This elderly lady packs heat, considered yourself warned

I was driving on Harding Road in Belle Meade and going 40 mph, which is the speed limit, when a car pulled up behind me, began honking, then swerved around me and raced to the traffic light which was red. I pulled up beside him to make a left turn and he thrust his tattooed arm out of the window and flipped me the bird. I may look like an elderly Belle Meade lady driving a Lexus, but I think this young man needs to be reminded that some of us pack heat. And although I doubt you are literate, consider yourself warned.

Please tear down that hotel
I’m ticked off! The eyesore of an abandoned hotel at the I-24 and Harding Place exit is still standing, despite what appears to be backhoes, etc, parked near it. Well, the equipment has been sitting there forever, at least        a month now. Meanwhile, the hotel across the road from it, after being closed by a court order, was completely demolished and the lot cleared of rubble within three days. Good grief; there was a fire in the hotel that’s still standing about a year ago, because homeless squatters were living in it and caught something ablaze. What is left standing is covered with graffiti, too. Overall, it’s a hazard with multiple negative possibilities ready to happen.
Dear Mrs. Mayor; tear down that hotel!

Entertainment people, stop pushing politics
I have always been a fan of Pink Floyd and went to their concert at Vandy stadium about 25 years ago. It was fantastic, so when I heard Roger Waters was doing a concert here with great visuals I jumped on getting tickets. I knew he had some controversial opinions but who doesn’t. His first set was great. Then his second set started right out with visuals all politically motivated to make the United States and our president look stupid and evil.
I didn’t go to get a political message. I went to be entertained. I am offended when a person comes to the United States, makes millions, and criticizes our democratic system. My wife and I walked out within minutes of the second. It was very disappointing. I get ticked off when the “Entertainment” industry forces political views on the public.

Pass it down to the seniors
My mother lives on a fixed income and she just moved to an assisted living facility. The residents are required to buy a meal ticket each month. The meals are ok and a moderate value. My concern is the residents are taxed for these meals so they get less food for the money. I don’t feel they should be taxed on required expenditures such as meal tickets. I am sure the state gives tax considerations to these senior care facilities but it looks like it isn’t being passed on to the seniors.

Russia remains a threat
I’d rather Al Sharpton have   a revolving door at the White House, at least he is an American, than I would Vladimir Putin  and his emissaries have   a revolving door. Russian influence in the White House is bad for Americans. People who worries about the color of someone’s skin is petty and sad. But a foreign government influence in our government is dangerous and threatens our democracy.

Love everybody, especially your “nosey neighbors”
I have lived near Knob Road since I was 30, which was in 1979.  I would say, “if you can do simple math that makes me near 70,” but that would be mean!  I would give anything to have my “nosey neighbor” back.  She and her husband added       so much to my life.  We shared joys, concerns about kids, schools, church, elderly parents, the neighbors, illnesses and death.  My family loved her family.  They have been gone almost 20 years. I miss her every day.  It is so easy to love one another – especially those right next door.

The bad guys sometimes control our cultural heritage
There is a difference between our history and our heritage. It ticks me off that my white brethren cannot make the distinction. Our history is what has happened and what we did or did not do. It is active and as always actions have repercussions. For example, hanging someone kills them or taking up arms and shooting at others will bring death to many. On the other hand heritage is what we feel about our past. It is a narrative that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. Our heritage celebrates our good past and discards our bad past. For example, the Stars and Bars were the standard flown by those wishing to violently secede from the United States. Another example would be the use of this flag under which folks yelled ‘Blood and Soil’ in Charlottesville. That is not brought up when folks mention heritage.
Why this is so complicated is that at certain times in our country the majority race has used their bad guys in our history to promote their heritage narrative. Hence we see all those confederate warriors and slave owners on town squares. Now is one of those times where the controlling culture is asserting themselves with the warm and fuzzy of all those responsible for all that morbid history in the last 150 or so years.
So the ruling culture can have their heritage but you also own the history. And please excuse when some folks do not join in.

