The word is benevolence

Are we there yet; you know that feeling past being ticked off, semi-resigned to accept something you never thought you’d have to deal with? No, not talking about having a family member breaking the law by shooting up a church or getting high and higher on prescription heroin. No, not upset that all my family elders are diabetic from 40 years of over-eating fried foods. And certainly I’m not talking about not having college graduates in the extended family brood. Not any of the above.
My resignation can be described in one word, or say the lack of one word in today’s American society. The word  is of religious relevance and important to those who feel personal character is vital to a fulfilling life. The word is ‘benevolence’. Defined, it means the quality of being well meaning. Some words that mean about the same as that are kindness, goodwill, charity, compassion or humanitarianism.
This ideal has been stepped on and kicked in the gutter with the emergence of one person, our current President. From the moment that he said Mexican immigrants were rapists at his presidential campaign announcement in 2015, all class once embodied by the holders of that office has been vaporized. No need to follow that with all of the other crass behavior. If the question is whether or not this person is benevolent, the answer is a resounding, ‘not a chance’.
And now hate me or don’t for this, but no matter how you feel about Mr. Trump’s predecessor, politically, you can say one thing is true; Obama had class. He was benevolent in the way he carried himself and treated others. Merry Christmas.

Come back to reality
Your last penny? Yes, my husband is on disability and we got a notice yesterday about the cost of living increases and it didn’t change the amount he gets so I supposed that’s going to medicare. However, that’s fine with me. I’m not paying the outrageous amounts of money from Obamacare.
Don’t blame Trump. He’s not the one who spent away our Social Security and Medicare.  Blame your representatives and congress people you’ve voted for. Here’s something to chew on. John Conyers, 88-years old, has been in congress for 52 years.
To the comment about happy after failures; No kiddin ! Why would any American want the country to fail? Pure ignorance.
To the chaos comment; you are so far off base that it will take the raising of the Titanic to pull you back to reality. Better stop listing to the MSM; they lie.

Discriminating with tax money
Incentives packages hurt  property owners and make for higher taxes, higher water and sewer bills, higher infurstruc-

ture cost and congestions of people and traffic. Government officials are foolish people for giving away tax money and it should be illegal to do so. This system never brings down taxes. The proof is in the history. Never have taxes been cut because businesses come to town. It gives the wealthy a free ride and mom and pop businesses never get a break. People have been struggling before incentives and struggling more after incentives because of higher overall taxes. If incentives lower taxes, it might be a good winner. But it’s not. It’s a taker. A bigger and more expensive government becomes the norm with incentives. There are not any good things that come from discriminating with tax money. Politicians want growth for the growth of their salaries and benefits. It’s not for the benefit of the people. Never has; never will be!

Reporting Trump’s failures isn’t fake news
On a few occasions I have read in this fine column the shrinking group of Trump supporters chastising those who report on our President’s factual betrayal of the majority of American people, as if holding Trump accountable is un-American or even dumb.
By calling the growing list of Trump lies and misdeeds “perceived failures” is fake news –and therefore dumb!

That will be chump(a)licious
To the writer who labeled us working class as chumps for thinking we are waiting for those $9,000 raises once corporations get their big tax cut I say you are out of bounds, big time. And it ticks me off!
Sharing profits with workers in the form of wage increases and benefits is so 1950s. This is 2017 and corporate management has sworn off paying the hired help any better, probably forever. Those big tax cuts for the rich and corporate are going to go to buying back shares in their own companies. That is where the cash will go. And those buybacks, when strategically exercised, will raise the company share price. You say why is that important? Well, most all of the corporate management compensation these days is tied to the stock price. So if the buyback raises the stock price, it will raise the corporate executive pay. It is like giving yourself a raise. And those raises will not be chump change either. Can you say we buy a bigger yacht in 2018?
And by the way, wait till the tax cuts for the rich are paid out. Right after that we will be told that we need to balance the Federal budget. Where will those trillion plus dollars come from? How about grandma’s Social Security and Medicare! Now that will be chump-a-licious.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visits Nashville
There she was. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, courageously calling for drastic changes in Nashville’s public school system. And all our teachers, administrators and the union could do was whine for feeling unappreciated. We have heard this nonsense before.Taxpayer dollars build new buildings, raise teacher pay and each incremental improvement is viewed as a huge success.
Parents will do whatever it takes to get the best education for their kids..good teachers will do whatever it takes to find a better teaching environment. And it all starts and ends by avoiding Nashville’s public schools.
We should  bring in outsiders like Betsy DeVos, with educational ideas that work: vouchers, charter schools, merit pay for teachers, easier removal      of incompetent teachers, new teaching techniques. The list is endless. Anything is better than what we have now.

