Ticked Off 11-24-2016

As a Hard Working, Law-Abiding and Tax Paying Citizen of Nashville I am Really Ticked Off!

In the October 30, Tennessean article by Jim Myers, Mayor Megan Barry and Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry bragged that $8 million in court collection fees were waived last year. They should be ashamed. These are fines and court costs legally owed to the government by convicted criminals. Judge Rachel Bell has waived over $14 million in fines and court costs already this year and she has scheduled 574 cases for 129 defendants this month to have their fines and court costs waived. These are criminals who have been found guilty of such things as shoplifting, trespassing, public drinking, driving on a revoked license, prostitution, etc. The court cost is supposed to cover a little of what they have cost the city to pay back the police, sheriff, court personnel, etc. and those who had to arrest them, feed them in jail and the fine is suppose to be a punishment. If the fine is forgiven then where is the punishment? Judge Bell’s community court is for the benefit of the criminal community and she even has staff to register them to vote when they come to her community court. Before she took over, Judge Casey Moreland did the same thing for 2 or 3 years. It’s just disgraceful.

Trump Wasn’t Serious

I am so ticked off! I voted for Trump because I thought he was serious about building a wall on our border with Mexico. He is now backing down and talking about just improving the fences along the border. Also, he said he would repeal Obamacare, and now he is talking about keeping the “good parts” of Obamacare. I didn’t think there were any good parts of Obamacare! Wow, was I stupid or what for trusting Trump to keep his word! Well, I will try not to be so stupid next time!

Go to the Dog Park

I am so ticked off at the people who ignore the leash law in our city parks. They let their dogs off the leash to run all over the park. They do not clean up their dog’s mess. These people show complete disregard for the law and are very inconsiderate of their fellow citizens. Why can’t they go to the dog park, which is made for dogs, and where dogs are probably happier being around fellow dogs where they can romp and play till their hearts content? These dog owners who put themselves above the law are sick people! They should obey the law and be responsible!

Blame Game is Over

O.K. Mr. Trump. Mr. president-elect. For a year you’ve been telling us how great you are and all the great things you’re going to do for the country. Well, good luck. Go for it. I’m rooting for you. But if some of your efforts fail, if you get voted down on some issue, are you gonna play the “blame game” again? Who’s it gonna be this time? The media? Your appointees? Melania? The Man in the Moon? No, the ball is in your hands now. You’ve gotta run with it. And if occasionally you should stumble and fall you can’t whine and say “hey, he tripped me!” or “no fair, the sun was in my eyes!” Not this time.

Be a man. Just say “I stumbled and fell, my fault.” Then get up, brush yourself off and move forward. All eyes are on you now. The “blame game” is over.

Very Thankful

I’m not tick off; I’m thankful. I’m thankful for a loving God who created us and loved us so much that He sacrificed His Son to atone for all the sins of all mankind. The fact that suffering occurs does not negate the existence of a Loving God. We see things only in linear time and from a limited perspective. He uses all things to work together for our good and His glory.

I’m thankful for the freedoms we have in this country. There are no secret police to take one away in the middle of the night because one’s opinions. If you have food on your table, a roof over your head and clothing on your back, be thankful and don’t take such things for granted. Share with those who are less fortunate. Most things to which we attach such importance now – money, politics, status, technology, sports, etc. will one day be gone forever. Seek the Lord so that when your eyes close for the last time in this life, you will not spend eternity separated from God.

Pick it up Yourself

To the person upset about the garbage pickup and delivery. If the pickup people had to go back to every house where a bin turned over and garage fell out then they would be back tracking all day. Time is of the essence for them to cover a great area.

Get down and pick it up yourself. Be thankful we all have pickup. Get over it. Things happen.

Creepy Next Four Years

So Trump’s  invitation to the private island parties got lost in the mail? After all we are talking about a guy that used to be friends with Hillary and Bill. They thought enough of him as to go to his wedding. He also slipped up and started talking as if he wanted to ”date” his daughter. It is going to be a real creepy four years.

