Ticked Off 12-15-2016

Stop This “Wild-West” Mentality

Here we go again with the upcoming session of the Tennessee legislature and on the agenda will be another attempt to pass a law allowing anyone to purchase and carry a handgun without a background check or a handgun carry permit. This is an insane idea and will only further endanger the public. Criminals get their hands on too many guns already through theft or through uncontrolled “gun shows”! This law would allow them to add retail purchases to their method for increasing their arsenal. Responsible gun owners do not support this “wild-west” mentality, and should ban together to stop this foolish legislation in its tracks! The governor doesn’t support it and neither do law enforcement officers.

School Bus Drivers Need to Slow Down

I’m ticked off. For years I’ve seen school buses speed through our small neighborhood with no regard for anybody. Then, I see a bus wrapped around a tree, killing 5 children.

For heaven sakes, especially for the safety of the kids on your bus and those in the neighborhood, slow down and if you can’t then  get another job.

Nixon got Reelected and Then Impeached

So, Trump wasn’t serious. How interesting. You must be a young voter. I can’t hold it against you. Trump lied to you and you’re surprised?

This is the country that voted for Richard Nixon and everybody knew about Watergate. That happened before the election and they still reelected him. And surprise he got impeached. Some never learn. And just for the record I did not vote for Trump. Have a good one.

Don’t Call Others Stupid

This is for the person who mentioned in a previous Ticked Off comment that Donald Trump thinks the American people are stupid enough to believe what he said. I really would not suggest that anyone who said these comments you mentioned should call anyone else stupid.

I’m not calling you stupid. I  am suggesting that you stop calling people stupid. Maybe you should stop watching Fox News, also.

Fox News showed both major candidates got over 60 million votes and Hillary got about 2 million votes more than Trump but that is not the only thing that goes into deciding the president. It’s the electoral college and carrying the states.

And don’t say Trump’s settlement allowed him to avoid being charged criminally. That was not what he paid the $25 million dollars for, it was to settle all civil suits, which is a request for money and not imprisonment, like a criminal proceeding.

Don’t call other people stupid when you don’t know any more than what you expressed in your ticked off comments.

Get Over It

All those lamenting the election results need to grab a coloring book and a therapy puppy and get over it.

President-elect Donald Trump was the superior candidate and he won the election fair and square. All the insults just make you look like sore losers!

Say Goodbye to Benefits

All you folks on Social Security and Medicare better get ready for the coming attacks on your benefits that you worked hard to receive in your retirement years. We now have a president and a majority congress that will set their sights on drastically reducing or eliminating these programs. Why? They call them “social” programs and they would just love to privatize them, or do away with them altogether. I don’t believe this is what you had in mind if you voted to “Make America Great Again”!
You will probably be very ticked off!

No Replacement Healthcare Plan in Sight

Now let me get this straight, the new President and the Speaker of the House yelled about Obamacare being terrible and how they wanted to do away with it! Now it seems that they want to keep parts of it, and are now saying that it will take “some time” to come up with a replacement for this health care program. I can’t believe they don’t have a replacement plan ready to go! I guess they never thought they would be in power and have to actually come up with something that works as well as Obamacare has which insured over 20 million Americans who were without insurance before the program was passed!

We will Miss Obama

Some people have said “good riddance to President Obama” at the end of his term. I say we will miss him and his accomplishments. These include: re-starting the economy after one of the worst recessions since the great depression, lowering the unemployment rate from over 10% to under 4%, getting the Dow Jones Industrial Average from under 8,000 to over 19,000, killing the murderer Osama Bin Ladin, bringing health insurance to over 20 million Americans who could not get insurance (many of them children), bringing thousands of American troops home and making the middle eastern nations fight for themselves, getting Iran to back off their nuclear program, and in general being an honest man of integrity while leading the nation. Let’s see if the groper president can match that!

Trump Continues to Not Explain Himself

So much for our new president’s promise to save over a thousand jobs at the Carrier plant in Indiana.

