Ticked Off 1-5-2017

I’ll Demonstrate for Free Speech Any Day

A recent Ticked Off writer was annoyed that people were demonstrating after Trump’s election. That person noted that in other countries people would be arrested and jailed for such actions. That’s true, but this is not some other country. This is America, where we have the right – even the duty – to get out on the street and demonstrate when we find a person or a policy objectional or detrimental to our country’s interests.

Demonstrators helped get women and African-Americans the right to vote. Demonstrators helped end the war in Vietnam. And throughout our history citizens have taken to the streets to protect our right to free speech and a free press. A free press, incidentally, that graciously allows all of us Ticked Off writers to be heard. I’ll demonstrate for that any day!

Hope Now for a Change

Michelle Obama was on the news telling the people that ‘now we know what it feels like not to have hope. Isn’t it funny how the stock market has gone up like a rocket since the election? The market is a pretty good barometer of public feelings so I guess the people are stupid once again in their optimism according to her. As a parting shot to Obama the Chinese grab a U.S. Navy drone in international waters once again demonstrating the weakness of this president. The people actually do have some hope now for change and none too soon.

Reinstate the Draft

I am a little ticked off at the people who have written to “tickedoff@gcanews.com” objecting to the possibilities that president elect Donald Trump might reinstate the military draft. I take it that the few who have written to voice their dislike of a military draft do not consider obligating themselves to serving their country. The country that has given them all the benefits of having the freedom to disrespect the flag thus thumbing their noses at the military veterans who have given their time or in too many cases their lives. This is just one case, just think of all the freedoms you are afforded because our military has been a strong military due to all the volunteers who are not so selfish that they feel they are entitled to all the benefits our strong military has provided. I say YES, reinstate the military draft so people do not consider our freedoms a gift, and let them see that it is earned, not given. As a great man named John F. Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

A Patriot Is…

Why would you call a person who favors upholding the Constitution of the United States and enforcing the laws a racist? I call this person a PATRIOT!

Wealth Over the Little Man

Now that it has been established by the CIA that Russia did hack into our election, we must closely monitor Donald Trump.

He has had business dealings with Russia since 1987, including the beauty pageant. Two of his cabinet member have close ties with Putin.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson received the Order of Friendship medal. Tillerson is CEO of Exxon and they are doing business with Russia’s Rosneft oil. Russia stands to make billions of dollars from this deal.

National Security advisor Michael Flynn sat next to Putin on Russia Today tv program. He is also accused of sharing classified information with other governments.

Trump is planning to cut taxes for the corporations and the wealthy. Is this what he means when he is  cleaning the swamp? The little man is going to get nothing.

Respect Has to be Earned

Hold on a minute. Not so fast. All this “let’s show some respect and get behind the new president-elect” talk is a little premature. Respect has to be earned. And so far the Trumpster has not done one single thing to earn my respect. Quite the contrary. He has said and done a whole lot to earn my disrespect. It’s going to take a long time and a lot of positive actions before I can even begin to have any respect for someone who has so grossly disrespected women, minorities, people who worked for him and even his own political colleagues. Others may dismiss his disrespectful words and actions, but I don’t. It takes a lot more than big talk and a title to impress me.

Seems Hypocritical

For the people who state “give Trump a chance” I would like to know if any of you who make that statement, did you give President Obama a chance? I’m just curious and I would just like to see who is really going to tell the truth.

A Fact of Life

In regards to the person who was griping about Medicare and Medicaid under the Obama administration, saying the premiums have gone up. Yes, they have gone up, but it’s not Obama’s doing. You need to look to your senators and congress for that. And the insurance companies who want to make a big buck, drug companies and hospitals, they over charge because they know they are not going to get that much money for a procedure except what the government makes them take so that’s a benefit to us.

I would like a bigger cut. I do not want to see Medicare or Social Security privatized. I think that would really be a disaster.

This is a fact of life. Nobody wanted socialized medicine and this is what’s going to happen. We do not pay a lot of taxes and the less taxes we pay the more these things are going to increase through the years. This is probably going to be a spit in the bucket compared to what is going to happen over the next four to ten years.

