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Ticked Off 1-26-2017

Cold Hearted People Complaining About Street Vendors I am so tired of rich insured Tennesseans complaining about “The Contributor” sales people. These vendors sometimes work all day and then go…

Drus Views Too Drucilla Smith

Academics Express Pride in Obama’s Legacy and Medical Center Receives Massive Grant

Eight years after Barack Obama’s historic election as the nation’s first African American president, Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos convened a panel of political experts last week to discuss whether race…


Ticked Off 1-19-2017

We Didn’t Pay for a Movie to Hear you Talking About It What really, really ticks me off? Paying good money to go to a movie and then having someone…

Early Voting for State Primary and County General is July 15-30

Davidson County voters have 14 days, including three Saturdays, to cast their ballots. Since this is a primary election, voters will be asked to select a Democrat or Republican ballot….