Ticked Off 1-26-2017

Cold Hearted People Complaining About Street Vendors

I am so tired of rich insured Tennesseans complaining about “The Contributor” sales people. These vendors sometimes work all day and then go out and stand in rain, sleet, snow and hail to try to sell a $2 paper to these cold hearted people.

Did it ever occur to your cold, dead hearts that after a tiring 8 hour day working for the lowest wage your rich company can get away with that they may need a second job to feed, cloth, house and educate their children? It will even be worse when you take away their health insurance.

Stop complaining and roll down the window and pay the $2. Read it, you may be surprised at how hard it is for some people to provide for their families in this country.

Of course, now you want to be building a wall and bringing back jobs that you sent away.  Even then, you will find out that your corporate margins are lower, while you will further automate these low end jobs and make it harder for struggling people to educate their children.  Just as you polluted the air and water in other countries, you will pollute this country again and complain about all those once “Contributor” types vendors trying to survive on welfare.

You should have grown up in Gary, Indiana, before the mills moved to Texas, and then on to other countries.  The air was so dirty, it fell like black rain.

Such cold hearted people I live amongst.

They are Punks and Vandals

It was disgusting to watch the punks that are called protesters destroying property in Washington during the inauguration. Explain to me how you are against Trump and all for love but show this by wearing a face covering and breaking windows in stores and throwing rocks at the police . It’s always the people showing how loving and tolerant they are that do all the violence. These are not protesters, they are punks and vandals. The really funny thing is everyone in the media and the overpaid idiots in Hollywood say he’s bad for the regular guy but if he does indeed get lower tax rate in the lower brackets and gets some common sense back in the healthcare options it WILL help the people that need it the most.  I swear if Trump found the cure for cancer the media would say he put a million nurses out of work. The policies he wants will get the economy really going again and that benefits everyone which is what we all should hope for, not worrying that somewhere out there is someone worth more money than you. Trust me, there always will be.

Ronald Reagan Supported Immigration

I am ticked off at all the conservatives who think Ronald Reagan was such a great president. In 1986, Reagan passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which gave amnesty to 2.7 million undocumented immigrants. How come we never hear about this, but we sure do hear the conservatives talking bad about Obama for wanting to grant a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, many who are children, now in the U.S. working and chasing the American dream. Talk about two-faced politics!

Give Bellevue a chance to join Metro Nashville

A recent issues of your newspaper discussed the location of Hillwood High School.

I built a house in Bellevue in 1960 (now Carriage Drive) on Highway 70S. My children went to elementary school when the busing issue came up. Instead of them going to Gower School, they were being bused to any inner city school. My father-in-law decided to send them to a local private school. My daughter went to Bellevue High School and graduated the year that Bellevue was closed, and my son was enrolled in NCS 6th grade and later graduated from Trevecca.

Metro promised the street lights would be installed on Highway 70S between Nine Mile Hill and the interstate bridge. This was approved by the council, along with its budget. However, the project’s budget was used for something else, resulting in no lights to date except what was done by neighborhood expense.
Metro forgot Bellevue except for gathering taxes.

Build the new high school in the Hope Park location. The result will be positive. Local students will attend. So will the students that are members of many private school and even some home schooled students will start to attend, or at least consider.

I know the Bellevue people and I know that they love Bellevue. So please, school board and council members, consider the growth of Bellevue in terms of Bellevue residents.

Metro has always ignored Bellevue. Please give us a chance to be a part of Metro Nashville.

P.S.: My children are both out of school now, but we love Bellevue. I am ticked.

Note to the Tailgater

Thank you for revealing your lack of respect for elderly people.  We encounter your people increasingly frequently, likely due to poor upbringing by ignorant or negligent parents and family.  Let me give you a tip: when you engage in aggressive tailgating we slow down and play dumb, like we’re just stupid old people.  When we see you coming up fast from behind to cut us off while playing your little game of weaving in and out of traffic while taking chances with the lives of others, we let off or gain just enough to thwart your movement.  We enjoy imagining your frustration and anger while we make your day.  Think about it, little guy.

