Termites wanting to sell your property

Not all people may feel as offended by this as I do but when your name goes into the newspaper as an executor of someone’s estate, I can not believe the people who come out of the wood work. Its one thing when you get bombarded by letters in the mail asking can they buy your property at such and such. The most amusing letter came when someone wanted to buy my dad’s property and she filled in the nursing home address where my father died instead of his home address. And then they figured out my name and dung up my phone number online, and then started calling how can they be help with my estate.  If I need help I will call for help, does anyone else feel offended by this as much as I do? It’s a bombardment, its not just one call or two people. But they go over the line of stalking you and looking up your phone number to call you at home after you lose someone. These termites come out of the wood to chase you down because they want to sell your property! When people die maybe they do not want to be stalked and be bothered at home. It’s very annoying  these people are so shark like at a time of a loss and send you letters not knowing anything about the property your selling. Does anyone feel offended by this?

Families do not need to be torn apart
As I sat in my comfortable, warm livingroom watching the 6:00 o’clock news, I saw the story of a 39 year old man who was brought to this country illegally when he was 10 years old. He now has a wife and children and has worked all his life to support them. They are citizens and he is not. He was being taken away by immigration officials to be deported back to Mexico, while his wife and daughters cried their eyes out. The DACA rules were designed to protect such immigrants when they were brought to America as children. Now, it seems that we are rounding up these individuals and sending them back to a country they know nothing about, and tearing them away from their loved ones. I don’t know about the rest of the warm comfortable people in Green Hills and other communities in our country, but I for one am so angry that we are allowing such a thing to happen. Yes, we need to reform our immigration system and to improve our border security, but we do not need to do it while tearing apart families that have long been established. This is not a Christian thing to do. It just isn’t right! I fought for this country, and I never expected to see such cruel behavior from our leaders!

Left behind again
Feeling down about being left behind? Got your man in the White House to ensure you get yours? Well, here is another reason you got some time to wait till you get on the feel-good express. I do and it ticks me off. No, not talking about healthcare support to rid the rural counties of the criminal opioid drug abuse. (But, why are the felons selling and abusing opiates not in jail?). No, not talking about that big new job with the fat paycheck for high school graduates. Did not get mine yet. And no, not talking about those promised $9,000 pay raises promised by the GOP before the big rich guy tax cut. I barely make 30 thousand so when I get that $ 9,000 it will be great, but not yet. Nope, none of those.
Today, we are being left behind by the New York boys in Washington and Wall Street. The stock market is booming and those investors are making loads of money. Double digit gains for everyone. That is big bucks. If you had $100,000 invested when Trump was put in office you would have made over 20 grand if just invested in a simple stock fund. Then there is the issue. Well, those complaining they were left behind do not have any cash to invest in the stock market. The data shows that the bottom 80 percent of families ranked by income own only 7 percent of the stock market. That is not a lot. The top 20 percent of families own over 90 percent. That means you are not invited to the wealth party because you did not buy a mutual fund or stock to get your ticket to financial greatness.
Sorry, but again those government folks in Washington and rich guys from New York are doing it to you and me again. The President gave the corporations their trillion-dollar tax cut and the stock owners got their cash. How did I get left behind again with my guy in the White House?

Why Trump will win a second term
Attention all you Democrats out there. I’m going to tell you something that may send you back into therapy. You better restart your blood pressure medications and definitely sit down before you read this:
Donald Trump will win a second term! And it won’t be due to his many accomplishments like a 26,000 Dow, a 4% GDP, the new tax code or a 4.0% unemployment rate. It’s not even if he fixes Obamacare, defeats ISIS, builds a wall, saves Medicare, and creates a “huge” infrastructure program. The Democrats will lose the next election because so many of them insist on force-feeding their ideology down the throats of everyone west of the Hudson River and East of Beverly Hills. Here’s what I mean.
1- “Global Warming” will win Donald Trump a second term. Why? Most Americans don’t give a care about the arctic ice cap. Only liberal ideologues think it’s our major threat. We have other, more pressing things on our mind, like supporting our family, keeping our job, terrorism, and dealing with the lunatics running North Korea and Iran.
2- “What Happened” is Hillary’s teary-eyed, “fictional” account of her unexpected lost. No one likes a whining loser who blames everybody and everything for her failures. The only hope that the Democrats have, is to get rid of the Clintons, both of them, and move on.
3- “Tweeting”. – We finally have a president who is “talking” directly to us, in a language we understand and use, saying things we are talking about. It’s about time. We love those tweets!
4- “Bathrooms”. Tell the Democrats that we don’t want 3 bathrooms! There is no way we are taking our daughters or granddaughters into a lady’s bathroom, with men dressed like women.  We don’t care if it hurts their feelings.
5- “College safe-zones” are absurd. Wait till these spoiled brats get their first job and find out what the business-world is really like. Their tuition-paying parents will vote for Trump and his lower taxes and skyrocketing IRA’s, while their poetry-majoring, 28 year-old, “adult-children” will stay home on Election Day, still looking for a job as Apple’s CEO, and threatening to move out of their parent’s basement.
6- “Bowing before foreign dictators”. We are the greatest democracy this planet has ever seen and the only defender of the free world. After a year of Trump, its nice to be #1 again.
7- Colin Kaepernick and the other “kneelers”. Why don’t the Democrats speak to the Trump supporters in the bleachers, who feel that only in America, could these rich, spoiled, ungrateful athletes attain such fame and fortune.
8- “Planned Parenthood, ACLU and those San Francisco  Appellate Judges”. We don’t need some self-righteous ideologues telling us to change our morals or our religious beliefs. We prefer Chic-fil-A and The Little Sisters of the Poor, The NRA and The American Legion, and we will vote accordingly.
9- “Rocket Man” and “The Ayatollah“, admit it: every Democrat from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama, tried appeasing these madmen. Americans know it’s now up to Donald Trump to prevent a nuclear holocaust by finally getting tough.
10- “Sanctuary Cities”, “The Wall”, “The Travel Ban”: “Chain Migration”.  Every time another American gets killed by an illegal alien who has reentered our country numerous times, voters know that the era of protecting these bad guys is over! Americans are sick and tired of millions of poor, uneducated, non-English speaking immigrants pouring through our unsecured borders and then we, the taxpayers are expected to support them with welfare, free healthcare and education, a driver’s license and even allowing them to vote.
11- Hollywood’s movies, award ceremonies and their political activism: We really resent Hollywood superstars using their careers as a vehicle to express their liberal views.
12- and finally, The Democrats nominating someone like Elizabeth Warren, the first Native American President. Even another outsider like Oprah Winfrey would have a better chance of winning.
See y’all at the polling booths.

