Saint Henry School Parents Enjoy A Night Under The Stars

The weather was perfect for the Inaugural Bonfire Party at Saint Henry School last month. Parents enjoyed an evening around the fire as musicians played their guitars, visiting with old friends and making new ones. “The goal for tonight was to make the night casual and fun-no agenda just time together in fellowship. There is no better way to catch-up with friends than by sitting by a warm fire,” says co-chair Lauren Zook.

The strong community the school is so proud of was evident in this inaugural event.  Over 225 parents attended the Bonfire that took place on the lawn of Saint Henry School.  Principal, Sister Maria Christi welcomed all the parents and thanked them for their support of the Saint Henry School community, noting that a solid school is built on parent involvement and commitment. Seven custom firepits by Garmon Made Custom Knives and Firepits kept everyone warm and food trucks were on site and provided delicious, made-to-order specialties.

Guests received a custom-made event sticker to put on their own insulated mug in a successful effort to make the event earth friendly.

“Being a part of the Saint Henry Community has been an incredible experience for our family over the last 10 years as parents.  Not only have our two children built lifelong friendships at Saint Henry School, we have as well.

Being an  alumnus (Paul class of 1986) of Saint Henry School, it has been an enlightening experience to perceive the school as a student and now as a parent. You grow in appreciation for the importance of a Dominican lead school and the values it has instilled in me and now my children. Nights like tonight highlight our strong school spirit and build upon our lasting friendships.” Kim (co-chair) and Paul Scott.

Serving over 640 students, Pre-K through 8th grade, Saint Henry’s mission is “Faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church, Saint Henry School builds the kingdom of God by forming students in faith, academic integrity and service to others.”