Take your a@! north of the Mason Dixon Line

I don’t have the internet to send a reply email. But…

Please tell “Tips when moving to Nashville” to take their a@! north of the Mason Dixon Line if they don’t like it here. Won’t hurt my Nashville feelings at all!!!

Trump’s travel expenses

I am sure the folks attacking President Trump for his travel expenses also had a problem with the Obama’s excessive vacation expenses. What, no?  Tell me what is wrong with that picture.  Sorry, if it is good for the goose it is good for the gander.  If you are tolerant of excessive expenses with a democrat but not with a republican then you need to examine your principles.

Seeking a good doctor, not voodoo concoctions

I had to change doctors due to my employer plan switch – nothing to do with ACA! My new doctor doesn’t like prescription meds that my plan will cover, but will gladly sell me a mess of herbal teas and creams that the office is a distributor for at $50 plus a pop! This is my second attempt to find a doctor since the switch – the one I first signed up with told me after the fact that they weren’t accepting new patients, despite what the insurance rep who went over the plan told me! I’m about to run out of all my medications – how can I find a GP accepting patients who believes in modern medicine and not voodoo chicken leg concoctions? The insurance company website is useless!

The first without a dog

It seems that Donald Trump is the first president in 130 years not to have a pet dog. President Mckinley was the last president not to have a dog. However, he did have a pet parrot. I guess Trump has made progress, though. He doesn’t have a parrot, but he does have a Twitter! Trump doesn’t have pets because he sees no use for them. They are a dead expense in his twisted vision. He can’t make money out of them, they don’t vote, and they can’t clean the bathroom!

Know your facts before speaking

In the previous month’s issue the comments were well communicated and I totally agree about jail, no entitlements,  as well as criminal acts by a sworn and trusted  judge. But the final  comment regarding the former Criminal Court Clerk was not a fair comparison and another example of the media not providing the entire story.  The TV news never told you that he was at the time in early onset Alzheimer’s, now currently homebound with little recall, his family providing care around the clock with his time being limited.
Know your facts before comparing a man that dedicated his adult life to Nashville, with a then undiagnosed illness, to a corrupt and now criminal  judge.

Running blindly into a multicultural paradise

As I watched the events in London unfold as just another in a long line of terrorist events in Europe’s rush to take in a flood of immigrants, I wonder if we in the U.S. aren’t going the same way. I think we tend to forget just how many terrorist and just plain heinous events have happened since 9/11 and we still seem to want to rush blindly into this multicultural paradise that’s not working. We have had major events such as those at the Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, San Bernardino and Orlando. We have seen many, many smaller tragedies such as Kate Steinle and last week we see a fourteen year old  girl in Maryland raped in her school by an eighteen year old illegal that should not have been in a class with these young classmates. And what is the response from the state of Maryland? They are trying to push through a sanctuary state law! Imagine how her parents feel about this. When the president tries some common sense immigration changes to limit the damage some obscure left wing judge tries to kill it. There’s a judge in Maryland again. After all it wasn’t his daughter. We didn’t cause this refugee problem and it’s not our responsibility to fix the whole world, but it seems we are intent on committing suicide on the altar of multiculturalism.

Green Hills not named after green hills

This is in respond to the blocking of the hills in Green Hills by the large construction project on Hillsboro. I agree, totally, with the comment. I don’t like the highrises in Green Hills but the commenter should know that this area was not named after “green hills”. Green Hills was a part of a Prescriberian family that settled in the area off of Concord Road and there is actually a historical marker to remember them. So the area is named after Green Hill, not after the green hills. So brush up on your history.

Stop wasting taxpayers dollars in Florida

I’m in total agreement with the person who said they had a problem paying for the president to fly to Florida. The other problem here is that Trump has numerous houses with one that is thirty minutes North of New York City, and then he also has this New Jersey home. I believe he has some others, too.
The problem is if he stays there, they all have to be fitted with telecomunications. They have to pass security checks and sweeps.
There’s a place called Camp David that presidents use as a retreat. I don’t see why this man can’t stay either in New York, at the White House where he was voted to reside or go to Camp David. This is pitiful that he is wasting the taxpayer’s dollars.

