Social 11-2-2017

Marty Ligon’s Halloween Party

Marty Ligon held her annual Halloween party at her home, with Co-hosts Gail Danner and Charlotte Cone.
Decorations inside and outside were over the top! Ghouls, goblins, ghosts, skeletons, phantoms and spirits were everywhere, along with jack-o-lanterns, bejeweled pumpkins, bats, crows and so much more!
The food tables offered delicious pimento cheese and chicken salad finger sandwiches, ham on biscuits, veggies and dip, cheese balls and crackers, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and many other delicious goodies.
Among those invited were: Hilda McGregor, Sylvia Bradbury, Patsy Weigel, Nancy Russell, Ashley Henry, Carlana Harwell, Jennifer Parker, Cheryl Petty, Alice Randall, Carol Rochford, Joy Roper, Anne Russell, Mary Jo Vaillancourt, Pat Wallace, Alissa Weaver, Candi Westbrook, Anne Whetsell, Holly Wilds, Deborah Tannenbaum, Cathy Thomas, Nancy Tice, Gloria Houghland, Kay Horrell, Vicki Horne, Mary Evelyn Jones, Daisy King, Emily Magid, Keri McInnes, Hilda McGregor, Kathryn Dettwiller, Alberta Doochin, Linda Ervin, Suzanne Smothers, Mary Carol Friddell, Linda Adams, and Morel Enoch Harvey.


Land Trust’s Once in a Blue Moon

The 17th annual Once in a Blue Moon was held at Glen Leven Farm to benefit The Land Trust for Tennessee for land conservation.
Everyone wore their comfortable boots and jeans and the more than 500 attendees enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by Catering & Events.
The meal offered a baby kale salad, pork medallions, trout with a citrus butter, and vegetables. Later yummy s’mores were prepared by the huge bonfire.
Guests included: Clare Armistead, Barbara Daane, Martin Brown Sr., Peggy Vessels, Forrest Conner, Hank Ingram, Susannah and Zulu Scott-Barnes, Naomi Judd, Larry Strickland, Anne and David Trainer, Michele and Aubrey Preston, Cathy and Martin Brown Jr., Rachel and Gentry Barden, Sue and Douglas Joyce, Will and Joan Cheek, Carin and Brian Terp, David Darst, Emily Magid, Marilyn and Calvin Lehew, Mark Manner, Carrie and Kelly Gill, Kay and Joe Gaston, Bonnie and Trevor Cross, Liz and Richard McLaurin, Nell and Steve May, Tricia and William Hastings, Kelli and Blair Myers, and Yvonne and Michael Ralsky.


Parthenon Conservancy Patron Party

The Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park Gala Patron Party was hosted by Hope Stringer at her wonderful home.
Stringer is serving as honorary Gala Co-chair for the gala, along with Clare Armistead and Ellen Martin.
Co-chairs of the gala, which will be held November 4, are Mara Papatheodorou and Beth Courtney.
Several auction items were featured, including a necklace and earring set designed for this year’s gala by Taylor Miller of Hazen & Co.  The necklace pendant is composed of agate, the state stone of Tennessee.
Among those who enjoyed the festivities were: Conservancy Board Chair Paula Van Slyke, LeRoy Norton, Jr., Jim Berkeley, Brooks Mathews, Trish and John Lindler, Melinda and John Buntin, Marlene Moses, Karen Morgan, Nancy Peterson Hearn, Judy Simmons, Candy Toler, Bob Day, Colleen Conway Welch, Trish and Jim Munro, Annette Eskind, Gerry Nadeau, Karen and Kent Cochran, Josephine and John Darwin, Beth Fortune, Debbie Turner, Randy Talmadge, Scott Chambers, Fran Hardcastle, Eleanor Parkes, Lynn and Jack May, Shirley Zeitlin, and Peggy and John Warner.


Swan Ball 2018 Committee Kickoff

The Swan Ball 2018 Committee Kickoff was held at the lovely home of Jean Ann and Barry Banker, where Chairs Beth Alexander and Patti Smallwood greeted their committee members.
d.Kates Catering and Fix Juice Company provided lots of goodies, such as avocado toast, compressed watermelon bites, white bean hummus, smoked salmon on homemade chips and a juice bar with red grapefruit, Mandarin orange, and other mixed juices.
Among those who RSVPed were: Auction Chairs Kathy Davis, Melissa Mahanes and Jill Talbert, Late Party Chairs Amy Greathouse and Lyndsey Rollins, Dance Committee Chairs Katie Gibson, Ann Ralls Niewold and Molly White, Paula Kinard, Missy Markham, Monica McDougall, Tricia McDowell, Sally Nesbitt, Laura Niewold, Kathy Harrell, Lynn Samuels, Emme Baxter, Nan Evans, Mary Catherine Glassford, Linda Reeve, Whitney Musser, Lisa Campbell, Debbie Best, and Jane Coble.

Swan Ball koff_11-2-2017Ballet Ball Launch Party

The Ballet Ball 2018 Launch Party was held at Salt & Vine, where Chairs Suzanne Smothers and Adrienne McRae talked about the event, set for Saturday, March 3 at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.
Coffee service was provided and guests enjoyed a variety of breakfast bites.
The Ballet Ball will feature dance to the music of Johnny Cash, performed by John Carter Cash, Ana Cristina Cash and special guests.
Launch party guests included: Richard McRae, Grant Smothers, Shannon Sanders, Linda and Jere Ervin, Leigh Adams, Kyle Rybczyk, Melissa Mahanes, Lucie Carroll, Monica Scokin, Allison Fowler, Heather Traylor, Emily Noel, Sandra Lipman, Dallas Wilt, Bill Haralson, Berkley Schwarz, Caylan Jarman, Brande Thomas, Dianne Neal, Carol Taber, Gail Danner, Mari-Kate Hopper, Leah Harwell, Keri Cavanaugh, Allison Schaufele, Alli Simpson, Constance Baker, Leigh Anne Strickland, Bonney Todd, Beth Garza, Andrea Powell, Shawn Haile, Kim Crafton, Ashley Stringfellow, Rachel Ailor, Whitney Morris, Candy Clifton, and Suann Davis.

Ballet Ball Lunch_11-2-2017