Sheriff Daron Hall to seek fifth term in 2018

GCA Staff | GCA News

Nashville native Daron Hall, who is currently serving his fourth term as sheriff, plans to seek re-election in next year’s May primary with the general election August 2.

“This is a critical time for our criminal justice system,” said Hall, who is committed to serving the city that is his home.

Operating safe and secure jails has continued to be Hall’s priority while also working to ensure his agency is nationally recognized as a professional organization and one of the best managed in the country.

Daron Hall

Furthermore, he has committed time and resources to ensuring inmates are equipped to become productive citizens.

“Our staff dedicates themselves to helping inmates break the cycle of addiction and teaching valuable lessons that assist in obtaining jobs once an inmate is released,” Hall stated. These efforts have resulted in 32 percent fewer jail beds and millions less tax dollars spent.

“Criminal justice reforms, political changes, and major jail construction are all issues facing our city,” Hall said. “It is essential we maintain a balance between the public’s safety and providing services to those who are often forgotten. One of my passions is decriminalizing the mentally ill. We are working towards improvements, but it’s important this work continues.”

Hall spearheaded the development and design of a one-of-its-kind Behavioral Care Center (BCC), which will sit adjacent to the new 750-bed downtown detention center. The goal of the BCC is to decriminalize the most vulnerable citizens. In lieu of   jail time for misdemeanor crimes, the individual will be diverted into a therapeutic community that focuses on treating mental illness. Both facilities are scheduled for completion in 2019.

“Although much has been accomplished while I have served as sheriff, the next several years may prove to be the most important of all. I am excited about our future and ask the citizens of Nashville for the opportunity to continue my service,” Hall concluded.