Ticked Off 11-17-2016

To read the negative response from a reader over Arby’s offering venison burgers, one gets the perception that they think of venison (aka deer) as ‘exotic’ and not worth the effort by Arby’s to serve it. I believe the reader likens the venison burger as a sick joke, as the “slaughter of such a beautiful creature” mentality. My humble apologies to the reader, but deer harvesting is very legal in the U.S. (just like fish, poultry, pork, and beef), which such harvesting offers you, the farmers, and drivers in general a huge favor. There’s nothing exotic about a creature who wreaks havoc on agricultural crops and causes automobile accidents. No other animal causes such extensive losses of food stock and personal property each year. Each state invests countless amounts of funding to keep the deer population in check in an attempt to prevent their overpopulation and disease, otherwise your ‘beautiful creature’ would not be so beautiful when malnourished. So instead of eradicating them as vermin, why not harvest them? You save money, lives, and feed the nation’s population in the process. Oh, and venison, when prepared correctly, is a very healthy and lean food source and tastes good too! At least for this hunter here, it’s not at all about the trophy kill, but instead all about the meat in the freezer.

Consider Satellite Parking

Someone last week wrote in about wishing Nashville had more sidewalks. Nashville has few sidewalks because between March and November, it’s one of the hottest, most humid, buggiest, most oppressive place in Tennessee. The Nashville Basin holds all the humid air in a pool of stillness and moisture. If you look on the globe, you’ll see that we are on the same latitude as Iran, Tunisia, and Las Vegas, so our sun is really rather strong. In short, walking is unsuitable for many people – the elderly,   the very young, the disabled, and pretty much anyone wearing clothing. If Green Hills or other areas really wants to reduce congestion, they should consider satellite parking and people movers or open trams that run frequent and regular routes.

Birds of a Feather

I’m amazed at the prices people will pay for a lot to build a million dollar home on in the ‘right’ zip code. Until I see them building their ‘dream’ homes in poor parts of town I will never buy the idea that America is not prejudiced. Everyone is prejudiced against being poor.

Forget color if you are poor. It’s a built in idea like the homes taking advantage of poor neighborhoods.

Garbage Pickup or Delivery

Yesterday the sanitation truck came by my house, picked up my garbage can, dumped half of it in the truck and the rest on my lawn. I ran out there, caught up with the driver and he assured me he would come back and pick it up (he didn’t). I then went back to my lawn, picked up my garbage and put it back in the can, and then looked down the street – half of the cans were on their side! Then I called Metro, and spoke to a lovely woman who called the independent contractor while I was on the line and they promised to come back and pick it up (again, they didn’t). Mayor Barry, I have no problem with the Metro employee (who couldn’t have been nicer and did her best), but please can we hire companies who do the work well and show that they actually care about the people of Nashville?

Safety Hazard Near the Library

So, it was the last day of early voting, and the traffic was horrendous as usual in front of the Edmondson Pike library. As someone was leaving, an accident occurred when he attempted to turn onto Edmondson Pike. Not two weeks ago, another car crashed into the same spot at Brighton Village Drive.  A while back, a couple of pedestrians were hit while attempting to cross the road there. Public works has been contacted about this extremely dangerous spot on numerous occasions by concerned library staffers and patrons. Evidently, powers that be don’t consider the spot to be a safety hazard. The “Yield to Pedestrians” sign is supposed to be enough to ensure safety. Meanwhile, drivers ignore the flashing lights and people are risking their lives crossing the road. Thankfully, the people involved in the current accident appear to be fine physically; but mentally, there’s no way to calculate the damage. A stoplight needs to be installed posthaste to prevent further carnage in the area. It also couldn’t hurt for drivers to be more considerate and cautious in their driving behavior.

Go to a Road Side Motel

I’m ticked off because of Krogers filthy parking lot. On four separate occasions I have witnessed young people climbing into the backseat seat of old Jalopys and either smoking drugs or possibly even canoodling. Now I know that theses millennials are different from my generation but come on. At least have the courtesy to go to a road side motel to experiment in these sinful activities. This is Green Hills not a bathroom at a rock and roll concert.

He Doesn’t Represent Me

So the lewd, foul-mouthed whiner you voted for says he wants to be the president for all Americans. He wants to represent “everyone.” Well he may be president but he certainly doesn’t represent me. How can he? I’m a mature adult who respects women and minorities and the disabled. Who speaks and acts in a dignified manner and who doesn’t deride and insult others to build up my own ego. Who doesn’t blame others for my own mistakes. This isn’t about party or platform. Some of his ideas and programs might work. We’ll have to wait and see. But this is about character. So if you share the same crude, low class and vulgar characteristics that our new president has exhibited this past year then he’s all yours. Let him represent you. But he’ll never represent me. Oh, and one word of advice. Never leave him alone with your daughter.

