Ticked Off 1-19-2017

We Didn’t Pay for a Movie to Hear you Talking About It

What really, really ticks me off? Paying good money to go to a movie and then having someone sitting near me talking the entire length of the movie. My husband and I recently went to see “La La Land.” It’s a great movie.

Well, it would have been greater if the two elderly women sitting behind us and to our right had not insisted on chatting (fairly loudly) throughout the movie.

Ladies, if you just want to talk to each other, stay home and talk and talk. When you go out in public to see (and hopefully hear) a movie, please shut up!

I could have gotten up, gone to the lobby and tried to secure one of the theater personnel to come try to get them to be quiet. That would mean missing part of the movie (which we had paid dearly for). It is just plain ridiculous, inconsiderate and rude to carry on a running conversation in a movie theater during the movie. We came to see and hear the movie – not your running commentary and questions about it.

Ladies, if you happen to read this, YES, I mean you – and anyone else who goes to a movie and talks non-stop – just stop it!

School Board, Keep Doing What You’re Doing

Congratulations to the school board. The people who had a hissy fit  because you kept the school open. They would have been the same people who would have had a hissy fit if you had closed the schools. With some people you can’t win. Keep doing what you have been doing and I’m sure it will work out just fine.

A Little White Line

I’m calling about the cars that are in the turning lane and having a little white line in the street. The white line is way too close to the intersection. There is no reason for the line to be backed up about 15 feet everywhere in Green Hills and beyond. Because it gives people turning in more room and makes it easier. There’s no reason to be slammed up against the thing. Its something a rookie would have done painting the street. If they would back the line up I think the traffic in Green Hills area would move a little quicker and less hassle and headache. I can’t imagine this being a positive move.

Enough is Enough

I know this is going to come across as harsh, but I am sick and tired of pulling up to every intersection in Nashville and seeing people selling The Contributor. The idea behind this business in the beginning was a noble one, but it has now morphed into quite the opposite. People working at Middle Tennessee businesses part of the day and then peddling papers for other parts of the day is taking away from the individuals that actually need to sell the paper. Some people see it as “she really is hustling, working those two jobs”  I see it as if The Contributor helped you get on your feet, pay that forward to another person, give them your spot, stay around and introduce them to your regular customers and help them get to where you worked so hard to accomplish.

Nashville is a very important city and we need a daily newspaper that reflects the importance of the city and that we can be proud of.

Five Years is Too Long to Wait for Good Sidewalks

Five years to wait for good sidewalks is too long. I’ve been very close to being hit by a car several times in the past year. I imagine I won’t be so lucky if I don’t have a safe place to walk in the years ahead. Once a month I need to walk from my house to the Walgreens and to the bank. This means I must cross the street to get both the medicine I need and the money to pay for it.

The people who are driving in a place that is made only for cars don’t look out for the people like me who might be on foot. I’ve lived here almost all of my life. I blend into this city and I’m proud of that, but goodness. This woman the other day had her head down while she drove, and almost hit me as I walked in front of the driveway leading into and out of a nearby gas station.

I will be making a point to make things right if I am ever hit by a car and live to sue the city over it.

Dictators Demonize the Media

The first thing a dictator does when he wants to take over the minds of people is to shut down the media.To demean the media, to make people distrust it, by calling it “fake news” or “evil media”. To insure that the people will hear only his opinions, only his dictates, only his voice and no other. Sound familiar? Trump has already begun to deny access and information to a free press that seeks to question him on his policies and motives. The press is asking those questions on our behalf. We have a right to know, for instance, why Trump is hiding in his tax returns? What his relationships are with leaders of foreign governments. And a host of other important questions to which Trump refuses to respond. Let’s make sure the free press remains free and keeps pressing for answers.

Don’t Quit Moralizing

In response to last week’s Ticked Off writer who said “you don’t have to like the person in office or even respect him, but you do have a responsibility to respect the office.” That is absolutely true. But it is even more true that the president himself must respect the office of the president. And so far, by his litany of insults, crude and unrestrained language and silly, childish tweets he has shown no respect for the very office he is about to inhabit. An office that demands dignity, grace and a sense of decency. I hope that someday Mister Trump will have as much respect for the office of the president as I have. And when you ask that for the next four years I “quit whining and moralizing,” don’t you see that is exactly what Trump wants me and the rest of the country to do? Shut up. Quit complaining. Accept whatever policies he puts forth without question. That is not the American way. That’s not going to happen.

