Selling Voodoo dolls for giving to the sick…

Recently I was visiting a sick person at Vanderbilt Medical Center and I thought I would stop by the gift shop at the main hospital and get a gift. To my shock, there were Voodoo dolls to cast spells and ask the spirit of the doll for help. Yes, for $7.99 you can give these dolls to your sick and dying relatives and friends. I asked the person who works there if they sold many of these dolls and she said, “oh yes, lots of them.” As I was walking away, I was wondering what’s next for Vanderbilt, shrunken heads and sacrificial knifes for the dying? Shame on them. An institution that relies on prayer to the God of the universe for the healing of their patients. Someone needs to read the Bible.

Litter, everyone is doing it
Well here we are in 2018 and the litter keeps getting worse. While some of downtown and the wealthier areas are clean, the rest of our city is suffering at the hands of the disrespectful. I must also mention the lackadaisical attempt to control it has also contributed to it. If nothing is done, what will our city with its projected growth would look like in ten years? Please take the time to look at our roads while the leaves and greenery are gone. Some of it is never picked up, and where it is, in a couple of weeks it is back. For instance, the stretch of state route 45 from Old Hickory bridge to Gallatin Road, this stretch has gotten much worse over the past eighteen months. It has gone from plastic grocery bags of trash and toilet paper to thirty gallon trash bags. Once I counted as many as  fifteen from the bridge to Gallatin road. I have noticed the thirty gallon bags  of trash all over town. Entrance and exit ramps to the interstates are heavily littered.
It is kind of funny, you use to see signs that stated a fine for littering, but they have been replaced with “please do not litter.” The most comical sign I have seen was a billboard on I- 40 that said “Nobody Trashes TN.” From the undeniable amount of litter on the road, I would say everybody is trashing TN.
Roadside advertising of all types seems to be on the rise. Signs on all types on trees, light poles, and sign posts which are never picked up. The 24” by 18” corrugated plastic signs on wire wickets are everywhere. None of these signs are picked up by the owner.To the best of my knowledge, roadside advertising on public property is unlawful. By our elected officials ignoring this they are giving everyone that has a business a free license to do the same. I know our council members and higher elected officials drive the same roads as we do. Hopefully sooner than later they will start addressing an embarrassing situation. I would like to see signs everywhere that read, “You can’t afford to litter in our city or state” and the fine be from $100-$1,500.
Maybe some our city’s news outlets could get involved explaining the law and responsibilities of our elected officials.

Local and world news is supposed to be serious and informative
I am very ticked off at Channel 4 News. For years I enjoyed watching their news reports because of the professional manner used by Demetria Kalodimos and Tom Randles. I tune in to watch the news, not to hear a report on Lisa Spencer’s dog. To me local and world news is supposed to be serious and informative. That is not happening on channel 4. For some strange, unexplained reason Ms. Kalodimos no longer appears. I believe that the management at Channel 4 has changed, if that is true, new management needs to show what the viewers of this town expect. While I had been, for many years, a faithful watcher of Channel 4 I have now switched to channel 5.

They sold my car
I had a very distasteful experience with a Ford dealership. I had been working with a very nice salesman for two weeks to find the car of my dreams. He phoned saying he had the car I wanted, so I arranged to go on Thursday. When I arrived he was helping another couple. The car was being cleaned, but he had the car brought down for me to inspect.
I told him to clean the car and that I would return the next day for the car. The salesman phoned this morning and told me the used car manager wanted the keys for someone else. I offered to put money down till I could get there.
The used car manager would not take my money.
I told salesman I would leave and be there in about 30 minutes. As I was leaving, my salesman phone to say the used car manager had sold the car I had waited on for several weeks. I am so sad that greed from one person would cause another salesman to loose his commission and sale.
I just wish people would treat each other honorable.