The president of the United Steelworkers at that plant, which represents Carrier employees, felt optimistic when Trump announced last week that he’d reached a deal with the factory’s parent company, United Technologies, to preserve 1,100 of the Indianapolis jobs in exchange for $7,000,000 in tax breaks — until the union leader heard from Carrier that only 730 of the production jobs would stay and 550 of his members would lose their livelihoods, after all. At the Dec. 1 meeting, where Trump was supposed to lay out the details, the union president hoped Trump would explain himself.

“But he got up there,” the union leader said Tuesday, “and, for whatever reason, lied his butt off.”
It looks like our new president is already losing some of his supporters. I guess they will now see who the big “liar” really is.

Rehab Makes Economic Sense

This is a response to last week’s Ticked Off writer who suggested that opiate narcotic abusers should be jailed rather than rehabilitated at the taxpayer’s expense. True, we don’t like to see our tax dollars used for other people’s drug rehab. However the cost of incarcerating one person for one year can be as much as $60,000 or more in some states. That’s far more than the cost of rehabilitation. The National Institutes of Health states that about half of federal and state prisoners can be defined as drug abusers. Yet, due to the immense overload of the prison system, fewer than 20 percent receive the necessary treatment to break their addictions. Last week’s writer would like to “put the druggies away for a long, long time.” It’s clear that rehabilitation is a wiser choice.

Asking for a Robbery

I am really ticked off about the Mapco gas stations, restaurants and bars staying open after midnight to allow a senseless killing like the Krispy Kreme donut delivery guy at 2 a.m. in Donelson this past weekend. There is no reason that these stores need to be open after midnight. If people can’t get their gas during the day, then that’s tough. Maybe  they’ll take more responsibility for their actions and get gasoline during the daytime hours. They don’t need to be eating or drinking after midnight for health reasons. There’s no reason for them to be open and just asked for trouble from a robbery. The stores on the freeways need to be open for our truckers but those are never robbed because there are too many people in there, but these neighborhood gas stations that are open for selfish reasons put their employees in danger. It’s just unacceptable. Please consider your closing down hours for the benefit of the people of your community.

A Carnival Barker for President

I am so ticked off at this new president! Donald Trump will remain as an executive producer on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” even while serving as president of the United States.This is further evidence that he thinks being the president of our beloved country is just another opportunity to see his name in lights and in print! What have we done? This nation will regret putting this man in the White House.

We might as well have a carnival barker as president. No wait, we will have a carnival barker! No offense to the hard-working employees of the carnival.

Patriotic Correctness in Johns Column?

I’m ticked off that your columnist, Horace Johns, can’t deliver a coherent, well-reasoned defense of President-elect, Trump’s plans and Cabinet selections. Given the fact he has the lowest approval rating of any President-elect in modern history, I’d say Trump needs it. Instead, Mr. Johns mostly trashes Trump’s opponents – a number approaching 3 million more Americans who voted for Clinton than for Trump. As a business professor, Mr. Johns is entitled to a conservative economic philosophy. But he should be able to craft a readable essay, not merely spin a sophomoric rant that lifts from a right wing web portal. How much do you pay for his “patriotic correctness”?

Trump Doesn’t Know Military Aircrafts

Looks like our new president has overnight become an expert in the cost of building modern aircrafts.

First, he tweeted that the Boeing presidential plane costs too much, even though it has barely gotten into design.

Next, the F-35 fighter jet is too expensive, although it has the best known technology and equipment to make sure our pilots remain the best in the world. This is especially important given the speed at which Russia, China, and Iran are up-dating their air forces. As an ex U.S. Airforce veteran, I take exception to this man declaring himself an expert in the construction of military equipment. Somebody should take his Twitter account away from him until he actually becomes president and has a chance to learn about our military in-depth. OOPS, almost forgot, it is hard for a draft dodger to know anything about the military!