Sick addicted version of Wonkaville

Pardon me for pointing out the big stinking gorilla in the room but we should be insanely ticked off at the drug manufacturers who are fueling the opioid epidemic. They won’t even consider making the smallest repair to the damage they have done. They won’t even slow the flow of opioids. And to add insult to injury, they have the nerve to advertise on primetime television. They also obviously profit by offering relief to the pain from the side effects of their opioids. Have we turned into residents of some sick addicted version of Wonkaville (minus the golden tickets)?

The freedom to be interested in history’s monuments
This is in response to the writer who sent the ticked-off  titled “Ya’ll need greater empathy and understanding”, sent on October 5th. In  that submission the person wrote that Confederate  monument enthusiasts  loved to complain. He said, “do you agree with the vast majority of historians who demonstrated that slavery was the principle cause to the Civil War and that the monuments can’t escape their ties to slavery. We need to be more understanding of what happened there.”

Well, actually, slavery was not the main cause for the Civil War. There were several: economics, state’s rights; lots of reasons. The economy at the time was a big one. Is there an association with slavery? Yes, but it is history. What about the Romans, with their coliseum where they fed Christians to the lions? What about the other times in history where we still see historic, potentially controversial monuments standing because they are part of history? Can’t  the free people in the South have the freedom to be interested in that part of the history that involves the monuments? What about the NFL and a player’s freedom to take a knee or sit down, which disrespects the veterans and the flag? It all ties together. If the NFL deserves to have the freedom to do what it wants, then the same is needed for the people who are interested in historic monuments in the South.

It’s the people who have the guns causing the problem
I would like to make a comment on the Las Vegas shooting because everyone is talking about gun controls again. It’s the same thing over and over. People need to realize it’s not the guns, it’s the people who have the guns that are causing problems.

Don’t blame the NRA
In a recent edition, a “ticked off” reader blamed the NRA for mass shootings. That’s like blaming the United Auto Workers union for drunk driving fatalities. About 4,000 people die in the U.S. every year from DUI offenders. We get rid of automobiles, we get rid of drunk drivers. Next, we’ll just have to deal with drunk pedestrians.

Stunning salary
A reader commented on NES employees having the highest salaries within Metro Government, by a large margin, and the reader also wondered whether the periodic increases to our rates are part of that. My bigger question is: How can the Director of Human Resources of Metro Nashville Public Schools earn as much as the Mayor of Nashville? Stunning.

Let’s have a balanced budget next year
Congresswoman Diane Black  was excited the house passed the budget resolution. Humbug! How can anyone get excited about passing a budget resolution like this? It was said this resolution balances the budget in 10 years. Am I missing something? Balancing a budget doesn’t mean we won’t still owe trillions. What do we vote these people in for? Let’s have a balanced budget next year.

NES rate increases don’t make sense
I’m ticked off about the NES rate increase. New technology like the AMI meters should lower, not increase, costs. After all, NES is probably going to layoff at some point all those poor souls that are meter readers and save millions.

Rename Columbus Day “Indigenous Animals Day”
Imagine my excitement as I woke up today to celebrate Indigenous Peoples day ! ( I feel so much less guilty now that we got that pesky Columbus guy out of the picture.) My excitement was short lived, however, as I got to thinking that when you’re really honest about it, people weren’t indigenous to the Americas either. Thousands of years ago they traveled here from the primordial place we all started from. So, put yourself in the place of a buffalo  happily chewing on grass and all of a sudden here comes some two- legged interloper shooting arrows at you trying to kill you and runs you off from your home. Talk about invasive! If we are going to really be politically correct then let’s rename this day indigenous animals day! Just something to ponder over your granola vegan breakfast.

I am waiting
I have used my vote for change in a lot of ways. My vote for president was a vote to build a wall. My vote for a certain local tax was to fix our roads. The mayor I voted for said she would build more sidewalks; I am waiting.