Could’ve been costly for your ugly cube car

On May 8th, after finally getting some composure back after a long day, I noticed at the Target on White Bridge a person in this ugly, white cube car who was coming out of Target and turning left at the green light. I was coming across into Target and going straight. In case you forgot in driver’s ed, or unless your phone was so far up in your face you didn’t see me coming across into Target while you were turning left on a green, it’s your job to stop. I slammed my brakes and you missed my car by an inch and you were flying.
Another car was trying to speed up to get in front of me, and you were right on his butt. You came really close. You were not going to stop. You were going to turn right in front of me and I had to slam my brakes
Just as a reminder, the person going straight has the right-away, not the person turning.
I was so shaken that in Target I couldn’t remember my pin number to buy my stuff. You could’ve given me a heart attack.
I’m really glad you didn’t hit my little vintage convertible because that would have been very costly for your ugly cube car’s insurance to fix.

Remove handicapped sign while driving

Yes, in regards to handicap drivers. What ticks me off is people hanging the signs on the rearview mirror while driving. Are they too handicapped to remove it  from the mirror when the car is in motion?
Have they ever bothered  to look at the card? It definitely says do not use when the car is in motion. Ever few cars I see have it and it’s against the law.
The police stopped me one time. So this is the reason I’m ticked off.

Nashville has greater needs than sidewalks

Nashville seems to be right in line with the rest of the country. While the infrastructure of the country is failing, Nashville decides that the biggest problem we have is that we do not have bicycle trails and sidewalks in neighborhoods. We need to figure out how to spend our money in a way that we can get the most benefit out of it. It certainly isn’t bike trails and sidewalks, especially while everything else is falling apart.

Where is the jukebox and sawdust floor

Well folks, it finally happened. What once was a good old fashion beer joint in West Nashville has turned into a tacky coffee shop. Imagine that.
As I walk in I’m reminded of  the words of a song by Doug Stone, “what did you do with the swing doors, where is the jukebox and the sawdust floors?” The lot is paved in history. The coffee shop wants no part of its past, because they say it’s negative. I laughed to myself because they kept the old bar’s name. That is the only positive thing I feel about the place. In West Nashville, our history is important to us. We pride ourselves on it. We’re proud of where we came from and who we are, and that’s what makes us West Nashville. Good or bad, we own up to it all. When I turn to leave I see faces of the past. Flo is no longer with us. I hear sounds of the bar; the sounds of rolling dice, a pool game,  packing of empty bottles, shouting and laughter. The song is right, “I’m somewhere that I don’t belong. I need a jukebox and a country song.”

No one uses turn signals

My problem is people’s lack of giving turn signals. It happens all over the city. It is really illegal to do that. You sit and you wait and wait, then they just turn without giving a signal. Why don’t people in Nashville use turn signals? That is my problem. Thank you.

Do we have a traffic department?

I would like to add my comments to the person who spoke about the goal to slow traffic. Who ever called in was talking about Hillsboro Road and 21st Avenue. Well, the traffic on Harding Road and West End is just as bad. They tell me that they’ve done something at some point three months ago to ease traffic but they have not. The lights are not coordinated at all. The lights are coordinated to stop you, not to make traffic flow. I just wonder if they really have a traffic department in this city? I’ve never seen someone out there studying the traffic and I wonder about that kind of thing. Do they really have it and if they do, what are we as taxpayers paying for?

God Bless you and have a good day

I would like to share this on ticked off. I was going to Lowes to do some shopping in the garden center to buy some things for my patio. I found some things and I paid for my items with a debit card. I put the items in the jeep and then I decided to go inside to get some drawing pens for my little grandson. There was a pack of 25 black for $6. I go through the line and all I have in my pocket is a $20 bill and a $1 bill. I give the girl a $20 bill at the cash register and she gives me back the ticket and change back for $10 and I told her no mam, that is not what I gave you. I gave you $20. It goes back and forth and so she calls for the manager with a store full of people and he takes the drawer out and goes to the room and counts the money in the back.
Everyone is looking at me and its rather embarrassing. I stand there with the pens and  $2 dollars with the ticket in my hand. I standing there with a United States marine hat and t-shirt on. He comes back out 4-5 minutes later and tells me he could not find where I gave her a $20 bill. I told him I’m going to give the pens back to you as well as the $2 and ticket in my hand. I do not want you to think that I’m trying to beat you out of anything. So I’m going to feel good giving you what I got and I’m going to leave in a nice way saying God Bless you and have a good day. And number one, I don’t see how he thought a veteran was in there trying to beat him out of something when it was all uncalled for. But anyway I gave him the pens back and the two dollars I had and my ticket and told him to have a good day. So all the people were smiling when I left and so I think I did good.