Use to the Dirty Laundry

The tabloid papers have always spread their fodder about the President and his family, however, the new president and family will already be used to it since they have always had their dirty laundry published via those Pulitzer Prize winning newspapers.

Why do so Many State Employees get Private Vehicles?

My wife is at Blakeford Rehab Center. The parking at that facility is limited and many of the visitors are senior citizens. During the past week the State of Tennessee has been conducting a survey of Blakeford. There have been three state employees conducting the survey. I assume that they are all from the same department. Every morning they all arrive, but they each arrive in a separate state automobile. Although there is separate employee’s parking behind the facility the state survey people park in front, depriving visitors of those spots. Is the State of Tennessee in such great financial shape as to allow each employee a private car?

Friends? Why the Nuclear Arms Race?

Our new president now says that we must pursue increasing our nuclear weapons arsenal. At last estimates, the USA has 6,970 nuclear warheads and Russia has 7,300. The next largest number is France with 300. China only has 260. About four other countries have fewer than 200, each. It seems like Trump wants to reignite the nuclear arms race with Russia. All along, I thought he was a   big fan of Putin. Could it be that now that he has begun to receive national security briefings he has realized that Russia is the biggest threat to freedom in the world? God help us all!

A City with Such Good People Needs Better Sidewalks

Nashville is a beautiful city with loads of fun things to do, the scenery is stunning, and the people are simply wonderful. But nobody is able to enjoy the city or surrounding areas because Nashville has no sidewalks! Sure there may be a few downtown or in specific shopping areas, but generally there are no sidewalks throughout Nashville. Whenever I ask people what is the number one thing they like about Nashville, it’s the people. When I ask people their least favorite thing about the city, it’s inevitable NO SIDEWALKS. If the city wants to continue to grow and prosper we have got to expand our sidewalks. Otherwise how are people going to shop, date, dine, visit, or even just check out downtown?

Road Infrastructure is Outdated

I am ticked off! The traffic in Nashville just gets continually worse each month. I drive to and from Hillsboro Road each day for work and the traffic just keeps getting worse. The main problem is pretty obvious: Hillsboro shouldn’t be a two-lane. The street is far too congested during rush hours to handle that kind of traffic. With a four-lane there opens an entirely new lane for people to sit at while waiting to turn, rather than sitting in one lane backing up traffic behind you.

This is true for many other roads too, not just Hillsboro. Hillsboro is simply a microcosm of what’s happening all throughout Nashville. This makes it hard to convince people to move here (and stay) when the traffic is a constant standstill because of outdated road systems.

Seems like Good Business

We now see our new president on Twitter making threats against car makers for building some of their cars in Mexico. First, Ford Motor Co., next, General Motors. These company’s should remember that people buy and drive cars, not the Electoral College. By that count, 65,844,954 voted for the other candidate, while 62,979,879 voted for Trump. Now if I wanted to sell cars, I think I would go with the almost three million more folks who voted against Trump! Just seems like good business, regardless of where the cars are made. By the way, haven’t Toyota, Hyundai, Mercedes, VW and several other foreign cars been building cars in this country for a long time, giving thousands of Americans jobs?

Bag Lady of Hillwood Blvd

I like to receive The News.  On Friday December 23rd I saw this Bag Lady carrying two big clear plastic bags full of The News in their orange wrappers making the turn off Hillwood onto Forestwood. She obviously had been walking along picking up the papers that had just been delivered early that morning to our area. I thought there goes another “Liberal Do-gooder” cleaning up the neighborhood and denying people the opportunity to read Ticked Off and some other interesting columns in The News. I later thought I should have stopped and accused her as a thief, but then she probably would have accused me of some type of harassment. As an Independent I find myself sandwiched between the angry Liberals and the pompous Conservatives. Then I thought maybe she is   not a Liberal Do-gooder but some brand of Conservative. This complaint won’t be seen by the “bag lady thief” since she probably doesn’t read what she steals. If you are her neighbor, tell her she has made The News!  Hopefully she at least recycles what she steals.