Getting rear ended will cost me money
I just got rear ended a few hours ago by an illegal (yes I use that term) that shouldn’t be here to begin with and to make it even better she had no drivers license but believe it or not had some kind of insurance. We’ll see how that works out. Surprisingly, the police officer told me he sees that occasionally. This will probably end up costing me for my deductible for her driving like an idiot but let’s be sure and bring more of them in to the country!

Save your money on April 15
Until yesterday, I didn’t know if “Lorde” was a skin condition, or a small town near Madrid. How do you antagonize many Americans? Try this one: Lorde, a rich, spoiled, ungrateful, 23 year old, New Zealand Croatian singer, reprimanded our country, after raking in millions of dollars selling us her grossly overpriced, concert tickets.
Let me explain to you what she did. This foreign national, cancelled her performances in Israel but will perform, get this one, in Russia, all because of President Trump’s decision to move our embassy, not her New Zealand or Croatian embassy, but our embassy, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. As usual, 100 of Hollywood’s left-wing ideologues, gladly signed any anti-Israeli statement.
Their petition never mentioned that:
1-  Barack Obama called for the same American embassy to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
2- Both President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton also favored the move.
3- In 2006, the senate, with Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer leading the way, also voted         to move our embassy to Jerusalem.
Lorde and her friends, never said a word when Putin backed the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Hassad, when he murdered millions of his own countrymen using poison gas. They never said a word, when every country in the Mideast, except Israel, treats women like serfs!  And, they were the first to blame Russian collusion for meddling into our election, but they didn’t criticize Lorde for performing in Moscow.
On April 15, Lorde will be performing at the Bridgestone arena in Nashville. If she chooses to boycott Israel, America’s best friend and ally and the only democracy and defender of woman’s rights in the entire region, no one should attend her Nashville concert either. Save your money and pay your taxes that day instead!

Being petty
Everyone has had a time when they just had to hold up their hand and say, ‘Stop, just stop’. One of those moments hit me recently when I read that someone was upset as to how President Trump’s daughter is being treated in the media. Petty was the way it was described and that’s what hit me.
Petty is defined as ‘of little importance, of lesser importance or scale’. What made the impression was how Ivanka’s businesses were detailed as to give her stature and gravitas. She is a self-made titan of the apparel industry was the notion presented. Her clothing business is ‘vast’ and she pays tons of taxes. This did not sound right, so I checked the numbers.
Ivanka’s clothing line is made in China and has revenue equal to 2% of the total revenue of the company that makes her clothes. Recently her line has been dropped from luxury retailers Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Not good sales. Her China outsourced manufacturing company grosses about 3.29 billion in sales. That means her business is estimated about 65 million in sales. For a reference, let’s say a vast business would be on the list of Fortune 500 companies. To make that list you need 4.825 billion in sales. Ivanka is over 4.8 billion short. So vast business, not so much. As for the taxes paid by Ivanka Trump we don’t really know. It seems to be a family value not to tell anyone. That claim is just smoke.
So, in reality could the media be petty and the Ivanka’s little business may be petty too?

Liquor industry getting a free pass
Last week “Tighter Control” was angry with the NRA and their protection of the 2nd Amend. Where is the anger towards Liquor Industry? According to the NIAAA , about 88,000 die every year from alcohol. Wow! And more teenagers die from alcohol than all illegal drugs combined. How come     the liquor industry gets a free pass?

Wrong vulgar terms used
What an arrogant man our president has revealed himself to be! He has now called some immigrants from African countries and Haiti as coming from countries he described in very vulgar terms. He is such a vulgar man, and a poor excuse for the leader of our great nation! The vast majority of immigrants to our nation desire to be part of America, and to live the American dream like all of us do.
They work, they raise their children, they pay taxes, they contribute to this great land of ours and to the principals of democracy and freedom. For the president to speak in such a vulgar and obscene way toward them just shows his bigotry and his racist thinking. Disgusting!