Voter Remorse Counseling

Good grief! Voter grief counseling amounts to a high tech shunning of uppity voters. It should be voter remorse counseling and in Tennessee you should have three days to take your failed vote back. We uppity voters want to party and this is what we get?

Majority of Americans are “Fed Up”

The Presidential election is over. We are now seeing protests against the results. I see that the protesters are mostly members of the younger generation. It so happens that many of us were not happy with the results of the last two elections. But we accepted it and moved on with our everyday lives. Did we protest? Did we cause problems at campaign rallies? Our country is in serious trouble if we can’t solve our many problems such as our country’s debt, illegal immigration, the healthcare bill that has escalated in costs, the treatment of our veterans, the abuse in the IRS and many more. The results of this election are indicative of the majority of Americans who are “fed up” with the way this country is headed. The US taxpayer is totally disgusted supporting those who will not work, people are not supposed to be here and aiding countries who despise us. So those of you not happy with the outcome of the election, you might start thinking like a responsible citizen, if you are one, or find another country.

Hope for the Development of Humility and Character

I don’t agree with many of Trumps policies. Some might be good for the country, some may not. But America has always made it through no matter who has been at the helm. A testament to America’s strength and greatness. What has me concerned and even afraid is the character of president-elect Trump. In the past five or ten years there’s been an effort across the country to make people aware of the detrimental affect of bullying and to try to end it. Now we’ll have in the White House the ultimate bully with the ultimate power to carry out his bullying on anyone who has a different opinion than his own. He has savagely belittled his political opponents, even those in his own party. He has cursed and demeaned our free press, the bastion of our democracy. It is said “the office makes the man.” Let’s hope and pray that Trump’s new office will help him develop some humility and some character. These are qualities all people should have, especially the president of our great nation.

Too Much Leg

I’m ticked off with the women on the talk shows. They are beautiful women but I’m so tired of seeing all legs from the hips to the toes. They could wear longer dresses where they do not show all their legs. Also they talk so fast that they are not even pronouncing their words so you can’t understand what they are saying.

Not Necessarily Negative

Yes! I’m calling about the comment about don’t be so negative. The person who called in about texting at stop lights was probably just trying to remind people to be courteous at stop lights and not be texting and hold everybody else up. I don’t think it was necessarily a negative thing.

Beside, look at the title of the column itself, ‘Ticked off’. That doesn’t mean people are negative but they are airing their grievances or reminding people of things that are annoying. It’s not necessary a negative person.

Wake Up Call for the Liberal Media

The election results should be a wake up call for the liberal media. Intelligent and educated Americans who are somewhere in the middle or to the right – we are tired of being lied too by the liberal main stream media. You attack only the candidate on the right. At least Fox News gives you a negative spin on both candidates.

Americans are tired of being lied too by the liberal media. They are tired when the media does these reoccurring huge smear campaigns. Stop reporting the slant and give us the news on both sides instead of just your opinion on the slant.

We’re tired of the slant and tired of listening to it.

Hospitals will be Making Up for the Costs

I’m ticked off at the person who said anyone who signed up for Obamacare is stupid.

These are people who could not get insurance either due to preexisting conditions or the cost. Now 22 million people will not have insurance when Trump does away with Obamacare.

Hospitals will have to give them free care and the government will pay. Hospitals will make up for the cost on your back.

I’m sorry that you have no empathy for anyone. You are the one who is a stupid idiot.

Getting What you Wanted

I’m a little ticked off about all the people talking about how we need to fix I-440 and all the other roads, yet they keep electing congressmen who promise to not raise taxes, so that’s what you get. You’re getting what you wanted. Know the saying: be careful what you wish for because you may get it. Well you got it.

Reason for the Protesting

Just wanted to make a comment about all this protesting after the election. In my mind what is wrong with all these people running up and down the street, burning and setting fires… they know now they will have to go to work and get a job. I think that is why they are all upset. The election was fair and if they did not like the way it  went then maybe they should have voted or been move involved in getting other people to vote.

They will have to now get up and go to work and that is what it’s about.

Hoping the Office Makes the Man

So we won’t have a woman in the White House. But unfortunately there won’t be a man in the White House either. Not a real man. A real man pays his taxes. A real man accepts responsibility and doesn’t blame others for his own mistakes. And a real man respects and honors women. They say “the office makes the man.” Let’s hope the office of president makes a man out of Donald Trump.