Southeast Venture selected to sell Monroe Harding property

Monroe Harding announced this month it has selected Southeast Venture to sell the 22.6-acre property at the corner of Glendale Lane and Scenic Drive in Green Hills.

The foster care organization’s board voted in June to sell its property to expand its comprehensive services for children and youth, from birth to age 26, in and aging out of foster care.

“We’re excited we can continue to focus on the needs of the children and youth we serve.  This decision allows us to adapt to the trends in services for older youth and children in foster care,” said Monroe Harding CEO Mary Baker. “By selling our property, we will be using our resources for direct services in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, rather than maintaining 22 acres.”

While the property sale is not contingent on Monroe Harding selecting a new location, the non-profit is actively seeking a new home to suitably serve the community.

“With its track record of service for more than 120 years, Monroe Harding continues to be one of Nashville’s most important institutions,” said Wood Caldwell, principal at Southeast Venture. “The campus on Glendale Lane has played a positive and nurturing role in the history of Middle Tennessee youth, and we’re honored to have been selected by Monroe Harding to help find the right buyer for the property.”

Monroe Harding will continue to provide uninterrupted services for more than 200 children in foster care, and through its downtown Nashville re- source center and Independent Living apartments.

“Monroe Harding is committed to its mission; only our location is changing,” added Baker. “Although it is bittersweet to sell our property, we know the result will help us find more foster homes for children and help older youth find jobs, housing and success as adults.”

In addition to Caldwell, Southeast Venture representatives working with Monroe Harding include brokers JC Darby and J. Roscoe High.