was told I can’t count the day I reported it even though it was at the beginning of the shift.

Explaining that the can will sit out there all weekend blocking my view to pull out, I was told I could drag it back to the house and then back to the street. So by their calculations I’m going to have a week delay on my pickup.

Do they not have computers or some up to date method system?

This is ridiculous that a senior citizen has to pull her heavy can back and forth because they can’t do their job.

Not All of it is His Fault

I read in the paper about the young man, Dylann Roof who is charged for killing all those people in the African American church. I’m African American myself, don’t let the country to throw this young man under the bus by declaring him competent. Don’t go to far in the other way.  White Americans have put all this on his shoulders and now they are willing to let him to pay for all the things they might have done. Don’t allow them to do this to this young man. All this is not his fault. All the things he has said, he did not think all this by himself. He heard things all around him from the very start. Don’t allow them to do this to this young man, please. Thank you.

Give Trump a Chance

I’m ticked off at the writer who wrote the comment, “When you get down from cloud nine.” I can’t believe he or she does not know most of those voters were illegal immigrants who voted in the electoral college. Many of the illegals were protesting Mr. Trump is not their president, burning the flag and saying they are not leaving on national tv.

If he is not their president then they are in the wrong country! Burning the American flag is terrible. You go into any country and do what they did after an election you would be put into jail.

We need to give Mr. Trump a chance like we did for Mr. Obama. Mrs. Clinton, Bernie Sanders and President Obama are the whiners. They can not accept their loss. Americas asked for a change.

So that’s why we have a new president and the three whiners help put Mr. Trump there.

So don’t be mad, accept the truth and let’s all pray for the good of America. God Bless America.

Sad but True

Once the most blessed nation on Earth, the United States, is now the most cursed. Check the out the 28th Chapter of Deuteronomy and 26th Chapter of Leviticus- blessings for obedience, and cursing for disobedience.

This nation has turned away completely from God. Kicked God out of the schools, out of the courts, out of life in general. Murdering millions of unborn children, making artificial men and women who are still the same sex they were when they were born. Unless America repents total tragedy lies ahead.

It’s sad but its true.

Bridge will be More for the Visitors

This 18 million bridge they are building is not for the people of Nashville, it’s for the restaurant owners and all the events downtown.

The people who live there will be working half the time so they are not going to be using it. This is going to be more for the visitors and they could be putting this money to much better usage.

Reason for Loss in the Election

We hear many reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election but I believe the main reason is that Trump built his campaign on lies that he told about Hillary and people believed them. According to the truth-o-meter, 77% of what Trump said were lies. Some of the lies on the internet were that Hillary killed the marines in Benghazi.

Ridiculous, she wasn’t over there. The truth was President Obama asked the Republican Congress for more increased funds for the embassies and Congress refused.

On Clinton emails- Colin Powell used a private email server the whole time he Secretary of State under Bush and he advised Clinton to do the same.

When some people were asked why they did not vote for Hillery, it was due to that she was a liar. That was based on the lies Trump told about Hillary. Another answer I got was that Bill Clinton was a sexiest. And the person couldn’t have anyone like that in the White House. Bill Clinton was not the one running.

I read the book, Trump revealed. Donald Trump went with Marla Maples for two years while he was still to Ivana.

He finally married Maples when she was 7 months pregnant. I was told that didn’t matter. None of Trumps lies matter to his supporters.

It was said the Clinton Foundation was corrupt. The foundation was founded in 1997 and it has helped over 7 million people in 30 countries. It is founded by the wealthy contributors but it was never found that they ever received any favors from Hillary Clinton. None of the Clintons draw any salary.

Now Trump now has is millionaire friends in his cabinet, and Steven Mnuchin is the Secretary of Treasurer. While he was working for Goldman Sachs he foreclosed on many peoples homes. Trump is going to give huge tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations.

Trump voters, he is not helping the poor people. You have been betrayed by him.