What mayor would not be pleased to welcome the President
Disrespectful and embarrassing that Megan Barry, our city’s mayor, but not by my vote, could not alter her schedule so as to welcome our President to Nashville, regardless of party. This shows how respectful she is of the office of President of the United States. Twice in a year Trump has chosen to visit Nashville, and she knew in advance of the visits, but used her schedule as an excuse both times, not to welcome him. But she is already wanting us to respect and vote for her 5.4 billion dollars rail system if approved for our vote in May. The total cost for all of her big money project could run as high as 9 billion. Our third big money mayor and two of the previous ones running for office again, Dean and Bredesen.  What mayor would not be pleased to welcome the President of the United States to their city? Not Megan!

Waking up and smelling the roses
The developers Metro Government had tapped for a $101 million mixed-use project (without bids) to revitalize the site of shuttered Greer Stadium have backed out. Does this mean the mayor is finally waking up and smelling the roses and will now see that a great public park with lots of green space is built on that site?

Get the facts straight about the Christmas tree
To the person writing about the Christmas tree falling down, It wasn’t planted. Get your facts straight before you embarrass yourself again. The trees are donated by someone. Plus if it was planted the courthouse park would not need one each year. One more thing, the planting would be quite difficult there since there is a multi level parking garage below the park. Makes me wonder about the writer if they are a native Nashvillian wouldn’t they have known about the city’s Christmas tree?

The rail system is not the answer
Billions of tax payer dollars to fund a rail system and dig gigantic holes in the earth so trains can shoot thru them to deliver workers and tourists to our fine city might sound like a great idea to some folks but, don’t you think that buying 75 new busses and making ridership free would not cost that much? Plus there would not have to be the construction time that would just do nothing but cause major bottlenecks in our already overloaded roads and streets. And really, don’t you think that a rail line running down the middle of the road will cause nothing but a hassle when the train can’t move to one side or the other to allow emergency vehicles to get thru, and we all have seen times when auto drivers have their heads up somewhere where the sun don’t shine and don’t know enough to move over for emergency vehicles added to the congestion. Sorry Madam Mayor this might all seem like a dream to you but having come from a city that had plenty of street cars (and did away with them) a long time ago that is a nightmare to traffic.
The latest thing talked about is driverless cars. I really can’t understand how driverless cars will lesson the problem, after all a car is a car whether a driver is on board or not, they take up road space. Now maybe, just maybe a Uber or Lyft car might be a slight answer to congestion but only if the Uber or Lyft car has all the seats occupied. In my humble opinion, trains are not the answer.

Keep the Christmas cards coming
I’m responding to “Is this card asking for a tip”:
Of course not!  This is what Christmas is all about!  Have we become so jaded that a lovely lady, who’s worked at Kroger for years, and who gives Christmas cards to her regular customers, is seen as having ulterior motives?  Heck no! Keep the cards coming!

Ignoring the law
Ok folks, tell me why so many people choose to ignore the law? Today I observed the following: one person ran a four-way stop sign, another person ran a red light, one turned left from the right-hand lane, someone else was doing 50 in a 30 mph zone, and two people violated the leash law in the park. I was just wondering if these folks have children, and what kind of example they are setting for them, not to mention putting their safety and the safety of others at risk. Come on folks, obey the law and make America law-abiding again!

Non-profit conflict
The website for St. Thomas physicians and employees features this: “Sign here… the petition for the Mayor’s transportation plan.”  The plan sounds great if it just asks for better transport but, looking at the actual plan it would only create more problems.
I wonder how many people actually live in Davidson County that work for St. Thomas?  In my office, 10 of the 52 employees live in Davidson County.
The IRS states: “The government has a compelling interest in maintaining the integrity of the tax system and in not subsidizing partisan political activity, and Section 501(c)(3) is the least restrictive means of accomplishing that purpose.”   The IRS only states political activity not what is included in  the political activity beyond endorsing candidates.
What other political activities has St. Thomas Health endorsed over the years?