Citizens Arrest Day
I am planning to participate in “Citizen’s Arrest Day” January 3, 2018, suggested by Francesca Amato-Banfield (Punished4Parenting) to bring attention to the fight so many parents and children have to endure, and often lose in the corrupt family court system.  Family court corruption is a huge problem that most people don’t seem to be aware of, and I wasn’t aware of until my family was affected. Several of us mothers who have been separated unlawfully from our children are trying to plan events in Nashville.  I looked back to the videos of the Women’s March back in January that was estimated to have had 15,000 participants.  I have struggled in our court system for 3 1/2 years and haven’t managed to get more than a handful of people to show up for a meeting or rally. What would it take to get 100 people together to fight for a mother’s right to a relationship with her own biological child?  What would it take to get 100 people together to say that is outrageous that my 9 year old daughter has had no contact with me for 21 out of the past 29 months mostly because I was too poor to afford an attorney to fight against the abusive misuse of the court.  My little girl went from daily contact with me, her primary parent (4 overnights a week–unrestricted contact with her father and 3 overnights with him) to zero contact for 12 months, and another stretch of no contact for 9 1/2 months. Who will stand up for parental rights and children’s rights?  Are women willing to turn out in droves to claim their right to kill their unborn children, but not to claim their right to parent the children they chose to give birth to?  Is it fair that women and children only can get the liberty and justice they can afford to pay for in Nashville’s court system? My child has been devastated by the court-ordered or court-condoned abuse. My child is one of many victims. What will it take to give them a voice and see that their rights and family relationships are protected?

You can dress better
I just don’t understand why people can’t dress appropriately these days. There we were sitting at a well-known steak house right in the middle of Belle Meade and we could not believe what people were wearing. Grown men and women wearing jeans. One woman had a fur coat on over hers but I can tell you it wasn’t hiding a thing. Another man had tucked his napkin into the front of his shirt. Then we watched one couple take their dirty plates back to the salad bar for seconds. And I know for a fact the husband happens to be a member of the health profession. Come on, Nashville. You can do better!

Light rail
A light rail system is needed by Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County. Such light rail will provide relief to the already over congested highway system that serves our community. The ever growing total   population of Metropolitan Nashville and the surrounding twelve counties stands at approximately 1.8 million. It has been designated as the eleventh fastest growing municipality in the United States. Approximately 1.1 million of those reside in surrounding counties but work daily in Davidson County. They are forced to access the current Davidson County outdated highway system as they make their way to work. The promotion of a uniform light rail system will eliminate a substantial portion of the traffic using our streets daily and noticeably reduce the cut-through traffic found on the subdivisions streets. Such cut-through traffic is unsafe for the residents and has been a major source of depreciating the value of your home over the recent years.
The other major cities of our nation have witnessed the completion of light rail systems. In 1994, the Music City Star light rail was opened along Lebanon Pike to serve the resident of eastern Davidson County and neighboring Wilson County. It was to be the first leg of a uniform light rail system that was to serve the entire area. However, further expansion of light rail along Murfreesboro Pike. Harding Pike, Nolensville Pike, and Gallatin Pike was put on hold because of a number of factors, including the inability of government officials to use the existing rail lines, the unwillingness of surrounding counties to assist Davidson County in funding light rail, and the over zealous attention given to downtown Nashville development by previous Mayors.

Fought it tooth and nail
This is in regards to the Thanksgiving conversation comment. The caller says that the Obamacare program is a great program. It is not a great program, it is a good program. It’s not great because  Republi- cans have fought it tooth and nail and have tried repeatedly to destroy it.

New brain power to kick the flu
I am one who believes in flu shots and it’s worth a chance of getting it right so you can be protected but I’m now becoming disillusioned. For several years I’ve had flu shots but I’ve still gotten the flu. I just saw where the prevalent flu this year is H2N3 which is the type of flu that was wreaking havoc on the other side of the world. So they knew what was going to be coming. Now I’m hearing the shot is only 10% effective! Are scientist not smart enough to get a strain right. I understand about the flu mutation but we need some smart scientist to figure it out. Because if we are going to be rolling up our shelves to get a flu shot its very dishearting when they tell us it is not working. We need some new brain power to kick the flu because the it can be devastating.