Closing branches despite a tax boost
Wells Fargo plans to close 900 branches despite a $3.4 billion tax boost. I guess they want to take all that money they were spending on employees at those branches and invest it in something else, like overseas resorts and spas. Sounds like America is on its way to being great again!

Comparing to Norway
Dumbfounded is not the same as ticked off, but you are on the way to being really irate. Our country’s leadership is enamored with the people of Norway. He is not very fond of people from Africa and the Caribbean. Sure seems pretty clear, you know black and white. While the word picture   is clear we have been watching our government’s capos explaining why it is Norwegians that we want to immigrate to America. They are hard-working, have skills and have little crime. But these people do not share our values, forget how pale they are.
Let’s start with hard working. Norwegians work an average of 33 hours per work week. And their average salary is $44,000. Is that not part time in the USA? Norway has a 45% of GDP tax rate. They get plenty of services, no nickel and dime it on the services. Norway has single-payer healthcare with all Norwegians covered (that includes the 6% that are not Norwegian white). And the winner fact about Norway is this- only 8.1 percent of homicides are a result of a firearm. In our fair country 67 percent of our killings are done by guns. That is a lot of dead people, 8 times the rate as Norway. By the way USA is number 1 with the gun killing!
Summing it up in Norway you got short work week, good salary, and excellent healthcare (not tied to your employment). Plus, you are 8 times less likely to be mowed down by gunfire. So the crazy question is this; even if it was desirable to entice people from Norway and countries like Norway why in the heck would they come here? This place is almost like ahhh, you know the word?

Add a billion dollars plus for the railway
Here are several more problems with light rail proposal. The $5.2 billion price tag (so far) does not include the cost of the 22 planned stations (land acquisition expense, construction and maintenance costs).
Many businesses will fee Davidson County if the business tax is raised twenty percent to help pay for this boondoggle—why, that job loss alone county line—and with the loss of those business and tax revenue they currently provide, guess what—property taxes on Nashville residents will SKYROCKET even more.
There will be significant cost overruns when the tunnel  construction crew has to blast through solid limestone bedrock underneath Nashville compared to soft glacial till underneath Seattle; remember how Goggle—a $700 billion company—whined about the cost of laying fiber cables just a few feet underground here in Nashville.
It will cost hundreds of millions of dollars per year to pump the water out of the tunnel when the water table is breached. Drive by the one square block watter-filled hole at 16th and West End—which is at a higher elevation than 5th and Broadway – and see what is in store for the proposed tunnel.
Last but not least, add on the billion dollar plus cost of building a flood wall that the Mayor will then tell us is needed to protect the tunnel from flooding.

She deserved a better send off
Yes, I’m ticked off at the way Channel 4 handled the letting go of Demetria Kalodimos as the anchor person on the news. She has been a wonderful reporter for Channel 4 for many years and has done an outstanding job. She was respected by the community and did lots of things for the community. The way her termination was handled was very, very disrespectful.
I hope the other local news stations, Channel 2, Channel 5 and Fox 17 recognize the tremendous amount of talent she has and decides to add her to their staff. I hope they would hire her if she decides to go work with them. Maybe then Channel 4 will recognize the loss they have. For someone who had been a great part of the community, she deserved a better send off. It was uncalled for and just shows the way things happen now in society that should not happen. Channel 4’s lose will be the gain for someone else. We will miss her but hopefully she will be back soon.

Please be considerate when deposing your drinks
Yes I would just like to remind everyone not to throw beverages onto the pavement when your in a parking lot especially right next to your car because the next person who pulls up might be an elderly person. With this extremely cold temperatures that liquid is going to freeze into a very slick sheet of ice. When that person steps out of their car, they might slip, so please be considerate and depose your beverages in the  grass or some safe area rather than in the parking lots, sidewalks, etc. Thank you so much.

Can not pierce Southern skin
To the person who called the South backwards for honoring our brave ancestors. You can not pierce the Southern skin but you can keep your mouth from flapping. Please do not move here.

Not made in the USA
I’ve been a member of the NRA for years and years. I’ve always paid my dues and recently they sent me a nice pocket knife. I was really impressed with it until I opened it, looked closer and the knife was made in China. I wrote NRA a letter and I told them I did not want anything made in China from an outfit as large as NRA, if they could not send me something made in the United States then I’ll just pull the plug on all of it and let it go.
I just don’t think its right giving things away made in another country.