Just like bad drivers, there are bad cyclists
In response to all those who think bicyclists should pay an extra tax to use the roads, I would like to ask, why? I, like many others, do not rely on my bicycle as my sole means of transportation. I pay the same wheel tax, $55 in Davidson Co., and the same gasoline taxes, 18.4 cents federal, 25.4 cents state, as everyone else. Depend- ing on miles driven and MPG of our three family cars, I may or may not pay as much gasoline tax as someone who drives more or less. Additionally, when I ride my bike I do not contribute to pollution, road wear and tear or traffic congestion. If I do end up paying less gasoline tax annually because I drive less then I think that is only fair.
Yes, there are bad cyclists, just like there are bad drivers. If we all treated each other with a little more respect and courtesy the road issues would be a moot point. No cyclist wants to go up against a two ton automobile. I hope no driver wants to pick off a 100 pound plus rider.

Metro is slacking on maintenance at storm water runoff areas
I am ticked off at residents along our street that routinely pile their yard debris in the storm water runoff areas. All of this stuff ends up clogging the culverts and drain pipes contributing to exacerbating flooding in events like last nights rains. I spent over two hours cleaning our culvert and yard due to all the debris that washed down our way. I am equally ticked off at Metro (and Metro Water) for not enforcing their rule – “Do not place brush, clippings and/or leaves in medians or where they can be washed into a storm sewer, catch basin or stream and       clog up drainage systems.” Additionally, Metro Code 10.20.085 states “Brush and yard waste (grass, leaves, etc.) from commercial tree and landscaping services must be disposed of by the company and not left for collection by Metro.” Half of all the debris piled on our street is placed their by landscape contractors. I see it routinely. Lastly, I will be glad to support the Mayor’s pet projects right after she addresses some of our existing issues (like four times a year debris pickup).

Low life scum
What really ticks me off as I sit here watching the evening news is hearing about looters in the flood area in Texas. These people are lower than white whale poop at the bottom of the ocean and they are going to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, if caught. Bovine scatter! These are not people, they are parasites and should be treated as they are, low life scum, and should be given no mercy.

Learn how to say common words
It is bad enough that it is common practice for people to mispronounce many words by misplacing the accent in that word. What ticks me off is hearing this mistake show up in our TV and radio commercials.  Why are we spreading these mistakes on to our youth every single day.  Is it any wonder we who live here are sometimes called “hill-billies” when we continue to show the world       we don’t even know how to     pronounce common everyday words?

No statues of Hitler
I’m ticked off that the caricature statue of Nathan Bedford on Hwy 65 is not enough for those that have needs to honor him and his evil deeds.
Consider that there are no statues of Hitler and his cohorts in German public and government places, as remembering  and learning from a terrible history is very different from honoring the evil doers daily.

Don’t need special glasses to see this
We just witnessed (and marveled) at nature two weeks ago as the incredible solar eclipse covered Nashville. Happens about every 100 years, right? Well, another eclipse is happening in our country now as the tax cut to the rich approaches. Just like the moon blocking out the sun and turning the midday into night, our current White House administration is working on the same for those earning less than $250,000 a year. Here is what will tick you off, and by the way you don’t need special glasses to see this one.
In the last administration a common sense rule was set to be implemented for investors who employed a broker for their investments. For most of us that investment is our retirement savings. This fiduciary rule just stated that if you advise (and sell) someone on what investments to buy you will need to be upfront and tell the client you get a commission from the sale. Additionally you are required to do what is best for your client. So as a broker playing fast and loose with the details so to enrich yourself would be illegal. The Trump White House just nixed this rule so all brokers can put themselves first ahead of their client’s best interest. In summary, broker sells no detail and enriches themselves.
On the same day, our President gave a speech selling his tax cut bill. He spent quite a bit of time on non-essential summaries of how great it will be. He said not a word on the close to ½ of trillion dollar tax cut payout to those making $250,000 a year, you know guys like him. He will benefit from this bill. The family of 4 living paycheck to paycheck (those invested in America) will get next to squat from this tax cut.
So you see the fiduciary rule was to shed light on the details of those making big cash off of selling us investments. Now our President is doing his version of the moon and blocking all the light of day on his tax cut plan. Can I get an ooooh and an ahhhhhh?