Smart Housing your Home

Have you ever had one of those rushed mornings when you doubted if you turned off the coffee pot or shut the garage door? It’s nearly impossible to concentrate in fear that the kitchen is in flames or someone is breaking into the house. Luckily, smartphones continue to make our lives easier. With the click of a button, simple tasks, like shutting that garage door, can be performed anywhere in the world. From saving time and money to preventing stress and safety hazards, transitioning to a smarter home is worth the investment. Below are five trends in smart home technology that allow homeowners to control and observe their homes at all times.

Innovative Security Systems
Smart home technology makes safety a top priority. Advanced security systems can be installed that monitor traffic in the house and alert owners of any suspicious activity. Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras are perfect for keeping an eye on the kids or pets and they typically come with sharp night vision, zoom functions and two-way audio so homeowners can communicate with whoever is under their watch.

Automated Door Locks
Did your out-of-town guests beat you home? Are your hands tied with bags of groceries and a tired baby? Whether it is greeting owners by their name, sending picture alerts of who is at the front door or unlocking and opening the door as one approaches, smart locks have many features that make lives safer and easier. While many brands use Bluetooth technology, most still include the traditional lock-and-key structure.

Zone-Based Thermostats
Saving energy and money with zone-based thermostats is simple. Homeowners can turn the heat on, off, up or down from anywhere by using a programmable app on a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, these devices use motion sensors to heat and cool a room only when users are present and rooms are occupied.

Robotic Cleaning Devices
Robot cleaners are sweeping into homes and taking care of the most tedious tasks. Imagine clearing gutters with a portable device and remote, vacuuming carpets with a laser-guided navigation system, mowing the lawn on an automated cutting pattern and mopping floors with built-in Wi-Fi and a smartphone. Cleaning the largest areas and tightest corners has never been easier.

Wireless Power Controls
Homeowners can rest assured that their lights are off while on vacation and can even program their home to greet them with music upon returning. With the touch of a finger, countless devices like home stereos, lighting, irrigation systems, pool and spa features and more can be controlled using a smartphone, touchpad or remote.

Not only does smart home technology increase quality of life, it makes homes more aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking to sell your home in 2017, consider adding these sleek automation gadgets to organically blend in with the home’s décor. With the numerous options available, it may be best to call your realtor for advice on must-have devices that will be most appealing to potential buyers.

Lawrence M. Lipman is the owner and president of The Lipman Group / Sotheby’s International Realty in Nash- ville. Real estate is Larry’s career, but also his passion, and he takes pride in guiding buyers and sellers through exciting home transitions at any budget. Larry welcomes questions and can be reached by calling 615-364-3333.