Supporting my Constitutional right to defend my family

I served in the USAF during the Vietnam War. Yet I never fired a gun. Sounds crazy?

I was a dentist for goodness sake! I didn’t need a Glock to do a root canal. At least not most of the time.
While most 70 year old re- tired dentists were on a golf course or playing bridge, I was learning how to fire a rifle. I had no interest in hunting. Couldn’t give a damn about target shooting. It was all about defending myself and my family. What followed were lessons with an NRA instructor, picking out the appropriate rifle for someone our age, (yes, my 69 year old wife even learned),  and some practice sessions at the local armory.

I guess I should have expected the reaction of some of our friends who thought we had totally lost our minds. Their skepticism ranged from questioning the need to an obsession with gun safety (especially for someone our age!) to their belief that removing all guns would somehow end gun violence by preventing the bad guys from getting one. And when all else failed to “restore us to sanity”,  they questioned our mental state or blamed possible dementia.

Gun owners were, according to them, uneducated, reckless, and irrational. We have to have controls put on us by know-it-  all ideologues or government bureaucrats, who are somehow smarter, more sophisticated, and know what’s best for us. Forget our 2nd amendment rights. According to them, the constitution is archaic and irrelevant (except when they use it to defend one of their own causes).

Last month, 2 escaped prisoners killed two police officers across the Georgia line and were on the lose right here in Tennessee. This time, my wife and I were prepared. All our windows and doors were locked. Our sophisticated alarm system was activated. And now, I also had my rifle loaded and ready.

It’s not surprising to me that you may not have heard what happened. After all, the press very rarely reports incidents which contradict their own political agenda. The two killers were captured, not by the police, but by two legally armed Tennessee residents. You heard me. Two citizens had the guts and weapons to apprehend these killers and hold them until law enforcement arrived.

You can call me an irrational New York red neck. But, after 2 years living in Tennessee, I’ve learned to thank the NRA and all my new gun-owning friends, who have defended  my constitutional right to protect myself and my family.

The NRA is absolutely correct: “The best defense against an armed bad guy is a well trained armed good guy.”
I worry about my friends who have to call 911, and while waiting for the police, hit the perpetrator over the head with their stock portfolio. I’ll take my Ruger 22 any day.

Do I call for the same protection
Parts of my property tax and utility fees have been designated to maintain the Metro/ Davidson County public functions, properties, and facilities. As a property owner, Metro employees have told me to cut Metro tree limbs, mow Metro grass, and now clean the Metro storm drain. What’s next? These requests were made in person by young able bodied Metro employees. My property taxes have gone up and up, and I am on a fixed income. I notice that any work done on my street has flagmen and even police. Do I call for the same protection as a senior citizen cleaning the storm drains? I can just imagine the warning sign for that.

Respecting Mom and Dad
There’s many people who grew up in an environment that they went to  church on Sunday,  many of them had dads who wore overalls and had shirts buttoned up around the collar and a dress coat on. My dad actually wore the same old hat he worked in. We did not have much but one thing we did have was love and respect for Mom and Dad.

We all had chores to do. Many people do not know what chores are anymore. But it’s just like telling people that at one time you had hands working on a car. Well, they do not know what you’re talking about, as if that string of words is some old country talk. Like, “do you want to go to town?” Or,  “did you get that job done today son? I’m fix’in to.” That’s old Southern stuff that you can’t take away from people. It’s inherited and I’m very proud to be one.Good work, Ticked Off. Keep doing a good job and God Bless.

Bicyclists should pay when sharing the road
Bicyclists should pay their own way if they are going to share the roads. They are a liability. They cause accidents; they cause cars to swerve; and they cause insurance rates to go up. We don’t want the bikers  harmed, and we don’t want to be harmed either. They need to pay their way. You liberal elites are protecting these bikers. I know you are.

I pardon everyone who voted for Trump
Looks like our President is looking into pardoning himself and family members. What has he done for which pardons are needed? If you pardon someone that means they have done something wrong but you are forgiving them, right? So, by virtue of the power vested in me as a concerned citizen and loyal American, I hereby pardon everyone who voted for Trump. Further, I pardon them for continuing to blindly support this moron as our president! There, now you will not have to go to prison for your stupid mistake!

