The Purple Heart license plate

My wife noticed that men were saluting as we passed them downtown last weekend. It must be the purple heart on my father-in-law’s license plate. He said it had been going on for a long time and he makes every effort to return the recognition and respect whenever possible.

Renews my faith in the younger generation
I’m not at all ticked off but very thankful to a young black man for trying to help me find my car in the theater area of a Green Hills parking garage on Wednesday.  We walked into the garage at the same time and he had already said “Have a beautiful day and God bless you”.

I headed off to my car but soon I was going right back up the aisle where I thought I had left it.  As I walked back up, I passed him still in his car.  He got out and he went up and down the aisles of floors 2 and 3… on this 93 degree day trying to help me find my car.  When he had no luck finding it, he came back, put his hand on my shoulder and said a prayer for me, then said “I leave you with The Spirit”. I walked back down that first aisle intending to call my husband to come drive me about until found it. But as I rounded the corner to my right, there it was, plain as day right where I left it on that first-floor UP ramp! God had answered this young man’s prayer for me to find my car!  Now I say God bless you, young man!

Before he came to my aid, two young ladies had also stopped to ask if they could help.  Three young people with only good intentions in their hearts made my day so much better than it began what with all that shooting that had happened during that morning in Washington. Renews my faith in the younger generation and I thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

Worried about dangerous poisons
There is a big health problem in our community that I don’t see being addressed. Between the years 1940 and 1970 most structures built used asbestos in some form. My sister in Belle Meade was told a few years ago that asbestos was discovered    in insulation in her house during a small renovation. That part of the house was sealed and experts in haz-mat suits removed the asbestos placing it in special containers and hauling it to a specified site. My neighbor in West Meade discovered asbestos in tile in one of her rooms. She was told as long as it was contained not to worry. I worry there is no regulation, and this dangerous poison is being let into the air.

Shedding a dog at the park
To the dog owner that sheds their dog at the Green Hills park: You shedding your dog at the park and leaving very large pieces of fur all over the walking path is incredibly rude. You know what you are doing and if you felt this was okay, you would do it at your own house.

Invest in more training for customer service
I would like to mention about customer service. I think some of these businesses need to invest a little bit more money and some training for these younger people because they do not really get it and I don’t think anyone is teaching them. First of all you go to a relaxing nail salon and there is music blasting. No one wants to listen to someone else’s music. As soon as they wait on you they’re back looking at their cell phone or they are rushing you so they can have a cigarette outside. There needs to be some training in customer service because there isn’t any. And  when these people do not get tips, they need to look at themselves more than getting  tips.  Thank you.

Running the government like a business
What is all the hub-bub about? The behavior of our President is being put under the microscope like no other. Yes, he says outlandish things and provides no back up for his over-the-top statements. And he also states his opinion as fact but how can anyone be surprised? I am not referring to his behavior as a carryover from the campaign.

Over the last decade or so conservatives have suggested (demanded) that our government be run like a business. Private sector is more efficient they say. It is more productive and stimulates growth that seeps down to all our citizens. We have all heard it. But one thing they did not point out is how a business is run and the leaders that run them. Enter President Trump as exhibit A.
Two methodologies run through every business. First, everything and everyone is ‘transactional’. Create the activity, account for it and close it. That is it. Move on to the next transaction. No building, no caring about what happened yesterday. Nope, just tell me what is selling today. Every- thing else can be so unimportant to the business today.

Second, making claims that are unsubstantiated or technically misleading and not completely true is how many business messages are delivered. Some less toxic examples are when a company says their sandwich is the first of its kind or their pizza is better than the rest. Maybe their online college is not a scam and will make you almost rich. How about your Pinto car is safe and will not explode. Or maybe my all-time favorite, lighting up 20-40 times a day will not cause health issues. Claims like these are made every day by American businesses mainly because they can. Who is going to stop them, some regulator? Those days are gone and that is not a secret.

Our President is a disciple of these two methodologies practiced every day in the private sector. And no mind is paid to ethics, morality, or just plain right and wrong. Those individual values are optional. So let’s not blame Mr. Trump for running the government like a business. It is what he knows.

Take it to the voting booth
We the people do not want Nashville to be a Sanctuary City! When will the mayor and the council get that through their thick skulls? Take it to the voting booth before you signed that bill!

Throwing catfish on the ice was cruel
I’m as thrilled as any other Tennessean that the Predators made it to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time, but I’m also as upset as any other compassionate person that some misguided people chose to celebrate this historic success by throwing dead catfish onto the ice.
Fish are smart, interesting animals. Researchers have documented that fish can use tools, communicate with “sign language,” build nests, create art, and have impressive long-term memories and sophisticated social structures. Catfish have been observed “gluing” their eggs to leaves and small rocks so that they can carry the precious cargo to safety.
Throwing the bodies of catfish onto the ice during a hockey game is callous and disrespectful. Imagine the outrage if fans threw dead puppies onto the ice. They would be slapped with cruelty charges, not get a proclamation from a state representative.
Let’s not detract from the Predators’ amazing achievement by bringing cruelty to animals into the arena.

Don’t denigrate others
I’m so ticked-off, it’s not even funny. After reading the mess of an entry by the xenophobic and self-described “ole country boy” in the June 15 Ticked Off!, I am beside myself with the author’s hypocrisy.  It’s bad enough that, in a nation of immigrants that this man feels he has the right to denigrate others who are at least working and trying to learn the primary (but not the only) language spoken here, but he then goes on to mangle the very language he seems to hold so dear! “I told her I wanted a double cheese, mayonnaise only light.” Ignoring  the fact that the
man ignorantly begins his rant by calling the girl a “Spanish” girl (when it’s highly unlikely she is from the country of Spain and at any rate he certainly wouldn’t know either way), he then forms his entire rant around the faulty premise that McDonald’s even serves mayonnaise on their cheeseburgers   to begin with (they don’t)!  McDonald’s has always served their double cheeseburgers with mustard and ketchup/catsup only, so to angrily expect someone learning English- one of the most difficult languages to learn- to be able to understand such an ignorant request defies logic.

To the “ole country boy” who was kind enough to share his ignorance with the rest of us:  Perhaps, Sir, if you weren’t speaking some “country boy” version of English, and actually asked for a product/variation the establishment is actually known for, maybe then the young lady might not have so much difficulty understanding you and the others of your like. I’m fairly sure “ole country boy” is also deficient in Cherokee, Chickasaw, and other true “native” American languages.   At least have the decency to not be a hypocrite and display a mastery of your own language before publicly deriding others for their efforts. Other countries don’t “hate us for our freedoms” – they “hate” us because many of us are a bunch of ignorant, elitist hypocrites who are so aggressive about it.