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Jim Wilson - Taxing Matters

The sign on my friend’s desk says: “Do It Now!”

Do it now is good advice.  The Internal Revenue Service issued IR-2017-185 on Nov. 7, 2017.  The message was loud and clear and was meant to initiate a response.  The…

Jim Wilson - Taxing Matters

Putting the “Spin” on Your Financial Future

Are you bothered by inertia? Inertia is what makes spinning a raw egg on its top or bottom impossible. Why? The yoke is not attached to the shell and creates…

Jim Wilson - Taxing Matters

Dropping the Other Shoe, More on the Future of America

Last week I wrote some discouraging words about the future of America. My words echoed the forecast given by Harry Dent, a well known economist. I do not know Mr….