Casting Panic

Another storm system, another series of dire predictions by the local weather media about what is coming. Why is it so hard to deal in probability rather than surety? Can’t you just admit that storm systems are impossible to predict with pinpoint accuracy? Give a range, make people prepared, and get the word out. That should be the name of the game. Not continuously casting panic.

Street Vendors Need a Different Gig

How much longer will Nashville let these paper sellers stand on almost every corner in Davidson County. You couldn’t give them a job if you had one for them. They are in busy traffic and are setting down on the street corners. I think that at one time Nashville had a law about selling things to drivers on the streets.Sooner or later one of them will get hit by a car and there will a law suit.

Can I Take my Vote Back? No!

What a sad day January 20th was for America! I voted for Trump, but I was so ticked off at his inauguration speech. He just continued to be combative and talked about putting America first in everything, without reaching out to the majority who did not vote for him and trying to bring everyone together. He will not get my vote a second time if he runs again. Can I take my vote back please?

Ending Gun Violence Means Taking on NRA

In his inauguration speech Trump said that he will stop the violence and carnage in our cities and streets. Does this mean he will take on the NRA and try to bring some reason to the issue of gun control? Probably not! Soon, everyone everywhere will be packing heat without a permit. Let’s just hope the arguments over parking spaces at the grocery store don’t erupt in gunfire! God help us all!

I was Saddened

Kentuckian Ashley Judd found a stage for her demons at the Women’s March on Saturday in D.C. As native Tennessean, I was saddened that she mentioned our lovely state during her vulgar and disturbing rant. As a woman, I am disappointed that she chose to show such lack of respect for the women and daughters who were listening.

Protecting the Person Inside you

I am a woman, a working woman with a family. You do not speak for me. I find it very hard to see what your complaints are. Just exactly what rights are being denied to you? The one that comes to mind is your right to control your body and legal abortions. Am I right? It is not about denying you control of your body. It is about protecting the person inside of you. I, for one, do not want to pay for your abortion to dismember and murder the innocent child that you carry. There is free birth control available if you want to act responsibly.

I’m 81 and Drive Like a Pro

To the person in last week’s paper, who is “tired of the elderly driving”. I fully understand that some of the elderly, due to health problems, etc., should not be driving. This applies to everyone, not just the elderly. I don’t know how old you are, sweetie, but I’m an “81” year old lady. I drive like a pro! I am not intimidated by anyone on the road. I was taught by the best, and I am far better than the rest!!! I get many compliments on my driving, from men, women and teenagers! SO, why don’t you just calm down, take your time, be kind & courteous. Why, who knows? Someday you might be elderly and want to drive down to Kroger. Oh yeah, as you mentioned – I probably cannot stand on one foot and touch my nose, but, I can drive!!

Don’t Use That Word

I’m ticked off at the vulgar language being used now. I heard the “f” word at society wedding here in Nashville and I was shocked. I’m ticked off

Liberal Main Stream Media Attacks

This is in response to the caller who titled Dictators Demonize  the Media. Well he is complaining how Donald Trump is a dictator and  he is trying to takeover the minds of people and shut down the media. The mean media.

The liberal main stream media, all they are doing is attacking Trump. The hate Trump campaign is alive and well in his liberal media. He needs to relax. He wants to know Donald Trump’s tax returns, well I will remind him was he asking for Obama’s birth certificate? Mr. Obama did not share his birth certificate until well after he was elected. Was he pushing for that? Also if he was not aware, there was an issue attorneys told Trump not to reveal his tax returns yet.

And where was he too, when Obama went after Fox? The liberal main stream media omits alot of news, they leave news out and then add news about the left. Where was he when Obama was going after Fox News? Was he worried then when Obama was trying to shut down the other side. We have red news and then we have blue news. Obama was going after Fox News. Why wasn’t he offended about that back then? Just wondering, thanks.