Fascist Demonstrators

It seems ironic that these demonstrators are trying to violently overturn an election, but call the man that won the election fair and square a fascist. These violent punks are the epitome of a fascist action. I also notice a lot of them seem to be smiling and laughing as they destroy property. I guess destroying other peoples property is fun. Meanwhile I haven’t heard one word from the White House to tone this down and the media and the Hollywood  types just encourage  it. If the goal is a better and more prosperous country everyone should take a deep breath and  consider the policies Trump wants to implement. A lower personal tax rate puts more money in everyone’s pocket and we have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world so lowering those rates makes us more competitive and brings jobs to the U.S. as will the repatriation of the estimated one trillion dollars being held overseas by American companies. Before anyone gets the vapors re fairness the fiscal and infrastructure stimulus Trump is proposing will help mains street not wall street. The extreme monetary stimulus of the past few years helps the investor class not the average household. Excluding the few people that think we should live in caves and trees, the goal of energy independence would make us stronger and also generate more jobs which I think most people would consider a worthy goal. It’s fitting that Obamacare is blowing up on Obama’s watch . No one thinks Trump is going to just cut off the truly needy from healthcare. The problem can be fixed without destroying everyone else’s insurance (remember the lie that if you liked your plan you could keep it?) and you wouldn’t have to threaten people with a fine. All these things would boost our growth rates to higher levels that benefit everyone. Isn’t that a noble goal?

Never Burned or Attempted to Destroy Property

To all you liberals out there: I’m sorry that you are upset about the outcome of the presidential election,but most of the voters just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a criminal! For the past eight years I’ve had to support the  pathetic creature that you  elected president of the United States. During this time I’ve never burned or attempted to destroy anyone’s property;  I haven’t even robbed a liquor store. Grow up, you heathens, and get a life!


There was a letter written in to you last week that said there are groups that specialize in manipulating information to stir up outrage. The writer is right, and the vast majority of those groups are the mainstream press. These same groups talk all the time about the intolerance of the horrible people that are conservative and voted for Trump but at the same time are rioting in the streets and destroying property. No one can deny that this president has been treated with kid gloves  by the press while he has weakened the country’s foreign policy, run up more debt in his time than the country had in all its previous history and blown up the healthcare system while presiding over a weak and part time economy. The voters looked through this and focused on the economy and the state of our culture and didn’t’ like what they saw. I write this the day after I got my health insurance increase in the mail. Meanwhile these tolerant and caring liberals are already blaming Trump for things that haven’t even happened yet. Just scroll through the headlines. I actually saw one this morning saying bullying will go up because of Trump. That is a good example of the ridiculous extremes these people go to to  trash him. These predictions are done by the same people that predicted the election so accurately. The next president has a lot to fix and undo to repair a lot of damage. Whoever wrote the article is right. I have no respect for a president that has been a failure on every front. That is not intolerance,  it’s being realistic and hoping that the country can get back on the right track and should hope for a more successful term than the last one for the good of the country.

Reason Why Trump Won

I love this feature in your paper, especially the 11/3 comments. The last eight years. A poorer country for it and Keeping America America. This is the reason Donald Trump is now the President elect.

Parking Problems

I am ticked off about the parking at Crestmoor and Bedford since ETC has opened. There are four parking spaces in front of The Whitney, for guests, service people, etc. But routinely three employees of ETC park there, ignoring the two hour parking limit.

Then the valets use any space not occupied, plus all other street parking before parking cars in their lot, leaving our guests, etc. no place to go. These employees should park with all other employees of ETC.

Tricky Retail Stores
I’m Ticked Off at the Tricks Some of These Major Retail Stores Try to Pull

After Halloween, there was a mark down section for the Halloween candy and in both Krogers and Walmart, there were certain bags of candy which came up full price, not being marked down at all. I asked an employee at Walmart how come one of the assorted bags of candy was coming up $6.99 and she said that bag is regular price. Well this candy assortment is not found anywhere on the regular candy isle. But she would not mark it down, she just replied they’ve been having this problem with certain bags of candy all morning. I ended up not getting the full price bag but then later when at Krogers the same situation occurred with a different bag of candy and it came up regular price. They would not mark it down though there were boxes of the particular candy in the marked down section.

I just wonder if these major  retail / grocery stores do this on purpose knowing some people will miss catching the full price  items being rung up when they are supposed to be marked down too. And why in the first place have these so called regular priced items mixed in with the marked down  items in  special section of the store? Buyers, when shopping just be aware what prices rings up at the register and don’t fall for this possible trick.