Let’s learn, not celebrate evil doers
Thanks to the person who helped make my earlier point. Statues sometimes celebrate those that did wrong, whereas museums, like German concentration camps, US war camps, or battle grounds, properly exist to preserve history while not honoring evil doers. There are no statues in Germany of Hitler and his kind. However,   we have over 780 Confederate statues paying homage to people who defended slavery as a way of life. Let’s remember and learn from our human mistakes and not celebrate those that caused human misery.

Would you trade places with a black person?
I really wish people would understand that the whole issue of kneeling during the national anthem has nothing to do with the flag. Colin Kaepernick knelt because of the police brutality against black men. The national anthem , if you care to listen to it in its entirety, talks about killing the slaves. The national anthem speaks against black people. But Trump, in all of his narcissistic glory, tweets what he thinks it’s about and people believe it. Ask yourself two questions: would you trade places with a black person? Would you feel the way you feel if it were you or your race the anthem talked about killing?   Black lives matter wasn’t about no other race mattering; it was about pointing out that it appeared that blacks were being targeted by the police which made many blacks feel like they did not matter.   Please know of what you speak about before  you speak. Please and thank you!

Let’s leave the time alone
I am ticked off about adhering to Daylight Savings Time. This is the most stupidest thing, ever. Sadly, people are so ignorant and think they’re really losing or gaining sleep. Most states don’t even participate in this ridiculous time change. Arizona is one state that doesn’t participate. I’d rather keep the time so that it’s getting dark at   7 p.m. or 8 p.m. Tennessee, leave the time alone.

The color of a rebel in America makes a difference
The Confederate States of America was an enemy of the United States of America.  Can you name any nation that continues to fly the flag of its defeated enemy and erects monuments in public places to honor its defeated enemy?  The Confederate States of America was a separate nation.  It had its own history and its soldiers are not veterans of our country.

Germans do not have statues of Hitler in public squares to remind them of the atrocities he committed and we don’t need statues of Confederate traitors to remind us of their rebellion.

In a recent survey, most Americans were in favor of keeping statues which honor flag burning Confederate soldiers in public squares, and in the same survey they condemned NFL players who are peacefully protesting injustice in a nation where all men are created equal.

Most of the Confederate rebels were white and most of the NFL “rebels” are black.  I guess the color of the          rebel makes a difference in America!

Their actions after TV cameras are turned off
NFL players have a constitutional right to protest. However, when the students at Berkeley rioted, when Antifa opposed  fascism, or Liberals occupied Wall Street or the White Supremacist resorted to violence, they lost that same right. However, while legal, the players must also accept the backlash that their actions provoked.

Traditionally, we show respect for our country, its anthem and its flag, by standing, hats off, saluting, or by placing our hand over our heart. Any other action, such as burning the flag, fists held high, remaining seated, turning your back, staying in the locker room or kneeling, may publicize their cause, but it also antagonizes anyone who is just interested in watching a football game.

Let them kneel all they want. What will stop them? That’s easy. As soon as the fans start hurting the players, owners, advertisers and networks “in their pocketbook”, my guess is that the players and their enablers will find other ways to publicize their causes. They and their Hollywood supporters will still be living in their gated communities, protected by armed security, collecting their million dollar endorsements, while those who buy their sneakers and sweatshirts and can’t afford $150 for a ticket to a Titan game, will still be suffering.

We Conservatives aren’t interested in rhetoric or actions that only sounds and feels good, but won’t improve the lives of those who really need our help. Talk is cheap. Kneeling lasts but a few minutes. What really counts is their actions after the TV cameras are turned off.

Guns are nothing without someone behind them
Wanted to make a statement about last week’s comment, “Firearms in Texas”. It’s not the fact that people have guns that is the problem, it’s the person  that’s using it causing the problems. A gun is nothing without someone behind it. It’s just like a ball bat; if you don’t pick it up and hit with it, it’s no good.