Social 1-19-2017

Symphony Fashion Show Kickoff

The Symphony Fashion Show kickoff was held at Gus Mayer’s, where guests gathered to hear details about the event and to view the gorgeous gowns on display.

Set for April 18, the show will feature the fall 2017 collection by Zac Posen.

Co-chairs are Shaun Inman and Sheila Shields, emcee will be Allison Demarcus, Janet Ayers is honorary chair,  and Jayne Bubis is the event planner.

The patron party will be April 17 at the West Meade home of Fletcher Foster and Dennis Johnson.

At the kickoff, hors d’oeuvres were served by Kristen Winston Catering, including lamb crostini, artichoke parmesan puffs, vegetarian fresh rolls, scallops with bacon, and tiny strawberry rhubarb pies.

Guests included: Linda Ewing, Johnna Watson, Jennifer Brown, Sylvia Bradbury, Agenia Clark, Kim Greenwood, Deborah Roberts, Trish Frist, Tracy Frist, Mary Huddleston, Earl Cox, James Mott, Jennifer Puryear, Ruth Johnson, Nicole Huseby, Vicki Horne, Stephanie Hardwick, and Fletcher Foster.

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