We are not Sore Losers, we are Scared

Here’s to all of you “gleeful” Trump supporters: we are not sore losers, we are scared.

When George W. Bush was elected President then reelected, I was sad, but understood that this is the way our democracy works. Besides, George Bush is a gentleman, a good husband, father, son and friend.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, not to mention an immature narcissist. I cannot, in good conscience, call a person with those characteristics my president. I weep for our wonderful country.

Evidently he is oblivious to the fact that under a previous administration, they decided that the State could administer the program”Medicaid” more efficiently than the Government… therefore TENNCARE replaced it, which was a disaster!

Good for Millionaires but not Good for Me

Well, the time has come. The big bully will be crowned king, sit upon his throne and start his glorious reign over his subjects! It will be a joyous occasion for the ones who are millionaires but for the ones, like me, who aren’t, it is a sad sad day. May God help us!

Turn Off the School Bus Engines

Where is just plain old common sense? I sit at school and watch 6-8 school buses idle for over 15 minutes (more like 30) Which causes emissions, engine wear and increased gas prices. everybody is in arms as to getting seat belts on buses and the cost. Lets start saving some money by turning off the engine on buses and in some cases using smaller buses!

Billionaires Ruin Healthcare for the Needy

It took Gov Bredensen’s whole term to try to straighten Health Care out, somewhat.

When the Legislature vote to have to approve the Governor to “accept Medicaid Expansion”, I knew it was giving Gov Haslam, an excuse not to accept it.

Sadly, we have at least five billionaires within our state government, who so adamantly reject Health Care for the ‘less fortunate.”

Gasoline Tax is Not the Solution

Any increase in the Tennessee tax on gasoline is not the right thing to do. There are many reasons this is true. For example:

Currently gasoline is selling for less than in Tennessee, in both southern Kentucky and northern Georgia. Many travelers know this. They gas up before entering Tennessee and cross the state using our highways without buying any fuel. An increase in tax on gasoline will make this situation worse.

Currently operators of electric vehicles are not paying for using our highways. This unfair practice will become just more hideous with an increase in gasoline tax.

There is a better approach that would fund highways and make the taxing fair and equable to all. All controlled access highways (Interstates, Ellington Pky., etc.) in Tennessee should be toll roads. This can be easily and cheaply implemented using the automated pay pass systems that are used in other states such as Florida and Texas.

An additional benefit to toll roads would be using the toll rates to encourage use of mass transportation and car pooling. This would be achieved by a sliding toll rate that increases during rush hours as the volume of traffic increases during peak use.

Contact your representative to express your concern about the incorrect proposal to increase gasoline tax.

Field Testing Elderly Drivers

I’m tired of the elderly driving. It’s a difficult subject for many to deal with including the aging drivers in question. My feeling is that if an impaired driver is subject to a field sobriety text, an elderly driver should be held to the same test. I can’t imagine most elderly can stand on one foot and touch their nose!

Civil Disobedience

This is a note to the white preachers who proclaim about the goodness of the democrats and the zealots of the Black Lives Matter and that adviser to the president Al Sharpton. Where is your concern over the encouragement of civil disobedience and the destruction of other peoples’ property? God help us all!

No Warm Pools

Kathryn Huddleston’s article was good, but hard to find an indoor pool in Nashville is that warm.
Centennial Sportsplex rec pool runs about 85, and that is chilly.

Bang, Bang, Bang

I am ticked off! The construction work in Green Hills just continues. Bang, bang, bang all day! I understand that these men/women are just doing their jobs (and I’m not blaming the workers at all) but how many months must the same pounding consist? I work in an office near the construction site and this insipid pounding continues from sunrise, until sunset. It’s a constant banging you can hear through the walls and sometimes over each other talking.

I’m not the only one effected though! Drive down several city blocks in any direction and you can easily hear the pounding. This pounding makes it very difficult to focus and work. As I stated I do not blame the workers, I’m just an irritated worker trying to work and finding it near impossible to focus.

Freak on a Leash

People who let their dogs run around without leashes around the school and library tick me off! We don’t all know your dog’s behavior! Follow the rules!