It takes a virus to fix a puddle
Now that mosquito-carrying West Nile Virus has been found in Green Hills, it’s time that the long-neglected patch of water at the sidewalk next to Noshville be filled in and sodded. Also neglected is the sidewalk by Subway that has a steep pitch. It is not safe for many physically challenged people to use the sidewalk until that section is repaired. I hope these things will soon be taken care and appreciate Metro’s efforts.

Under the bus
It is easier to throw your son-in-law under the bus than it is your son.

Lead and water fountains in schools
I would like to make a comment about this lead problem in the water at Metro schools.
After watching a report on one of the news stations I am thoroughly disgusted at the total incompetence of the  Metro government officials and the school board officials. There has been no report about which I have heard trying to identify whether the lead problem in the water is a schoolwide problem in each individual school or if it is the result of old drinking fountains that were constructed during an era before lead bearing sodders were outlawed. Grading lead content of the water coming out of drinking fountains means nothing if there’s never been a test with water collected at a bathroom sink or kitchen sink. One of the simplest ways to correct lead from drinking fountains is to buy new drinking fountains which looks to be necessary because the pictures in the tv report indicated the drinking fountains are old construction and may be the cause of the problem.

Don’t punish rideshare drivers
I made the mistake of going to Metro Traffic Court last week to contest a ticket a cop gave me back on Memorial Day for stopping momentarily to pick up a couple who needed a ride. The $50 ticket cost me $153.99 including court cost and a credit card fee. There were 6 drivers ahead of me who suffered the same fate. The tickets were all for either blocking bike lanes or dropping off passengers in the vicinity of Bridgestone Arena. Rideshare drivers are basically being punished for doing their jobs. If something is not done to accommodate the needs of drivers and passengers, we will be forced out of business on lower Broad- way!
Why is it all on tax payers’ backs
It was recently announced that the Titans are worth multi millions. Why then are they not required along with all NFL franchises to contribute paying into the stadium they play in? Why is it all on the tax payer’s back?
New Plan: Scale down ridiculous player pay, lower ticket prices, and require every NFL franchise to contribute a hefty percentage of revenue to stadium cost and construction and maintenance. That would cut down on franchises holding communities hostage by saying they will leave if they don’t      get a new stadium every 20 years.

Not a speed suggestion
I am ticked off that people ride my bumper day in and day out because I obey the speed limit. The last time I checked these signs said “speed limit” not “speed suggestion”. If you are one of these drivers, please ask yourself… “do I do this because I’m a bully or so egotistical that I think I own the road?” or “should I plan my day a little better to allow plenty of time to arrive at my destination?”. If I leave a little space between me and the car in front of me (for safety reasons), 4 cars try to jump between us causing everyone to slam on their brakes. Distracted drivers, road warriors and road hogs… get over yourself and get back in your lane (and please adhere to the speed limit postings!)

Pothole solution
Hello to folks sick of potholes! It is not the Mayor’s responsibility to see that every pothole is filled. There are not enough public works employees to go out and map every pothole either. There are a lot of roads in the county. What do we do? Well, I report potholes via the public works website. I have done this not just for my neighborhood, but others as well, when I encounter them. I keep a pad and pen in the car and note the street and description of the pothole. This has been very effective! Be patient, sometimes it takes a week or two, but they do get filled!

If you don’t have computer access you can call Public Works (615- 862-9750). FYI with computer reports they find it very helpful if you can send a photo of the offending potential tire buster. You will be doing yourself and your neighbors a great service, and you will see your tax dollars at work.

Horrible medians and sidewalks
The medians and sidewalks in the Hermitage/Old Hickory areas are deplorable. We have a beautiful stretch of Lebanon Road dividing Andrew Jackson’s farm that is marred by the burnt dead grass and weeds growing from the median as well as trash collecting on the median. Brentwood would  never allow this. The sidewalks that cost so much money to build are overgrown and a complete eye sore. What could be one of the nicest assets in Hermitage serves to make us look like Detroit.  Please fix it!