The “It” city is killing me…

Man, this tremendous growth in and around Nashville is killing me? And, it’s happening not just in the ways you may think. You know the bottle-neck traffic? The high prices for rent and food? The 24 hour noise downtown and all the drinking inspiring it?
It is a long list of badness if you look at it from a resident’s perspective.
What really ticks me off is that the city and region got tagged ‘it’.

Time to reevaluate bike lanes
I can’t remember a time in my life that I did not have a bike and the feeling of independence, responsibility and trust that it represented. It was a great time (as a teen) in small town U.S.A. In our young vision the ”gang” ruled the streets and woods within what seemed like miles and miles, which in actuality was only a few blocks.
It was the time of ”go cat go!!” and we were driven to never stop. It was not ”cool” to put your feet on the ground and we tried our best to never do that and at times it became sort of a contest and a sort of street cried for that age. To make it from one end of Main St. to the other without stopping or putting your foot down was a blast! My best time was 15 minutes.
This is what I have seen today on the streets of our not so small town U.S.A. It looks like the ”no stop and no foot on the ground” rules are still in effect. Shortcuts in every way possible are still the norm.
These ”cyclist” are long past their teens and should know and act better but I am sad to say they do not.
The roadways are being squeezed down to accommodate cyclist but the bike lanes are not being used in areas such as Hermitage. Is it time to reevaluate? I have seen the bike lanes used more often by paper sellers to walk back and forth at intersections.
I am for bikes within reason and go cat go!

Leaders want local wages to stay low
There are three reasons businesses and operations are heading to the state and, more specifically, to Nashville. First, there are relatively low wages in place now. These wages are somewhat historic in scope and benefit the businesses that move here from higher wage states. These are states where employee benefits are usually more generous and keep pace with inflation.
Second, the state and local government ruling majorities have a hammer lock on wages, wanting them to be low for the long term. There is a bullet-proof majority that thinks business friendly is an eleventh commandment. Hence, you will never see collective bargaining or any meaningful worker initiatives in the state. Keeping wages in check by outlawing such activity or putting their business friendly thumb on     the scale (VW union organizing) are now the norm.
Lastly, do not forget about the big fat payments of cash and future tax concessions we regularly throw at any business entity that shows a pulse. And the best part of these payments is that any requirements or conditions on the money that would protect the citizens is rarely, if ever, enforced. The well-known ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy is utilized here when the government needs businesses to deliver on their promises.

More tears than you know could be shed
As you witness growth, do not shed a tear, or as you watch your beloved home be overrun. Nope, shed a tear now that you know you are paying for it in so many other ways than you may have thought.

Trump not responsible for any nuclear improvements
Once again, our President has lied. A day after he threatened North Korea with “fire and fury,” President Donald Trump distorted the facts when he boasted that his “first order as President was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal” and “it is now far stronger and more powerful than ever.” It’s true that Trump directed his secretary of defense to initiate a Nuclear Posture Review. But that review was not his “first order”; it was not unexpected; and it won’t be done until the end of the year, so it has yet to result in any improvements.
All U.S. presidents since     Bill Clinton have undertaken Nuclear Posture Reviews, or NPRs, at the beginning of their administrations. The Obama administration’s review, which was completed in April 2010, resulted in a $400 billion modernization plan that included new nuclear submarines, intercontinental ballistic missiles and Navy bombers.
The renovation and modernization of the arsenal that is going on now is all the result of decisions that were made by   the Obama administration. So, Mr. Trump what have you actually done since being elected? Nothing!

University charges employees outrageous amounts to park
My husband works at Vanderbilt in a Vanderbilt-owned building where only Vanderbilt employees who work in the building park and there is plenty of parking.  Yet, every year he is charged for parking. This is outrageous in my book!  Sure, he could not pay and risk being ticketed or towed. He can park on the street, but there’s never an available spot because others cannot afford the cost either. I am retired so that added cost is a big deal to us, especially for the privilege to park in a building where you work and only those who work there park and there’s plenty of parking! There has got to      be others out there who work    at Vanderbilt and feel the same way.  I’m open to the fact that maybe I don’t have all the facts and would appreciate someone explaining the rationale to me.  It’s time to step up and let them know it’s outrageous!

Right to perform and the right to peacefully protest
I’ll bet there are some of you who never heard of Roger Waters, the founder of Pink Floyd.  I urge you to read about his vile anti-Semitic and anti Israel statements and actions, even during his concerts.
Roger Waters has the constitutional right to perform. But, we also have the right to peacefully protest.

What about the Lincoln Memorial
I’m a little ticked off,  a little concerned and confused concerning all this racism. I do not agree with the white supremacist and all that should not be going on but can people not understand they are taking away history by removing these statues that have been there for years. That is heritage history!
I’ve got one question? When are they going to tear down the Lincoln Memorial then?

Sick of the work Rhetoric
No not what the politicians or news media are saying. I’m sick and tired of that word “rhetoric” being over used. Is it just me or has that word always been used as much as it is lately? Drives me friggin nuts. Stop it.