Social 2-23-2017

How About Dinner & Movie? Patron Party

The patron party for How about Dinner and a Movie? to benefit Park Center was held at the wonderful home of Margaret and Robert Rolfsen.

This was the first patron party for this charitable endeavor, and it was well attended and much enjoyed.

The honoree for the event is Bill Forrester, one of the busiest men in Nashville. Not only does he run BMF Investigations and serves on the board of Park Center, but he also helps orchestrate numerous fundraisers and other affairs on a regular basis.

How About Dinner and a Movie? will be held Thursday, February 23 at Belcourt Theatre.

Lots of art and other appealing items will be offered in the silent auction, and guests will enjoy a delicious dinner and a movie premiere.

Patrons at the party included: Torry Johnson, Peggy Joyce, Nan Parrish, Dianne Neal, Kathy Follin, Cathy and Clay Jackson, Mary and Chris Simonsen, and Bob and Julie Gordon, and many more.

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Red Cross Tiffany Circle Gathering

Dave Sanderson, a survivor of the Miracle on the Hudson, spoke at a Red Cross Tiffany Circle gathering at the home of Colleen Conway Welch.

Once Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger ditched the cripled airplane in the Hudson River, Sanderson became the last person off the back of the plane after helping others make their way to the exit.

Sanderson donates his speaker services to Red Cross in gratitude for the care he received from one of the first people he saw after he was rescued and transferred to land in New Jersey: a Red Cross volunteer with a blanket.

Sanderson has appeared at numerous events that have raised more than $8.56 million for the American Red Cross.

At the Tiffany Circle gathering, everyone enjoyed a number of delicious appetizers including stuffed eggs, vegetables and dip, tomato canapes, chicken salad, and more, while chatting with Sanderson and asking questions.

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Nature Votes

Nature Votes held its annual fundraiser for Tennessee Conservation Voters (TCV), which supports organizations that work to safeguard the environment of Tennessee.

The event, at Waller, included silent and live auctions offering yoga, art, acupuncture, massage, kayaking lessons, books, landscaping, a gift certificate to Tin Angel, Druid tree service, Belcourt Theatre membership, Nashville Sounds tickets, and much more.

While enjoying music by Barry Sulkin and Friends, guests selected from a buffet with vegetables and dip, hummus, guacamole, barbecue and roast beef on rolls, chicken strips, fruit, cheese, Vietnamese spring rolls, cookies and brownies.

Mary Helen Clarke received the TCV Service Award for her efforts on behalf of TCV’s conservation efforts.

Supporters included: Martin Brown, Sr., Will Cheek, Anne Davis, Karl Dean, Vadis Turner, John Lewis, Melinda Welton, John Noel, Jack Turner, Sheila Shay, Berdelle Campbell, and Anne and Charles Roos.
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